les amis des silly things

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the other day i was just thinking of a good "les amis + ___" headcanon idea that i wanted to send you but now anon's open and i've forgotten what it was! :/

we could have a Les Amis as “les amis + ___” headcanons posts headcanon post.

we’d have reached ultimate fandom.

Enjolras is “Les Amis + why they were in jail that one time”. yeah.

Combeferre is “Les Amis as famous historical scientists”. and I’m not saying that because I’ve thought of that. why would you think that. (I have.)

Courfeyrac is “Les Amis + sitcom cliches”. He’d love it. He watches sitcoms every sunday night. It’s his 90s sitcom night.

Prouvaire is, obviously, “Les Amis as Romantic poets”. Bahorel points out how meta it is? there’s too much meta now my brain hurt.

Feuilly is “Les Amis + what they just can’t shut up about”. It’s hard to pick just one thing for him though.

Bahorel is “Les Amis and bones they’ve broken”. It’s also hard to pick just one for him. 

Joly is “Les Amis and how they’re like when they’re sick”. My favourite.

Bossuet is “Les Amis as terrible pick up jokes”, of course.

Grantaire is “Les Amis as memes”. Or emoticons, or something.

who is working on more interviews and trying to think of which amis would fit with each winter sport…

so far I have Combeferre - crosscountry ski; Enjolras - freestyle skiing; Feuilly - biathlon; Bahorel - hockey; Prouvaire - figure skating; Joly - speed skating; Courfeyrac - snowboarding; Bossuet - skeleton and Grantaire - curling.