I have a very important an relevant question to do about zektbach

how do you call that pink goddess of ristaccia: El Ericia, Lericia, El Erizia or Lerizia?
I call her Lericia because it’s easier to pronouce in my language, but i think it’s really El Ericia because, El is like a prefix for gods or something…

lerisia replied to your post: Can someone tell me about this Umineko voice acting thing? I wanna try Ronove.

ah. endlessnine posted herself trying out Clair/Yasu lines and from there, other people tried doing other characters too. there’s a tag for it, if you want to see the list so far 8D #umineko voice A-AND YES DO RONOVE PLEASE~~~ :3

I’ve tried voice acting Ronove before and I really liked the result.

My voice is still healing from the concert so you guys might have to wait a couple days for my Ronove, but thanks :P