Enjolras isnt romantic one in the relationship but he is the one who drops bigass bombs out of nowhere.

“I will be back around 7, so we can go together to the meeting. Oh, and I almost forgot, I love you.”

And They would be walking around Paris and Enj would just sort of be like “Anyways, I saw this apartment yesterday, we could afford it, we can move into it together next week”

And the one that almost made Grantaire choke on his tea “So listen, I think we should get married on Saturday and then grab some luch, what do you think?”

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Oh gosh. Combeferre taking care of all of his deaged friends though! tiny courfeyrac who never stops babbling. tiny enjolras who charms all the other parents they cross on the street with those intense eyes. tiny bahorel who is always full of mud and starts running when it's time for a bath. tiny feuilly who's really shy and worringly good at hide and seek. tiny jehan and joly capturing bugs together!! bossuet and grantaire being a bit older than the others, so they try to help a little ;3;...

Teeny Courfeyrac is always smiling and laughing and running around, and he always wants cuddles, and he loves playing with his friends, and he’s the happiest baby ever. (Except when he’s really really sleepy, at which point he gets a bit whiny and pouty, or if he falls over or bumps his head or scrapes his knees, and then he’s all wibbly lips and big eyes and tiny brave little sniffles and whimpers. Luckily he’s pretty easy to cheer up.)

Baby Enjolras is strangely quiet. Like, unnervingly quiet. He’s rather stubborn (as expected) and he can be a little stroppy, but he never really has loud tantrums or screaming fits. The worst he’ll do is whine loudly in protest and maybe cross his arms petulantly. He can be wriggly and kick a bit if you try to pick him up when he’s in a mood, too. But overall he really doesn’t say much past ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Bahorel is THE most TROUBLESOME child you have EVER met. He’s older than Courf and Enjolras - read as; old enough to run at a decent speed without stumbling, old enough to climb places, and old enough to speak in clear, cheeky sentences. He digs around in the mud (to get worms for Joly and Jehan’s bug collection!!) and climbs trees and runs all over the place and THEN he runs into the house all mucky and covered in dirt and gets it ALL OVER THE PLACE. And as soon as you say the word ‘bath’ he’s GONE and hiding somewhere like on top of the fridge (where he only gets MORE DIRTY) and you basically have to lay a trap to catch him.

Little Feuilly is, kind of unsurprisingly, basically Enjolras’ best friend, because the two of them are quite happy to just sit themselves in a little corner and play quietly. Feuilly isn’t quite as quiet as Enjolras, maybe because he’s a bit older, but he’s very quiet when he does talk, almost like he’s always whispering. He seems kind of amazed by the house and getting a bed (even though he has to share) and he’s always very very nice and polite and very sweet. He can be a little skittish though.

Joly and Jehan are the ITTIEST BITTIEST TINY BABIES IN THE WORLD AND IT IS ADORABLE. Joly is all big floofy curls and chubby cheeks with dimples, and Jehan has the brightest, most curious eyes. They are fascinated by EVERYTHING and spend all their time trying to get into things or get on top of things or behind things or under things and they just wanna explore and look at all the things and they’re a little bit of a handful cause you gotta keep an eye on them, but they’re just too cute for it to be an actual problem.

Grantaire is very quiet and shy and he kind of avoids Combeferre, but he likes looking after the kids. Bahorel quite often drags him into playing with him, and that seems to make Grantaire very happy; sometimes he tags along with Jehan and Joly (and Bossuet, who has appointed himself their official keeper) when he wants a bit more quiet time. He actually gets on okay with Enjolras and Feuilly and they make up this quiet little gang who all sit together and play games together. Grantaire is the best at fingerpainting and shadow puppets and he can read, so the two younger ones adore him.

Bossuet is the most gentle, kind, lovely child you ever did see. He’s really happy to look after the younger kids - it makes a nice change from what he’s used to, which is being the youngest of 13 - and loves playing with them and talking to them and reading stories to them and going exploring with them. He looks after Jehan and Joly on all their little adventures and he’s Joly’s FAVOURITE, and he always gives Courfeyrac cuddles when he wants them, and he helps give out the snacks at snack time, and is generally just great.

Combeferre has his hands full and is kind of despairing of all the little children he’s suddenly in charge of, but at the same time he adores them all and he’s glad he CAN look after them and it’s kind of fun so all in all it’s good.

les amis laughter headcanons

i was thinking about different types of laughter the other day and things kind of spiraled out of control?? so enjoy this giant list of headcanons i guess

Courfeyrac: really contagious, warm, open laugh, kind of “huhuhuh!”

Combeferre: most of the time he’ll just let out a “heheh” chuckle, but when something’s really funny he’ll literally explode into maniacal, uncontrollable laughter, clutching his stomach and wearing an expression that’s almost confused-looking, like “no stop lungs listen to me”

Bahorel: vaguely Santa-esque “aHAHAHA,” complete with lots of knee-slapping and tear-wiping

Jehan: really quiet laugh, really more of a mumble or murmur, “hmmhmm”

Joly: sounds eerily like Spongebob, only cuter

Bossuet: really warm, rich, nice laugh; also prone to deep chuckles

Enjolras: rarely laughs but when he does it’s usually the silent, shoulder-shaking kind, and everyone agrees pretty unanimously that it’s very attractive

Feuilly: similar to Enjolras—the only way you can tell he’s laughing and not just grinning really hard is that his shoulders shake a ton

Marius: super duper awkward laugh, face gets really red, kind of sounds like a dying seal

Cosette: silvery giggles 24/7

Grantaire: four stages of laughter. 1) amused snort/sharp exhalation through the nose, “hmmpf”; 2) one short “ha!” when something is surprisingly funny; 3) Loud, boisterous “haAHAHAHA” that’s about half an octave above his normal voice range; 4) lying on the floor gasping like a fish

Eponine: rough, scratchy, somewhat reminiscent of a barking dog: “HA! HA! HA!”

Gavroche: 50% snickers and 50% high-pitched giggles desperately trying to pass as snickers

Musichetta: only Joly and Bossuet have ever seen her laugh, and according to them it both sounds and makes her look kind of evil

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hey can you talk to me about feuilly because most fics i read only have him as a background character and i feel like i don't have a grasp on him at all. he's probably such a lovely dude and i wanna know more about him :D


  • homeboy is literally the human embodiment of the hufflepuff ideal ok like helga probably would’ve cried real tears of joy if she’d ever met him
  • i mean there’s a reason why enjolras turns into a starry-eyed emoji whenever feuilly does anything and it’s not just because he has great hair
  • also never forget his verse in À la volonté du peuple; 
  • À la volonté du peuple,
    je fais don de ma volonté
    S’il faut mourir pour elle,
    moi, je veux être le premier!
    Le premier nom gravé
    au marbre du monument d’espoir
  • aka if they all have to die for the cause he wants to be the first to go (“if we must die for [the will of the people], let mine be the first name engraved on the marble of the monument of hope”) aka your faves could never
  • very hard-working, represents the working class and the unprivileged ones;
  • indian/egyptian feuilly who grew up in montreal and swears like there’s no tomorrow (bahorel feels v strongly ab this)
  • feuilly who lived in like 10 different cities before settling down w/ les amis
  • somehow he and grantaire always get in the most fucking ridiculous situations when they go out together after dark???? 
  • one time bahorel joins them and they disappear for like, five days. joly almost has an eneurysm, combeferre can’t sleep, courf cries
  • probably volunteers at an animal shelter in his free time bc he’s literally perfect
  • gives great hugs, this is scientifically proven
  • mechanic feuilly. just. yeah
  • i’m like 110% sure if he really did volunteer at an animal shelter he’d be physically unable to not adopt a cutie, so his house is basically a zoo
  • no one really knows how he manages to handle work, volunteering, pets, sleep, food and a healthy social life, but. it’s feuilly
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Valentine’s Day is a stressful day for everyone - for flower shop owners, for those who are planning on confessing their love for their best friend and those who have to figure out a way to get to their boyfriend before the day is over.

Enjolras … was a charming young man, capable of being terrible.”
“Combeferre, perhaps, preferred the pure radiance of the beautiful to the flaming glory of the sublime.”
“Jean Prouvaire was addicted to love.”
“Feuilly … had one thought only, to deliver the world from its bonds.”
“Courfeyrac … had all the qualities of a centre – roundness and radiance.”
“Bahorel was … always ready to break a flagstone, then tear up a street, then demolish a government, to see the effect it made.”
“Bossuet … took bad luck with serenity and smiled at the vexations of fate like one who hears a jest.”
“Joly was a young hypochondriac. What he had learned from medicine was to be a patient rather than a physician … Nonetheless, the gayest of all.”
“Grantaire … was particularly ugly … but Grantaire’s self-esteem was not disconcerted. He stared tenderly at every woman, appearing to say about all of them: If only I wanted to.”

“Enjolras was the chief, Combeferre was the guide, Courfeyrac was the centre.

—  Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Book Four, The Friends of the ABC 

"Among all these glowing hearts and thoroughly convinced minds, there was one sceptic. How came he there? By juxtaposition. This sceptic’s name was Grantaire, and he was in the habit of signing himself with this rebus: R. Grantaire was a man who took good care not to believe in anything. Moreover, he was one of the students who had learned the most during their course at Paris."

Oh Grantaire ma bby <3I really like the thought of him being an art student, so here’s modern arty-R and he actually looks a lot like me when I’m painting, including that fancy old man sweater. Well maybe he’s not ugly enough but whatever - I mean, what is “ugly” anyway?

Update: I have the feeling that these two need to go together. I call it: Business-Enjolras and even more Business-R (busy with going into raptures)

"Enjolras was a charming young man, who was capable of being terrible. He was angelically handsome. He was a savage Antinous. One would have said, to see the pensive thoughtfulness of his glance, that he had already, in some previous state of existence, traversed the revolutionary apocalypse. He possessed the tradition of it as though he had been a witness. He was acquainted with all the minute details of the great affair. A pontifical and warlike nature, a singular thing in a youth. He was an officiating priest and a man of war; from the immediate point of view, a soldier of the democracy; above the contemporary movement, the priest of the ideal."

feuilly sings the entire original “drink with me” in the french concept album, and instead of “drink with me” the first line’s “remember the good days”

i’m so

and then one of the following lines translates “your age added to mine hardly reached forty” 

it’s fine i didn’t need my heart in one piece

it makes me so uncomfortable that les amis are some of my favorite characters in all of literature

and i know so much about them and i have such specific images and headcanons

and these characters honestly feel like my friends or my children sometimes

and i don’t know their fucking first names