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All These Things That I’ve Done || Self-Para
  • Who: Rachel Berry with an appearance by Hiram and Leroy Berry
  • Where: The Berry home in Columbus, Ohio.
  • When: March 2nd, 2017 
  • What: Hiram and Leroy call Rachel home after being notified that she was charged with obstruction of justice following the events of Samhain. Rachel’s big mouth then gets her into more trouble. I.e. why Rachel has been gone for two months. Definitely not bc Raven is the worst.
  • Note: Anyone who is close friends with Rachel/has classes with her/is in a club with her would have interacted with her. She’s just been absent from Tumblr.
  • Warnings: None!

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Title: To Be Myself
Author: wowbright (username on tumblr, lj, ao3 and dreamwidth)
Beta: A zillion thanks to corinna (ao3)/chiasmuslovesme (tumblr) for helping me find the fic’s voice and finish it!
Artist: hopelesslydevotedgleek (tumblr) made amazing art for this. Look! Look! Isn’t it beautiful? She made art for my story I’m still swooning.
Additional thanks: To everyone who responded to weird random questions I posted to tumblr and encouraged me in the writing of this fic.
Word count: ~48,000
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What if Kurt had been born 25 years earlier? A story about Gen X Kurt Hummel learning about love and, most importantly, learning to be himself, 1976-1985.
Pairings (most unrequited in one direction or another in ways evocative of canon, in order of appearance): Kurt/Rachel, Kurt/OC, Kurt/Finn, Kurt/Mercedes, Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine
Some other characters include: Burt Hummel, Sandy Ryerson, LeRoy Berry, Hiram Berry (but with a different last name), Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez, Will Schuester
Warnings: This story reflects the era in which it takes place; homophobia, racism, sexism, AIDS-phobia, sex negativity and tolerance of bullying and other bad things are par for the course. Off-page death of Kurt’s mother; Sandy Ryerson is just as awful in this fic as he is in the show. Please contact the author if you have specific questions about triggers or pairings. (If you are shy, you can also check my to be myself asks tag to see what other people have asked and what I’ve answered.)

Author’s notes: Wondering about the towels in Rachel’s bathroom or what Kurt’s alarm clock looked like? Want to see the cover of that Newsweek Kurt reads in 1983? I have a lot of extra headcanon and many historical notes and photos for this fic. I’ve posted some of them already on tumblr and will be posting more. You can find them under my 2014 khbb fic headcanon tag.

I also have several playlists on YouTube: music (all songs mentioned in the story); commercials, news clips and some other random stuff; Yentl stuff; and gymnastics.

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