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HUMO: You’re a feminist, you have already said that several times. Many young women do not like being associated with feminism, because in their eyes it is a movement that forbids them to wear heels.

Evelyne Brochu: Feminists are the reason that I can vote, and my main concern is not whether I should wear heels or not, but that I might soon lose that acquired right as a woman. That Donald Trump is completely disturbed. The first thing he did as president, was to abolish subsidies for abortion clinics. And isn’t it scary what humiliating statements the most powerful man in the world can make about women? Everybody says: “They are just words.” But words set the motion more often than you think. A man thinks much faster now, “If the most powerful man can say that, it is okay if I say it too.” While women previously where not given the same room as men to be angry, or different, or crazy, a man is admired for those things, “Look how strong he is and what strong opinions he has.” A woman would be called hysterical.

Women are constantly belittled. We are told how we should behave if we want to be loved. That’s my biggest concern. I could care less about those heels.

This is a translation of Ebro’s interview with a Belgium magazine. For the full translated interview keep reading.

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«Vuoi sapere perché chiudo a chiave la porta tutte le notti?»
Respira affannosamente e annuisce con il capo.
Mi avvicino al suo orecchio e glielo dico in un sussurro. «Per proteggere da me le persone che stanno fuori».
—  Aurora Belle

Justin and Rory

The last of the Yagers I decided to put in was Aurora and her boyfriend Justin. He’s technically Jordan’s best friend from high school but I made him younger in this save cause I knew the two of them would get along well. He’s still a bit older than Aurora though. They live together in Myshuno and are largely in the “I take jobs that pay me” part of their life. 


Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel dolls!

These outfits were designed by my partner and here are some pics he took for his Instagram account but I just wanted to show you guys 😁