leroy and hiram

LeRoy and Hiram’s marriage starting to crack after their pride and joy leaves home to pursue stardom.

LeRoy and Hiram getting their daughter to the city of her dreams, despite any attendant emotional turmoil, and making every single person in Rachel’s life make damn sure she gets on that train.

LeRoy and Hiram accompanying Rachel to the funeral and watching as she doesn’t sing at all.

LeRoy and Hiram going together to Funny Girl and smiling together for Rachel’s photos. For her sake. LeRoy and Hiram being so so proud of the risks they took and the woman they rose.

LeRoy and Hiram getting a divorce.

LeRoy and Hiram putting the house in which they’re lived for two decades on the market.

LeRoy’s daughter probably texting him maybe once to say she’s going into seclusion and then nothing. Rachel’s lost to the world. Hiram moves out.

LeRoy summoning a smile for Rachel and seeming, all of a sudden, so calm and quiet and human.

LeRoy trying to find the good in his daughter’s failed TV show to make her feel better.

LeRoy watching his wonderful, talented daughter pick herself up and find another purpose. LeRoy regretting nothing.

I wonder if Rachel's dads ever get into conflict for being a gay couple.

I mean glee’s Lima is painted out to be the most homophobic place on the planet.

So… yeah.

It’d be an interesting story. (and we all know how glee just LOVES to put unnecessary focus on guest stars) (though it’d be interesting to have seen them talk to Karofsky and be living proof that it gets better) (and can you imagine what kind of interactions we’d see if they met Santana’s grandma?)

If there are any fics on this stuff, I’d actually consider reading it.

FIC: heaRt to heaRt

Title: heaRt to heaRt

Pair: LeKurt

Summary: LeRoy overhears Kurt talking about his struggles with Blaine and remembers other times Kurt had been around his house. He resolves to give Kurt a heart to heart and make sure Kurt has someone to support him and set him right about relationships.

Pardon the typos. My keyboard us boRked.

IN RESPONSE TO metaldragoness31 ’s LeKurt AU gifset

And followed by: metaldragoness1’s A Slice of Cheesecake

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LGBTQ+ fans deserve better


Clarke Griffin (BISEXUAL; the 100) : ALIVE //Nathan Miller (Gay; the 100) : ALIVE // Bryan (Gay;the 100) ALIVE// Niylah (Lesbian; the 100) ALIVE 

DEGRASSI: Marco, Dylan, Paige, Tim, Alex, Riley, Zane, Adam, Tristan, Imogen Fiona, Miles, Zoe

Grey’s Anatomy: Callie, Erica, Arizona, Penny, Joe, Walter

Bones: Angela 

Supernatural: Charlie 

Gossip Girl: Eric, Harold, Roman, Asher, Johnathon, Freddy, Julian, Josh

Skins: Maxxie, Tony, Cassie, Dale, James, Emily, Naomi, Franky, Matty Mini, Alex, Nick, Rider

The Vampire Diaries: Bill, Luke, Mary, Nora

Glee: Kurt, Blaine, Brittney, Santana, Wayne, Danielle, Elliot, Adam, David, Quinn, Chandler, Cody, Hiram, Leroy, Sebastian, Eli, Jeremiah, Gavroche, Sandy, Elaine, Rick, Jan, Liz, Spencer, Alistair

Modern Family: Cameron, Mitchell

Pretty Little Liars: Emily, Maya, Paige, Allison, Shana, Talia, Jenna, Charlotte

The Walking Dead: Tara, Alisha, Aaron, Eric, Denise

Teen Wolf: Danny, Ethan, Caitlin, Emily, Mason, Brett, Corey, Lucas

Once Upon A Time: Mulan, Ruby, Dorothy

The Fosters: Stef, Lena, Jude, Cole, Connor

Orange is the new Black: Piper, Alex, Sofia, Nicky, Lorna, Carrie, Trisha, Suzanne, Warren, Poussey, Brook

Hannibal: Hannibal, Will, Margot, Alana, Anthony

Shadowhunters: MALEC

THOSE ARE JUST THE POPULAR SHOWS AND THAT ISN’T EVEN THE FULL LIST. My point is that it is 2016 and there is fantastic LGBTQ+ representation on TV and yet clexa fans are still spending their time hating a show that is not going to change because they said so. The current and previous fans like the show, you clearly don’t and you’ve made it pretty obvious why, so instead of wasting your time being rude to people and ‘sticking it to the man’, how about you invest it in another show that you might like and that might bring you positivity.

Not only are a lot of these characters ALIVE they are equally if not more badass than lexa.