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VNC theories

There’s 13 of them, some more developed than others but click keep reading if you wanna see any of them. I numbered and bolded the different ones so you can skip over some if you like. Some are more speculation than theory tbh as we are only on chapter 9. 

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The thing with the eye

I hope I’m not the only one who noticed this but reading theories about the vampire of the blue moon and since we learnt human!Vanitas isn’t ancient!Vanitas I wonder who might be that vampire every other vampire fears…

And then I saw this: 

Charlatan’s left eye looks ‘broken’ or something like that. There are cracks coming from its center, though there’s no hint yet how they were caused. And then there’s also child!Noé’s bandaged left eye. That injury must be an outcome of the happening when the other archivistes were wiped out. The question is, is there a connection between Noé and Charlatan? I’m not sure what to think of it but I find it suspicious.