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  • [Dinah storms out after Camila tries to teach her to play guitar]
  • Camila: Fine! You go learn from your qualified instructor! But don't come crying to me when everyone's sick and tired of hearing you play Bad, Bad Leroy Brown!!
  • Lauren: [entering, singing] "Baddest man in the whole damn town."
  • Camila: Oh, fine! Take her side! [Storms out]

Happy Drunk Uncle Iroh Karaoke: “bad bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce

Sad Drunk Uncle Iroh Karaoke: “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” Bill Withers

everyworldneedslove replied to your post “Tonight in Sam Plays the Ukulele”

On the way home from work today, my playlist randomizer played “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown” and I thought of your ukulele journey, because story-song + Chicago! :D (Also it occurs to me that “Mack the Knife” would be the best song to go with it…“


*googles Mac The Knife ukulele tab*

*grabs ukulele*

Oh the shark has teeth like razors
And he shows them pearly wh

I had never encountered G6, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Fortunately it’s easy to play. 

A compilation of similarities between real skaters and some YOI characters. Part 1

From top left:

Otabek Altin  - Denis Ten
Leo de la Iglesia - a mix between Max AAron and Jason Brown
Jean Jacques Leroy - Patrick Chan
Sara Crispino - Valentina Marchei
Yakov - Alexei Mishin
Emil Nekola - Sergei Voronov (even though he’s russian). 

Then, there’s something I would like  to specify, before some figure skating fan will come here arguing, or on the other side some YOI fan who likes shipping people:

This is made just for fun. It’ s pure speculation, and my point of view. 
I’ve been following figure skating for years, and I think that Yuri!!!On ice is a great way to get new people into the world of this amazing sport.
When I see someone that gets interested in skaters thanks to this anime, I can only feel joy.
I think that similarities are some sort of“easter eggs” for figure skating fans. Wonderful tributes from YOI authors to the best skaters of the world and history. That’s why i like to speculate and discover them.
Some skaters even found a little of themselves in it (For example, Marchei, Martinez and Wagner mentioned it on their instagram and twitter profiles. Edit: Today, 16/12 also Denis Ten!).
So, if skaters are not annoyed by this, I don’t  think that figure skating lovers should be.
Even so, i would like to say to Yuri on Ice fandom: don’t call skaters as “real life x or y”. This is not respectful.
To find references doesn’t mean that a skater is the real life version of your favorite character.
It’s art that pay homage to reality, and not the opposite.

There should be always balance.

By ConvictSasori, a person who is addicted to figure skating, likes japanese animation, likes Yuri On Ice. And yes. Who thinks that Yuri On Ice contains many resemblances to real figure skating, and that there’s nothing wrong about this.


I Have share this with you guys i’ve been following him for the past 3 years and he blows my mind everything LEGENDARY !!!

Loki Main by Lediche (To the sound of Leroy Brown by Jim Croce)

Well the joust side of Smite,
Is the funnest part of the game,
But if you que in there you better just beware of a guy with a Loki main.

Now Loki, he’s an asshole,
And he’s a kill stealing whore,
All the loki mains call him jungle lover all the rest just call him dick.

He’s a bad, bad Loki main,
Baddest main in the whole damn game.
Badder than a Sun Wukong,
Meaner than Skadi’s dog.

Now Loki, he’s a kill steal,
And he likes his fancy cloak,
And he likes to disapear and dash,
In front of everybody’s nose.
He got a custom 2 ability,
That can kill minions and you,
He use’s his 3 and his 1 and man you are done,
And then his 4, well fuck you.

He’s a bad, bad Loki main,
Baddest main in the whole damn game.
Badder than a Sun Wukong,
Meaner than Skadi’s dog.

Now friday, ‘bout a week ago,
Loki, doing nice,
And at the edge of a tower,
Sat a Chang'e with some power,
And oh that kill looked nice.
Well he cast his 4 apon her,
And the trouble, soon began,
That Loki main would learn a lesson ‘bout messin’ with the wife of a Hou Yi main.

He’s a bad, bad Loki main,
Baddest main in the whole damn game.
Badder than a Sun Wukong,
Meaner than Skadi’s dog.

Well the two mains took to fightin’,
And when they looked up at the score,
Loki looked like an Osiris with a couple of pieces gone.

He’s a bad, bad Loki main,
Baddest main in the whole damn game.
Badder than a Sun Wukong,
Meaner than Skadi’s dog.
Yeah he’s badder than a Sun Wukong,
Meaner than Skadi’s dog.

Answer 10 Questions Using Only Song Titles From 1 band.

I was Tagged By: @faggit-juice

Band: Celtic Thunder (Don’t Judge)

Gender: Raggle Taggle Gypsy

How Do You Feel: Whisky In The Jar

If You Could Go Anywhere: Castles In The Air

Model Of Transportation: The Rocky Road To Dublin

Your Best Friend: Leroy Brown (Cover)

Time Of Day: Seven Drunken Nights

If Your Life Was a TV Show: Black Is The Color 

Relationship Status: Heart-breaker

Your Fear: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Cover)

Honestly I usually just listen to songs, not any bands in particular, so his on was hard. If you listen to the songs don’t read too much into my answers, lol. 

I tag:





My manager told me she doesn’t like Queen because it’s just rock and rock is boring. That she was surprised I like something as boring as rock when I like Scott Joplin. I told her a lot of Queen isn’t rock, and that’s why I like them - they were so versatile, and she looked at me with doubt. ‘Examples?’ she asked. So I duly gave examples. Seaside Rendezvous and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy have that ragtime thing going on, then there is The Millionaire’s Waltz, Good Company, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Dreamer’s Ball…then, ARGH there are so many that aren’t even rock, so many genres they cover, that I couldn’t even be bothered to list them…it would take half an hour.

She just shrugged and said ‘I think you will find they were classically trained musicians, so…’

Well no, only Freddie and Brian had piano lessons as children…Freddie and Roger sang in school choirs. That’s it. They are mostly self taught, and innovative.

‘No. They had music degrees..’ she said, with that know-it-all smug face people do.

So I’m like:

No…NO! Freddie had an art diploma, John had an electronics degree, Roger had a a biology degree and Brian had a physics degree was starting an astrophysics PhD. Don’t try to out Queen me, bitch

My manager simply shrugged and reiterated that rock is boring and I should get into electronica…

Some people won’t be told. Queen is not boring, ordinary rock; they tried everything!


Stuck in the Middle With You Stealer’s Wheel//Sweet and Tender Hooligan the Smiths//Deanna Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds//Only a Lad Oingo Boingo//Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People//Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys Waylon & Willie//Flathead the Fratellis//House of Wolves My Chemical Romance//Bad Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce

The song “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” was written about Nick Fury. He was badder than ole King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog. The fight for messing with the wife of a jealous man was how he lost his eye. (In his defense she didn’t tell him she was married).

Some words to remember me by

A Piece Of Me

I’ve walked the line, spent some time in a heartbreak hotel, and another called California, riding the lightning while dancing to the beat of the master of puppets.
I’ve been on a stairway to heaven and fallen off onto a highway to hell.
I’ve been welcomed to the jungle and been told to nevermind. Just take a jagged little pill and it will seem like paradise city.
Ive come across the wall, and had to break on through to the other side. Just to sit down in a roadhouse with my blues, and listen to the piano man while throwing whiskey in the jar. That’s where I heard a story about a guy named Bobby Magee, and from then on in, the story teller had a piece of my heart.
I took a walk on the wild side while thinking about a space oddity and dudes that look like ladies with names like Lola.
I’ve woken to the rooster, next to Alice in chains, and heard that Jeremy had spoken to some stone temple pilots about using Jeffersons aeroplane to fly me and the white rabbit to Texas to see a bunch of butthole surfers about some good vibrations.
I was sitting on the dock of the bay with my girl, when I heard it through the grape vine that school was out for summer. So we passed the dutchie pon the left hand side as we found a deep purple haze, where I excused myself so I could kiss the sky.
I walked through Scarborough fair and ran in a field of crimson and clover, but there was no Holly there, the Holly had died. There I listened to the sound of silence, which was indeed a quiet riot, and waited for a bad moon rising. I wasn’t there to bark at the moon though, I thought I’d leave that to the animals. So I left to make it to the house for the rising sun, while listening to the werewolves of London.
I dropped some stone roses on a heart of glass just to hear the clash, then sat and listened to Nico talk of all tomorrow’s parties. We went together, she looked like a Venus in furs and wore diamonds on the soles of her shoes. Mine were blue suede, good for walking down Abbey Road.
I met The Gambler, but it was ok because as luck would have it, I carried around the ace of spades. I won it in a pinball competition against a kid named Tommy.
It was a hard days night, but getting better all the time, on a magical mystery tour with Eleanor Rigby. At times I asked myself, should I stay or should I go, but there was something in the way she moved that made me unable to stay away.
Run around Sue, Mustang Sally and Maggie McGill talked about Jane’s addiction. I listened to closely, and before I knew it, I too was hooked. Jane says it’s often that way, once a Farrell seed takes root in your mind.
I met the man who sold the world. He had a black dog, and didn’t fear the reaper. He’d been in his iron maiden before, and showed me the scar tissue to prove it. Don’t worry, he said, the first cut is the deepest.
I learned to relax, not be paranoid. I had brass in pocket and knew how to make money on skid row. Yes I was a bit of a youth gone wild, but never really was bad to the bone.
I tried prefab sprouts once, but it only made me hungry like the wolf. So I had to go into my soundgraden and find some red hot chilli peppers to stop my appetite for destruction. It may sound crazy for you, but even though I’ve remained a wildthing, I’ve been in nirvana ever since.
I never fell for the leader of the pack, but did join the black rebel motorcycle club and saw Brian at the jones town massacre. The black angels death song was playing, but now I listen to the black angels sing the boat song.
I got up, stood up, stood up for my rights and took down a big big tree with my small axe. Then me and three little birds had a soul shakedown party because the sun was shining, and the weather was sweet.
I’ve been the wanderer, just like a rolling stone. That’s where I met a black magic woman, and Nina told me I was a sinnerman. That was fine, because I was already a voodoo child. And it was never about the power of love anyway. I was just her part time lover, but we’d always come together.
I was told you can go your own way, free falling, like a free bird, but to always fight for my rights to party.
I heard that mothers little helper can stop her having a 19th nervous breakdown, and if I can’t get no satisfaction, then go and see Ruby Tuesday.
I’m happy Mondays, but Monday I have Friday on my mind because Friday I’m in love, even though I’m easy like Sunday morning.
I have been seen in black velvet, but really I’m forever in blue jeans, with boots that were made for walking, on the bright side of the road.
I ran to the hills, bumped into the preacher man, he was a bohemian with a rapacity and gave me some double talkin’ jive. But I had to tell him I have faith no more, I was losing my religion. And besides, to more people today, god is a DJ. I’m far more comfortable talking with the pixies anyway.
I got the bends once, I was rolling in the deep on a dreadlock holiday. That was after I had breakfast in America. I loved the cranberries and cream.
I’m hot in the city, never a coldplayer, you’ll never catch me living on a prayer and I don’t dig teenage dirtbags, but have been known to do some kung fu fighting. And when the music’s over, I’ll turn out the lights.
I went to the west side to hear a story. The same place where I learned to step in time, and pick a pocket or two.
I’m cool for cats, I love cats, even the stray cats. They take away the moody blues. They were actually the cure for a bad boy named Leroy Brown. He wasn’t that bad anyway, he just got a bit dizzy at times, talking about his generation.
I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name where I found a much talked about oasis, but to be honest, I’d seen it all before. After that I hit the road with Jack and ended up being the passenger in a convoy doing some good old fashion truckin’.
I met a guy, he was a bit slim, and shady, and quite partial to the odd m&m. I asked him how far he’d walked and he told me eight mile. He looked like a a bit of a n.e.r.d. but man, was he fucking hostile. The guy with him was a doctor, he came straight out of Compton.
I wondered, if only the good die young, does that make them the grateful dead, or would they get back if they could?
I thought there was going to be anarchy in the U.K. when I heard the guns of Brixton being drawn. Could I stop the English civil war if I stepped in and told them that them running around like war pigs is the kind of thing that makes doves cry?
I’m a singer in the rain, a rider on the storm, and I’ve moondanced all the way to Uncle Tom’s cabin. I found Molly’s chambers inside. She was a summer girl and her hair was golden brown, with a texture like sun, even when there ain’t no sunshine.
Well I hope I haven’t left you dazed and confused by all of this, it’s been fun sharing the odd day in the life, and I hope I haven’t taken it one step beyond. And if I have, well I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.
This is the end. :)))

By steveatlarge

Take it easy my friends