I have a very important an relevant question to do about zektbach

how do you call that pink goddess of ristaccia: El Ericia, Lericia, El Erizia or Lerizia?
I call her Lericia because it’s easier to pronouce in my language, but i think it’s really El Ericia because, El is like a prefix for gods or something…

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 amaranth-elegy replied to your posteverything is tagalog and nothing hurts. One…

Aww but i wouldnt be able to talk to you two then /sob

I will just make on thread for AJ so that I can talk to her, everything else stays German then, haha.

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lerisia replied to your post: Can someone tell me about this Umineko voice acting thing? I wanna try Ronove.

ah. endlessnine posted herself trying out Clair/Yasu lines and from there, other people tried doing other characters too. there’s a tag for it, if you want to see the list so far 8D #umineko voice A-AND YES DO RONOVE PLEASE~~~ :3

I’ve tried voice acting Ronove before and I really liked the result.

My voice is still healing from the concert so you guys might have to wait a couple days for my Ronove, but thanks :P


lerisia replied to your post: Playing Abyss on the PS2(?) would be even more…

maybe you could import from somewhere? /sob

I thought about it and already looked at amazon, but as said, it’s only the US version. To play an imported game from the US, I need to change something on the PS2, because ours are different from others… idek why.

And that would cost money as well, I already would have to pay 60€ for the game,… that sucks.

Also.. I only could modify the “first” PS2, the bigger one… and this one belongs to my sister… me and my brother only have the small PS2 and there it doesn’t work.

I’m cursed.