Eponine and Cosette both work at the same downtown coffeeshop.

Eponine has been working there for a lot longer since she’s local to the area and it’s been her job since she was 17. Cosette started working there as a student in order to afford her off campus rent.

Throughout their time working together, Eponine ends up spending (too much) time with Cosette, helping her perfect latte art and sometimes laughing about made up stories for their late night customers. More often than not they end up talking about their lives in the backroom during their breaks or making out in Eponine’s car after their shifts.

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hi!! this might be a weird request, but what tattoos do you imagine grantaire would have?

No omg my url is literally inktaire which is a reference to Grantaire with ink aka tatted Grantaire. You asked the right person.

Grantaire has constellation sleeves. Most of them are just the stars connected with dotted lines, but a couple of the more important ones to him are drawn on with the image/symbol they represent.

He would have his favorite lyric tattooed across his heart as a constant message that he swears to live by: “how rare and beautiful it is to even exist”.

There would be a watercolor hummingbird across the right side of his torso.

He would have a fern tattoo running up from his left ankle and curving to the middle of his calf. 

The outline of the sun would be on his right knee

He would have a spine tattoo of the Fibonacci sequence running from the back of his neck down to his upper back.

He has a couple of stick n poke tattoos by Jehan, Eponine, and Montparnasse scattered around on his fingers and ankle. A basquiat crown on his left index finger and a couple of pine trees on his inner right ankle just to name some.

And for all the artistic value and meaning of the rest of his tattoos, he has a matching upside down question mark on his left ass cheek with Bahorel because they were drunk one night and thought it would be funny.

Let's play a game called

“Do I Love The Character Because Of The Actor Who Played It or Do I Love The Actor Because Of The Character He Played”

  • Friend: are you ok?
  • *In My Head*: Valjean never knew that Javert committed suicide did he? When he told him to meet him at Rue Plumet and he never came, he must have been so happy thinking Javert has learned mercy. If he had known that Javert committed suicide what would he have done? He would probably feel so horrible about it, maybe even going as far as to blame himself
  • Me: I'm fine
Les Mis jokes that will never not be funny to me
  • anything about the Parisian Sewer System Chapters™
  • Calling the book “The Brick”
  • “Valjean is 24601% done”
  • Any speculation on Les Amis’s first names
  • especially “tHEY WERE ALL NAMED JEAN”
  • Threatening to fight Victor Hugo’s ghost (usu. over Les Amis’s first names)
  • LES AMIS AS *insert something bizarre like garden gnomes*
  • Calling Victor Hugo “Vicky H”, “kink-shame deserving Vicky,” etc
  • That Les Miserables/Bee Movie crossover fanfic called Les Beeserables starring Barry B. Jolras 
  • bread memes
  • “Grantaire is canonically ugly” haha sure yeah right
  • “We never learn Javert’s first name”  “Yeah we do it’s Inspector”
  • EnjolrasXPatria fanfic 
  • Any post along the lines of “You idiots have forgotten Les Amis aren’t the main characters of Les Mis. The REAL main character is the Parisian Sewer System”

    Feel free to add more

The fact that French students still barricade their high schools/university buildings with furniture to protest shit is the True™ les Mis legacy

We all know that Enjolras was on the barricade to fight for Liberty

And we know Combeferre was on the barricade to fight for Equality

And we know Courfeyrac was on the barricade to fight for Brotherhood

But Bahorel was on the barricade to fight for the right to exist beyond ‘class’

But Feuilly was on the barricade to fight for children without anything else

But Joly was on the barricade to fight for those choosing between medicine and food

But Jehan was on the barricade to fight for the right to live fully

But Bosset was on the barricade to fight for freedom of the future

And Grantaire was on the barricade to fight for his friends, the goodness in life

I love how 155 years after Les Mis was published the impact is so great that we are still gaining souls to The Cause™
Like I’ll be scrolling through tags or whatever and see people’s drawings and they’ll be like “started reading les mis for the first time and decided to draw Cosette,” or “I just watched Les Mis and why did no one tell me there were GAYS this is amazing"
Somewhere out in the universe Vicky HugeHoe is cackling with glee because even a century and a half later he’s still making people Fucking Miserable™