Seven years ago, I created the Lerian System…

There was a star called Lerius orbited by three planets — Karaj, Erathas, and Allegria.

Lerius and its planets were located in the same galaxy as the Solar System — the Sun was only a few lightyears away. The Lerian inhabitants were thought to coexist with the terrestrials of Earth, making their way to the planet and back through portals that defied what humans knew of the universe’s dimensions.

Lerians had abilities that transcended that of Earth’s humans. Thus, to people like us, the Lerians were magical beings. Their life force came from a supreme entity, the face or form of which was not seen, only felt and believed. But their magic came from a force known as the Kiari, thought to be a gift from the sacred entity. The Kiari energy emanated from colossal crystals all over the three planets. Wherever these crystals were found, the ground was deemed holy.

Karajians, Erathans, and Allegrians — each was a peaceful race. They thrived in their small planets, each governed by a sovereign imperial family whose primary duty was to protect the sacred Kiari as well as to keep the worlds at balance.

But a dark era had come that made the Lerians cease contact with the humans of Earth. Some say it was due to an act of treachery. Others say there was a catastrophic war. With this history forgotten, fact became lore. Truth became legend. Stories were left untold.

It now leaves us to wonder — were any of the Lerians left behind in our planet? Do any of the portals still exist? Will we ever see the Lerians again? Or do they walk among us, masquerading as ordinary humans, waiting to return to their worlds?

…And so, seven years after I created the Lerian System, I don’t know what to do with it anymore! Ha ha ha. Haha. :D