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how to sound more like a french native speaker 🌿

The following points are 5 classic French conversational techniques and mannerisms to help you sound just a bit more truly français:

1. The tactical use of bah

Fairly difficult to translate, the French bah is used rather regularly and can make your speech pattern sound very authentic.

In answer to an obvious question perhaps:

“Tu aimes bien la pizza?” (Do you like pizza?)

“Bah oui, bien sur!” (Well, yes, of course!)

Or something like the following:

“Tu adores le brocoli?” (Do you love broccoli?)

“Bah non! Je déteste!” (No, I hate it!)

Or as a deep, elongated syllable to fill gaps while you think:

“Qu’est-ce que tu fais le weekend?” (What are you doing on the weekend?)

“Baaaaaahh, en fait je ne sais pas encore.” (Well…actually I don’t know yet)

2. Add quoi to the ends of sentences

This one is also not easy to translate, but it would be the French equivalent of “whatever” or “innit.” So, you might imagine that it shouldn’t be used when talking formally, but it’s used often in casual conversation and can perfectly round off a sentence.

“C’est quoi, ça?” (What is that?)

“Euuh, je ne sais pas exactement mais je pense que c’est une sorte de nourriture, quoi.” (Um, I’m not really sure but I think it’s a type of food or whatever.)

3. Using eh, ah and hein like there’s no tomorrow

Whether it’s to fill space while you think or to provoke a response, these elongated vowels are very useful when speaking French. They can be heard very often in conversation.

For example, in English we add “don’t you?”/ “aren’t you?”/ “isn’t it?” to the end of statements to toss the conversational ball back into the other person’s court. The French will simply say “hein?”

“Il fait beau aujourd’hui hein?” (It’s nice weather today isn’t it?)

Try it with raised eyebrows for added French effect.

4. Sufficient use of voilà here, there and everywhere

The slangy English phrases “so, yeah” or “so, there you go” would probably be best translated into French as “voilà.”

When you can’t think of anything else to say at the end of a sentence, you can’t go wrong with a voilà. Sometimes even two. Voilà voilà.

5. Not forgetting the classic French shrug

In response to a question to which you don’t know the answer, respond the French way with an exaggerated shrug, raised eyebrows and add a “baaah, je sais pas, moi!” for good measure.

Bahorel can fall asleep anywhere if he’s tired enough. At an ABC meeting during one of Enjolras’s speeches, at the food court at the mall when Feuilly walked away for 2 minutes, at a dance club with loud music blaring while the rest of Les Amis are chatting, on a fucking roller coaster??? Yeah that happened once.


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Witch Jean Prouvaire

Because I’m a sucker for necromancer Jehan but everything supernatural Jehan is basically my jimjam

  • Jehan who works at a witchcraft/occult shop that basically sells candles and other witchcraft essencials
  • “If you can’t summon the flames directly from hell, store-bought is fine”
  • Bead curtains everywhere
  • There are vials and jars filled with weird colours and weird things, skulls that may or may not be real, lucky charms, coloured salt…
  • Jehan gives readings on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings
  • They don’t hoover around the shop at certain hours because “the ghosties are scared by the noise”
  • The door has a sign that reads “Please don’t shout, the cat doesn’t like it”. There is no cat. Not one people can see, anyway.
  • Sometimes, Jehan makes a cup of tea and leaves it on a table. When someone points out they’ve forgotten their tea, Jehan says “Oh, no don’t worry it wasn’t for me”
  • Jehan’s use of magic is basically restricted to clothes they’ve fucked up during laundry day and cute spells that keep your hair in gorgeous shape
  • They also make great potions but refuse to make love spells and elixirs because that kind of things has to happen on its own and “Have ever heard about consent?”
  • May or may not use strength potions to keep their garden growing during winter. Big, thick rose bushes in the middle of February. Lilac trees everywhere. Their neighbour is so jealous
J'adore les gares. Et vous? Un petit monde dans le monde, arrivées et départs, séparations et retrouvailles. Ceux qui sont pressés, ceux qui aimeraient que le temps s'arrête.
—  Karine giebel