im tired of people trying to put dicks in lesbianism. i really am. lesbian is a FEMALE HOMOSEXUAL. female is a SEX. homosexual means you are attracted to the same sex. therefore lesbians like only natal females! “vagina havers” in your misogynic language basically! ok!

if you like females + males who identify as feminine, great! ur bi for being attracted to both sexes. make ur own label if u want! stop taking away our word tho. lesbian is a word of great history for us. we cant erase our roots just for some male feelings. sorr y for the mean tone im just so fucking upset

i know ive posted about this before but lesbian space and lesbian history and lesbian culture is so important, and i can’t budge on that. i want more spaces with other lbpq women where we can bond over our similarites and discuss our differences in a compassionate manner, but i need, and other young lesbians need, a space for us separate from all of that. it is so vital to be with and see other women who only love women. our culture, our history, and our lives are important and should be valued. we need each other to bond over the unique experience of being a woman who, not only is attracted to other women, but is also not attracted to men.

I want you. I want a blanket, under the stars, with you next to me, in my arms, while you look at the stars and I gaze at you because nothing in this universe could ever match the light I see in your eyes.