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Autumn Valley, the setting of Jack and Casie, is the fertile cradle of civilization and the home of Humanity. despite their low position on the food chain, their lack of natural weapons and the existence of shit like literal suplex beetles humankind clings to survival with the help of reverse engineered technology from the Ancients, whose ruined structures and rusted machinery still wander Autumn and have a tendency to make life difficult for anything that happens to get in their way

Casie is a Surveyor; something like an archaeologist, whose job is to discover, catalogue and pick apart Ancient tech in hopes of making a breakthrough that’ll keep people from getting their asses chewed off by Rust Worms and Lobstermen for another couple years, but after the widespread adoption of firearms, crude engines and the Apple II the tech that they can glean from the Ancients is beginning to plateau, and the pressure of their strange arms race with nature is already beginning to strangle humanity to death

so when Casie stumbles upon Jack- a walking, talking, hypercube-having (?) enigma- (and after she jabs him for a couple minutes with a screwdriver) she elects to drag him from her podunk little watchtower slash workshop near the Lookout Wood to the Capital, where she can analyze him and his data stores (which she assumes he has, but admittedly might be wrong) and maybe buy a few years back for humanity or, hopefully, find a way out of Autumn Valley for good