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Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 6: Favourite fighting type Pokemon

Lopunny using focus punch! (with transparent background)

Ironically, for the day of my least favourite pkmn type I actually drew my so far favourite drawing from this challenge.

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My take on bee, peacock and fox kwamis. They actually debuted yesterday in All Kwami Group Drawing but I really liked how the three of them turned out (and you guys seem to enjoy my designs as well) so I wanted to draw the three of them seperately. :3 Which one is your favourite?

This is something really quick before I start to study.

Waaaaah I can’t wait to see canon ones. I just wish that fox kwami will have this fluffy fox tail (but somehow I think it will look more like the one on fox miraculous). And please, oh please, give me REAL fox ears, not bunny-like ones that Volpina had.

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 9: Favourite ghost type Pokemon

Actually, it’s a tie between Pumpkaboo and Mega Banette, but I drew MBanette recently so Pumkaboo for a change.

In less than 20 minutes, ladies and gentlemen. My new record.

Check out other ‘mons from my pokeddexy challenge! (Randomness to be expected)

I wanted to practice drawing faster so I scrolled thru dash and drew every Pokemon that appeared there. Ended up with this bunch. Just quick sketches, nothing fancy.

I’ll fight anyone who tells me that MBanette doesn’t spend time enjoying its new dress. Just look how it’s big and how it spins around while dancing.

My two Blueberries~

Blueberry the Bulbasaur was that Bulba which you get from Sycamore and was my loyal companion and a cuddly baby (she was lvl 40 or something before I decided to evolve her into Ivysaur).
Blueberry the shiny Shuckle is in my current battle team and I’m actually so glad to have her which is weird ‘cause I’ve never even considered having a Shuckle in my team. Never say never.

Just felt like drawing after ages of not doing so and actually got bored after a while and hurried to finish it but nm.

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 2: Favourite dark type Pokemon

Good thing I decided these will take half an hour of each day. Yup, definitely didn’t break that rule on the very second day. But I just couldn’t do a sketchy legendary… it doesn’t feel right to me.

Dark isn’t one of my preferable types so there isn’t much of them I like. Runner ups: Umbreon and Absol.

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 13: Favourite normal type Pokemon

Everything is full of cute babies and baby colourssss. I am weak and I fall for cute cuddly Pokemon. Sue me.

I refuse to draw Skitty two times bigger than Eevee. That kitty does not have 0.6 m height in book, no sir.

Check out other ‘mons from my pokeddexy challenge! (Randomness to be expected)

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 14: Favourit poison type Pokemon

Super quick one because I was busy today.
Was not in a mood to draw neither Dragalge nor Scolipede and didn’t want to choose between these two so have both. Also, Ivysaur has one of the most beautiful color palettes out there. :3

Check out other ‘mons from my pokeddexy challenge! (I experiment a lot.)

Pokeddexy challenge for December - Day 3: Favourite dragon type Pokemon

Okay, I never actually cared about dragons much but gen VI changed that quite a bit. Alongside Goomy family I adore Tyrunt and Noibat family as well. But I have other days to draw them so adorable slimy Goo-mommy and baby for day 3. :D

I’ve finally managed to finish this in half an hour! Three times hooray for me!

Check out other ‘mons from my pokeddexy challenge!