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very self-indulgent Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU because I can and pokemon au is always important to me


In Sickness and In Health

Based on a prompt request from @like-waves-on-the-beach for some sick!Killian.

Summary: Emma is sick and tired, literally. As always, she perseveres by pushing through her bout of the flu because only Emma takes care of Emma. When Killian comes down with the same flu, how will he handle it? Is he a cut above the average ailing male, or will Killian manage the man flu the same way he does most things… with panache?

Thank you to my beta @xhookswenchx. I appreciate you knocking this out so quickly!!

Rated M

7.7K words

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Emma’s head was pounding, she felt as if it might pop like a balloon at any moment, and her eyes actually hurt. Sitting at her office desk with her eyes closed she softly rubbed her temples.  Who messed with the goddamn heat, it’s freezing! She groaned aloud when she realized even her internal voice sounded whiny and sick. She didn’t dare verbalize any of her complaints, of course; she couldn’t have people thinking she couldn’t handle something as simple as the flu.  This was the third day, and although she wasn’t running as high of a fever anymore, she still felt like shit. The past two days she’d gritted her way through work, not wanting to shirk her responsibilities. This morning she had decided enough was enough. She put on her favorite new blouse, a pair of ultra skinny jeans, and opted to leave her hair down, curling it. She was determined to at least look good if she couldn’t feel good.

“Emma, why don’t you go home and rest? Your father and newest deputy are more than capable of holding down the fort in your absence.” Killian had walked up behind her and was gently massaging the base of her skull.

It felt like heaven as Killian rubbed her aching neck. “Newest deputy, I like that,” she mumbled.

“I’ve heard he’s quite dashing, and rather well endowed,” he whispered into her ear.

Emma laughed then grabbed her head, “It hurts to laugh.”

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Alone, Until I Get Home (7/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  THANK YOU @losttalongthewayy​ FOR READING ALL 20 VERSIONS OF THIS. Also, a few people have asked to be tagged but I didn’t keep track so if you would like to be tagged for updates please drop your name in my mailbox???

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"Jones" (CS+ the girl with no name)

Summary: After their wedding, Emma reflects and finally leaves the Lost Girl behind for good.


Word Count: 834

Twirling the ring round and around her finger slowly, tenderly savoring the feel of it there where it belongs once more after the glaringly wrong, hazily remembered cursed interlude just after their wedding, Emma Swan - now Jones - cannot help but admire the delicate golden band and sparkling diamond which adorns her hand. She treasures what it signifies more than she can put into words.

There had been many in the town, she is sure - perhaps even in her closer circle of family and friends - who had been surprised she had taken Killian’s name, or that she had done it fully without hyphenating it to her own. In her mind though, the decision was simple. “Swan” was a name she’d grasped desperately, hasty to be someone, to belong with others, whether they genuinely wanted her or not. It had been stolen by a lonely little girl, hoarded to her chest and hidden away as if she could clutch it tightly enough to keep it from being taken back. She had scrawled it at the top of school papers, offered it to busy social workers who couldn’t be bothered to she if she was lying or telling the truth, and she had given it over when she was booked into jail, feeling as if she had tarnished her chosen moniker forever. She had still been alone, last name or no. “Swan” had merely been her wish for a home, a place, an identity; it was Jones which had made that dream reality at last. She only wanted to hear the old appellation in Killian’s soft, adoring accent, whispering his preferred nickname for her in her ear as they lay cuddled under layers of quilts and blankets, tangled together in each other’s arms.

Jones. Emma Jones. She was someone’s wife - someone who had vowed to spend the rest of his life always by her side. She was someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, a friend and lover. Since choosing to stay in Storybrooke for Henry and to embrace her destiny as Savior, Emma had ceased being alone. Sometimes - when Leroy came barreling down the street heralding the next catastrophe, when her mother forgot to knock and used her key to barge right in and interrupt her daughter and son-in-law with 28 years’ worth of missed chipper good morning greetings, or when she and Killian had some minor little argument and the gossip reached Granny’s diner before she herself got there for lunch - Emma wondered if she would ever have a moment alone again. Yet it wasn’t until she married Killian, until she took her husband’s name as her own, that she felt forever changed. A member of her own family who could not be sent away, returned or replaced, but was a permanent and necessary part of the whole.

“Just because you learn you’re the product of True Love” she had spoken raggedly in her wedding vows, she knew that didn’t guarantee one would get a True Love herself. She had spent her entire childhood on the outside looking in - expendable and knowing that the real world was far from any fairy tale. A princess she might always have been, but no one had been paying her court when she was just an orphan found at the side of the road, an infant with only the single word “Emma” stitched on her blanket to keep her from officially becoming “Hey You” or “Blondie” or “Four Eyes” as so many had called her rather than bothering to learn who she was.

Girls with no name and nobody to love them feared simply fading away and being forgotten. Like many of the other young runaways she knew, Emma had been constantly haunted by the nagging question of whether anyone would miss her, or even notice, if she was gone. She had spent years helping others track down loved ones who’d vanished, using her quick wits, street smarts, and knack for finding people to keep others from being left in the lurch as she had been from the very beginning. She never admitted, not even to herself, that the skip she most wanted to trace was that elusive first one who had given her up, that parent, or parents, who had deemed her a sustainable loss, and perhaps the answer for why she was always given up or left behind.

Killian had finally soothed that lingering ache and silenced that last stubborn doubt. He was never going to change his mind, never going to leave her, would never think of turning his back and walking away. Her captain sometimes still looks at her as though he doesn’t deserve her, while all she can think is that she is the one who has never merited such devotion. He speaks her name with the fervor and awe of a true pirate - as if he has found the greatest of treasures and will give his very life to keep it. And on his lips, her name - her real name, the one that was always destined to be hers - thrills Emma to her very soul. Emma Swan was a ghost, a mirage, a mask for the Lost Girl who was both anyone and no one to the world that had tried to break her, giving her no name at all but the one she took for herself. Emma Jones is real and whole. She is found, and she will never be lost again.

by @snowbellewells

Empty Corridors - Chapter 27

Last time, Lacey admitted that she and Gold were dating, which was a big step for her.  And she made him a birthday cake.  Here’s what happened next.

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The bedclothes shifted, Lacey’’s head bursting out of the blankets, her cheeks flushed, and she pushed herself up on her elbows with a grin.

“Well,” she said.  “Guess a happy birthday was had by all.”

Gold sighed contentedly, arching his back a little and folding his arms behind his head.

“I’m full,” he remarked.  “I think you weren’t kidding when you called that cake Death by Frosting.”

“You ate three pieces!” she chided, swatting his shoulder.  “You didn’t have to make yourself sick just to prove it wasn’t terrible.”

“It was delicious!” he protested. “A little too delicious, if you must know.  My waistline may never be the same again.”

Lacey giggled, and he kissed her before pushing up on his elbows.

“Did you have a good birthday?” she asked, and he smiled.

“I had the best birthday.”

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Swan Queen and the Parent Meeting at School 

REGINA:  You’re late, dear.

EMMA:  Yea, sorry about that.  My WIFE decided to pack my lunch today and all I found was a plastic container of blended apple, kale, carrot juice and a bran muffin.

REGINA:  It’s wholesome and nutritious.

EMMA:  It looked like sea monster vomit in a cup.

SNOW:  Guys, please. We’re in a meeting.

EMMA:  What.  You’re my mother.

SNOW:  Right now I’m your daughters’ principal!


REGINA:  (ignores current conversation, turns to Emma)  Lunch was delicious.

EMMA:  I wouldn’t know.  I didn’t eat it.

SNOW:  Maybe we should proceed…

REGINA:  What do you mean you didn’t eat it?

EMMA:  I didn’t eat it!

SNOW:  (waves to get their attention)  Hello?

REGINA:  (crosses arms)  Well, what DID you eat then?

SNOW:  Principal trying to talk here.

EMMA:  (defiantly pins Regina with a stare)  I went to Granny’s and had a DOUBLE bacon, grilled onion cheeseburger and French fries with a chocolate milkshake chaser.

SNOW:  (shakes head in hands)  Oh geez.

REGINA:  You did WHAT?

EMMA:  You heard me.


EMMA: (imitates)  REGINA!

SNOW:  (points to self)  Principal!

EMMA:  (to her mom)  SHHH!

REGINA:  (to Snow at the same time) Oh shut up!

They both stare at each other hard again while Snow tilts her eyes heavenward and closes them while shaking her head.

REGINA:  Do you know what those things are doing to your body as we speak?

EMMA:  I don’t know about you but my body’s feeling pretty thankful.

REGINA:  You think so?  Let’s see how it feels when your ASS is sleeping on the couch tonight.

EMMA:  (scoffs)  Are you serious?  For eating a cheeseburger.  Who are you? My mother?

SNOW:  No… that would be me.

EMMA:  (jokingly)  You just said you were the principal.

There’s a knock at the door. The school janitor, Leroy, pokes his head in.

LEROY:  Snow, you called to have some extra stuff thrown out?

SNOW:  Yes, Leroy.  Those bags by the wall.

Leroy nods to Regina and Emma but they only crack a small smile alerting him to the tension in the room.  He awkwardly shuffles towards the trash knowing well what could happen between the Sheriff and the Mayor, even though they’ve been married for years and were perfect for one another.

REGINA:  (to Emma)  Do you even care about your heart and arteries?  Because I do.

EMMA:  Oh my God, Babe!  Look at this body.  I am in prime condition.  (flexes arms) I don’t mean to BRAG but look at these! (holds her arm up to a passing Leroy)

LEROY:  (puts garbage bag down and feels Emma’s arm)  Wow, those are some serious guns you got there, sister! (Looks up to find Regina glaring at him and Snow subtly waving for him to leave while he can)  Um…

SNOW:  Thanks, Leroy.  That’s it. (waits a beat, looks at two cross-armed irritated women)  Okay… Why don’t we just forget about this whole thing and move on. What’s done is…

REGINA:  (scowls at Snow)  Don’t you have chalkboard erasers to BANG somewhere?

SNOW:  (tilts head back and sighs at the ceiling)  

EMMA:  Babe, it’s not like I eat like this all the time. And I think I’ve done pretty good with all the other stuff you give me. I actually like flaxseed and goji berries now. (sees Regina soften and puts a hand on her forearm)  Heck!  I’ve even gotten used to grilled cheese on WHEAT bread!  (looks into Regina’s eyes meaningfully, smiles)  But I draw the line at “cat puke in a can”.

SNOW:  (mumbles unheard)  I don’t even think a cat would eat the stuff Regina gives you.

REGINA:  (pause, raises eye brow, smirks)  There was no “milkshake chaser” was there.

EMMA:  (smiles wider and nods yes)  No.

REGINA:  (strokes Emma’s hand)  And the grilled onions?

EMMA:  It was a plain hamburger, no cheese and with a side salad instead of fries. (happy with Regina’s megawatt smile) And NO onions.  I WAS planning on kissing you later.  (wiggles eyebrows)

Both women have eyes only for each other and ignore Snow’s twisted mouth as the moment seems inappropriately intimate all of a sudden.

REGINA:  Only later?

EMMA:  Well… Maybe a lot sooner than then.  

REGINA:  How about right now?

EMMA:  How about we take this someplace more private?

REGINA:  Follow me then, Sheriff Swan.

EMMA:  To the ends of the Earth, babe.  (opens door for Regina)  So am I still sleeping on the couch?

REGINA:  (as door closes behind them)  Lucky for you I happen to like “your guns” wrapped around me in bed where they belong.

Snow is left with an empty blinking expression at their vacated chairs.

SNOW:  Well, Audrey and Sophie are adjusting really well to school life. They love kindergarten and play well with others. (pause, dismissive wave at the chairs)  I’ll just tell them everything at Sunday dinner.


Credit for the gif goes to @lana-lana-b0-bana.  (Thank you for letting me use it!  I love it!)

When I saw this lovely gif, I immediately thought it looked like a parent/teacher conference type thing and this scene took place in my head.  This is set in The Twins of Storybrooke universe and I made Snow the principal.  Who knows, by then she might be!

love marks [leroy sané]


so it’s not what anyone was waiting for but it’s what i managed to write so y’all are gonna suck it up and eats what i put in front of you and you gon like it n thats that on that! eat this or starve!

Rosalie is going to leave marks in his back, she knows it. Her fingernails are as deep into the skin of his back as he is deep into her, and she finds it a bit poetic. But only until after, when she and Leroy are lying in bed and she leaves to pee, only to come back and see him on his stomach. Eight puckering red lines are there in his skin, and they’re obvious and she feels both satisfaction and guilt because it looks like it might hurt, to be honest. She also knows he would never say anything, if it did.

So she climbs in beside him, curls up underneath his arm that snakes out to find her and rubs her hand against his back gently, all the while watching as her hands retrace the crime scene. Almost purposefully, she places her hand exactly as it would’ve had to be minutes ago, and (gently, this time) races her fingers down the marks.

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Part One of my Vampire AU!  This is endgame Pliroy, but does start out with some Otayuri.  I’ve been enjoying working on this, and I like what I have so far, so I thought I’d share what I have before I go to bed.  Let me know what you think!

Yuri opened his eyes slowly, wincing at the dim light coming from beneath his curtain.  No, not his curtain.  Whose room was he in?  Whose bed was he in?  He tried to sit up, but his head spun and sent him falling back on the pillow.

“Fuck,” he groaned under his breath.  The door across the room from him opened.  Otabek smiled at him, something small and just for him.  He was holding a tray with what looked like food. Of course, how could he forget?  He was staying with Otabek.  He hadn’t been feeling well, and Otabek was taking care of him now.

“Good morning, Yura.  How are you feeling?” Otabek asked, sitting in the chair beside his bed.  He set his tray on his lap.  Why wasn’t he staying with his grandfather?  Or Lilia and Yakov?

“A little better, I think,” Yuri said.  Why was he lying?  Otabek wanted him to tell the truth.  He should tell him that he forgot things this morning.  He should tell him that he felt dizzy and couldn’t sit up by himself.

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Only You (Leroy Sane)

a/n: this one’s nsfw 

“He’s always staring at you like that!” Leroy threw his coat over the sofa in annoyance.

“No, he’s not.” You rolled your eyes. “And like what?”

“Like…I don’t know! He looks at you like he’s picturing you naked or something. It’s disgusting.” He stormed into the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water.

It was a rare occasion to see Leroy get so worked up over something. He was normally the cool, casual one in the relationship. You, on the other hand, were dramatic to say the least. The most minor inconvenience could make you want to burn everything to the ground and move to another country.

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Alternate Season 6b

The EQ really gets what she deserves.

Thanks to David’s wish a house drops on her during a sudden random tornado.

Robin is not real because it was the wish world and doesn’t make it through the portal.

Regina realizes her evil half is gone, except for the pleasure she found in crushing Snowing’s hearts is a little too real. She’s also upset about unreal Robin not making it back to Storybrooke. She lashes out at Emma and Zelena.

Emma goes back to Archie to deal with her feelings about the wish world, specifically watching her parents die and what her life would have truly been like raised by them. Through therapy Emma deals with some issues regarding her parents.

Zelena, Archie, and Emma go drinking to discuss Regina’s rage. (You can’t convince me they wouldn’t have been better drinking buddies than Regina and Snow.)

Killian helps David with his father’s death. Killian did not kill Robert.

Emma and Killian get engaged. Zelena is delighted. Regina is jealous.

Rumple is seething over the loss of Belle and Gideon being taken away by Blue. He determines to get his son back. Emma and Killian’s engagement is the final straw. He banishes them to another realm on the Nautilus with Nemo and Liam 2.0.

Henry has his author freak out. Regina panics and goes to Isaac and then Rumple for help. Fearing for her son’s life, Regina gets desperate.

Meanwhile, Emma and Killian find their true love sapling and determine it could save her parents. They make contact with Henry and find out about his author problems. Trying to get home they end up in Neverland thanks to a Rumple induced detour. Tiger Lily is able to provide information re Henry and the author issue.

Emma and Killian arrive back in town. Regina has gotten increasingly desperate over Henry. Emma wakes her parents. Emma and Kililan try to explain what they have learned that could help, but Regina won’t listen. She also refuses to listen to Snow and makes vague comments about how she enjoyed killing her in the wish world.

Zelena goes to try and talk to Regina, but before she goes she makes Emma swear that she’ll watch out for Robin. Emma doesn’t think she should go alone, but Zelena poofs off anyway.

Regina has decided magic will save Henry and she steals Zelena’s by siphoning back into Zelena’s old pendant. Zelena is left weak in Regina’s vault.

Rumple, frustrated about his attempts to find Gideon, comes to see Regina and hatches a plan to save Henry and get him his son back.

Henry and Snow convince Emma and Killian to start wedding plans. Emma agrees only because Henry insists. Regina arrives and is irate that they’d be doing something so trivial. Emma asks about Zelena. Regina says she’s fine.

Zelena escapes Regina’s vault and tells them Regina has her magic. Emma wants to confront Regina. Henry convinces her to wait. To let him talk to her, Emma doesn’t want him going alone. Snow says she should go with Henry. Emma reluctantly agrees. 

Henry arrives at the vault, while Emma and Killian take Zelena and Robin to their house.

Henry and Snow arrive at the vault. Regina and Rumple have a potion brewing. It’s a dark curse. Regina has decided that the best way to protect Henry is to ensure that the story doesn’t end.

Regina is holding Zelena’s heart which she crushes in her hand. Zelena is reaching for Robin when she falls back dead on the couch in Emma and Killain’s living room.

Snow and Henry race from the vault back to the loft and house, respectively. Leroy sounds the alarm down the street as the curse looms down the street.

Henry is hugging Emma, who has one arm around him and one around Killian, who has Robin in one arm and the other around Emma.

The curse descends on the town.

To be continued…with the Real Final Battle, eventually

Episode 9 gave me a LOT of Feels!!!!
  • <p> <b>Every skater except Yurio and JJ:</b> In a slump somehow?<p/><b>Mickey:</b> He's finally slowly getting rid of the overprotectiveness.<p/><b>Georgi:</b> Georgi, why are you looking at Mickey that way...?<p/><b>Seung Gil:</b> OMG he's crying!!! 😭😭😭<p/><b>JJ:</b> I really like you, but your Ore-sama personality on ice ticks me off sometimes and then you bounce back into likability.<p/><b>Pliroy Ship:</b> IT SUFFERED MAJOR DAMAGE THE MOMENT JJ UTTERED THE WORD 'GIRLFRIEND' AND DAMN SHE'S HOT!<p/><b>Yuri:</b> My baby angel kitten is so adorbs and soooo elegant in his FS and hnggh!!!! Too cute for words!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Compared Victor to Yakov and turned into a hugging monster right after the Rostelecom Cup with dead fish eyes and PROPOSED TO VICTOR!!!!<p/><b>Makkachin:</b> Uwaahh!!!! MAKKACHIN IS ALRIGHT!<p/><b>Victor:</b> HE WANTS YUURI TO NEVER RETIRE SO THAT HE CAN BE WITH HIM FOREVER!! 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍<p/><b>PREVIEW:</b> <p/><b></b> Baby Phichit is back and is taking a selfie at Sagrada Familia. 😍<p/><b></b> Is Otabek the one on the motorcycle? Yuro looks scared.<p/><b></b> What is this romantic Victuri scene at the end of the preview?! It looks like they're in a church or something with the background!!<p/><b></b> Something round and gold? a.) medal b.) ring c.) ring??????<p/><b></b> Pre-Grand Prix Final Special...yes!! Scenes before the Finals!<p/></p>