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Here they come, the Marvelous McOxton Brothers! 🤘
These two lucky dorks are the main characters of the AU. It’s not like they’re looking for trouble, but trouble seems to like them a lot! (👍¬̃ ͜ʖ¬̃)👍

In case the description is not clear enough, [this soundtrack] will give you a clear view of how they’re like.

[Original Drawing] made by the talented @naissenceart  ❤

Atypical April Week 1: FRIENDSHIPS

Kim smirked down at the tiny girl who had stepped forward. 

”You? What are you, like, 5 years old?” he teased, using his hand to measure her small stature as she continued to grin at him.

“I’m 8, actually. We’re in the same class you know,” she responded, folding her arms. Cocking an eyebrow, she challenged, “I’ll give you a chance to back out, if you’re afraid…”

“Not a chance,” he snapped. He never backed out of a challenge, and he had yet to be beaten at this particular game. He turned to the jungle gym, hands hovering in anticipation at his sides.

Max, another student from their class, stepped forward. “Remember, the person who climbs the highest wins! Ready…set… GO!!”

Kim and the small girl both began climbing, the larger boy having the obvious advantage with his longer reach. He quickly made it to the sixth of the ten level structure, and made himself comfortable. No one had ever made it past the fourth level before except him– so when he looked back to see his opponent already on the fifth level, he was shocked to say the least.

She paused, looking around her in search of her next handhold, and that’s when he noticed she had taken her shoes off and was using her feet to keep a solid grip on the bars. As she made to pull herself up onto the same lever as him, Kim leapt into motion, grabbing the bars right above him and hauling himself upward once more.

They both continued to climb, until they finally reached the ninth level. There was only room for one person on the top, and lightning fast Kim swung up there, knocking his shins in the process. 

Grinning down at the tiny girl still holding tightly to the top bar, he sneered. “Well, looks like I wo–” 

He cut off at the triumphant smirk she leveled at him as she pushed herself up, balancing precariously on the bar– before she grabbed onto his shoulders! He felt himself being pulled off-balance by her meager weight, and quickly grabbed the bar between his legs. Shifting to keep them both from toppling to the ground, Kim felt his eyes widen as she finally settled on top of him, sitting on his backpack and shoulders.

“You were saying?” she sing-songed, and as the reality of the situation hit him, Kim started laughing. He had been out-smarted by the miraculous girl now using him as her personal throne, and for once, he couldn’t be happier to lose a challenge as the call came from the cheering crowd of kids below.

“Marinette WINS!”

For Atypical April, my final piece for week one’s theme FRIENDSHIP!
I decided to do my interpretation of how Kim and Mari first met and became best bro’s XD Hope you enjoyed– I’m not as great a writer when there isn’t a punchline, so please forgive that sad excuse for a drabble XD Dedicated to my darling @mr-hawkmoth– I know she loves these two XD

Next week: LOVE

Here is the post with the link to the prompts!!!


“When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky”

Enjolras once had this dream where there were guns pointing at his chest and he could vaguely remember a pair of determined blue eyes looking at him while a voice asked him “permets tu?” This was one of those dreams that we don’t forget about, never. After years of scribbling down the words whenever he wasn’t paying attention to something at his fullest, he met Grantaire, who had the same blue eyes from his dreams, but there was something different: his eyes weren’t determined as he remembered in his dream. In fact, Enjolras didn’t know if they could get more nihilist that they already were, which infuriated him. The night after he met Grantaire, he had the same dream, the only difference was that he woke up breathing heavily and he felt his chest closing up painfully. He tried his best to ignore the other man after this, not wanting anything with the guy. But their first rally together came around. Grantaire looked so determined and so ready to take a thousand bullets that Enjolras, instinctively, caught Grantaire into a hug and said “je permets” without even thinking. Grantaire’s eyes widened and a relieved expression took place in his face. They couldn’t stop crying and no one dared break them apart. They both needed this moment of reminiscence and to feel each other safe and sound again.

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & gavroche

making a mess, sarcastic quips, shooting hoops and basketball tricks, roaming the streets, doing impressions, setting up elaborate pranks, getting bored of activities halfway through, going out for pizza, twisting their cap round on their head, wearing the same t-shirts for days, going out of your way to do each other favours, always having an apple in your pockets, energy drinks, pokemon, all-out halloween costumes, staying up way too late. (requested by anonymous) 

Top Ten Underrated Musical Songs

10) In My Life-Les Mis

It’s just so happy and sad and pretty and Amanda has such a pretty voice and so does Samantha and UGH

9) Who Am I?-Les Mis

Aka probably my favorite song in Les Mis besides Red and Black

8) Words Fail-Dear Evan Hansen


7) Fantasies Come True-Avenue Q


6) The Boys Are Back-HSM 3

I can’t even with this song it is so sweet and perfect. It makes me so happy whenever I watch this scene

5) Blackout-In the Heights


4) So Long, Farewell-The Sound of Music

That high bflat Friedrich hits is literally my life. When I was in The Sound of Music, everyone backstage just leaned in and I swear, you’ve never heard a quieter backstage than when he hit that note

3) One Last Time-Hamilton


2) Thank Goodness-Wicked

Glinda in this song makes me cry. She’s just like ‘Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true’ and all she wants is to be happy. She’s trying to convince herself. And then she goes like ‘there are bridges you crossed you didn’t know you’d crossed until you CROSSED’ and that is my life people Honorable Mentions- As Long as You’re Mine-Wicked Do You Hear the People Sing?-Les Mis All I Ask of You-Phantom of the Opera

1) The Story of Tonight-Hamilton

UGH THIS SONG DOES NOT GET ENOUGH CREDIT. It is so full of hope and everyone is happy and I just. UGH. There are not enough words to describe my complete and utter LOVE for this song. The harmonies and the solos and UGH I CAN’T

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: courfeyrac & bossuet

finger guns and brazen winks, loud noise and city lights, bouncing on the balls of your feet, shouting hello in the streets, bowling and planking and karaoke, teenage games like truth or dare, triple-texting and sugar highs, the trust that someone’s got your back, celebrating the small things, witty banter for every occasion, refusing to give up, laughing so much you walk into a wall. (requested by @pilferingapples)


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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because she allowed me to post (ノ≧ڡ≦) 
and i’m more than happy to share it 
she made fanart too for @im-toxicixy ‘s AU X3c
yes we both love it okay 
long time no see ART like real art man! 

Look I understand that 80% of the events in Les Misérables were a little too complicated for the movie but someone please explain to me why anyone working on that film thought it was a good idea to cut a scene involving Hugh Jackman being smuggled out of a convent in a coffin?

Grantaire and Combeferre save their most obscure documentaries to the 27th of every month to watch together and have done for the last three years.

They use this as a free night to come up with the most obscure theories they can because who else would offer practical and logical steps to ward off a zombie apocalypse, but Grantaire and Combeferre

Courfeyrac and Enjolras find them curled up together on Combeferre’s bed every time, but haven’t the heart to wake them