Exhibition: September 26th- October 18th


John Felix Arnold III

Ken Davis

Mark Pricks

Sean Gillespie

Dana James

& Hunter de La Ghetto


Wu Tang Clan as a rap group and each solo artist within it, has produced more than a legacy within hip hop but a multifaceted brand that has touched various areas of popular culture. That being said, visual art and music have gone hand-n-hand since the beginning of time. The relationship is joyfully symbiotic and the art forms exchange a dialogue with each other that is interchangeably inspirational. The exhibiting artists are using Wu Tang as the essence of their inspiration. This driving force brings not only a synergy to the work shown but also an admiration of its subjects. Each piece is homage to Wu Tang Clan and a kind of visual “dap” or handshake their amongst fans. Please join us as we present this exhibition to the public on September 26th.

The Past is a Grotesque Animal (left side)

diptych for ‘home again home again’  22x60 in total

Referencing life's journeys and reminiscing upon them.    The paths you choose and how they define you(title from Of Montreal).

watercolor and ink on rives bfk   SOLD

Absolutely viewed better at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kauffmanartistry/8466297816/in/set-72157632537333445/