‘It Turned Out So Right (For Strangers in the Night)’

Word count: 6 400+

Summary: Niall Horan moves into the house next to Harry Styles’ at four in the morning one day in July. Harry Styles is a bit paranoid and likes to jump to conclusions.

Notes: Written for this fantastic prompt.

Warnings: The prompt is way better than this story.

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AU: Harry and Niall get into a fight. Harry goes overboard, dragging Niall over to the couch (Based on this fic by leprechauncupcakes).

“Take off your clothes.” Harry growled, staring down at Niall with dark eyes.

Niall’s eyes widened as he looked up at him, shaking his head slightly. “Harry… what? N-no.” Niall stuttered and Harry shot his hand out again, grabbing Niall’s jaw in a rough fist, silencing the blonde boy.

“I said, take off your clothes.” Harry whispered in a dangerous tone.

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because I'm a glutton for punishment, narry with lyrics from Half A Heart: "If you could spare an hour or so, We’ll go for the lunch down by the river"?

“Hey, Harry. I’d say I miss you, but I guess that’s cheesy or something. Lou got the new FIFA game today. Wish you were here, so I could beat your ass at it.”


“Niall again — and still paying your phone bills. You can’t see me right now, but I’m shaking my head at you. Anyway, you should probably change your voice mail. This one that we recorded is, what? A year old already?”


“I never gave you back your jacket, the one you lent me when you tried taking us to a zoo and it ended up raining. I washed it and everything. All you need to do is come by and pick it up. You’re welcome. I still miss you.”


“Let’s go on a road trip. Like, a spontaneous thing. Or we can sprout wings and fly into space together. No, ‘m not drunk. I think I wanna see the stars with you, though. Come back, please?”


“Um, it’s Niall again. If you can spare an hour, I was wondering if you’d want to go for lunch at that fancy place by the river, the one you really like. Or not. I’d appreciate if you’d at last call me back to let me know. I j— I really miss you, yeah?”


(There are one hundred and eighty-two voice mails: one for each day for the six months that Harry’s been gone.)

(Niall keeps leaving them, despite that there are six feet of earth between them now and he’ll never get an answer and it will always be a table for one.)

words you wrote on my skin; 1.1K

When they had applied for college back in high school, it had made sense that they’d applied for the same school, that they’d request to room together those few years ago, that they got their own flat off-campus together their junior year. They had grown up best friends, there for each other since pre-school. Harry was there when Niall’s dad left, and Niall was there when Harry’s died in a drunk driving accident. They were incidentally each other’s first kiss, but were too young and silly for it to really mean anything. They were there for each other through the thick and thin of each other’s relationships, coming out to their families as gay and pansexual respectively, and the ups and downs of the first semester of college. The two had been inseparable all their lives, and Niall’s honestly it took them so long to get to where they are now.

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This is something i wrote for my babes thejandshirt and niallandharryy because i love them and they put up with so much of my crap and i owe them so much. I haven’t written 1d things in a really long time so i apologize for anything that seems ooc in this short prompt. also i would like to thank leprechauncupcakes for indirectly inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and do something with my day. enjoy !

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coffee and narry :)

Harry spots him across the small personal coffee shop, straight nose prominent in his profile as he stares out the window, coffee in hand. He doesn’t seem to be with anyone all the ten minutes Harry’s eyes have been glued to him and his palms sweat at the idea of maybe going over to him and asking to sit down. The blond doesn’t look lonely or sad, just having casual coffee on a rainy London afternoon.

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ohhh "I just really need to have you here right now." with narry?

Truth is, Niall’s never really liked going on those long breaks. 

He knows that the other boys are fed up by the middle of each tour because their ears are always ringing due to all the loud screaming, they complain about missing their families, they’re not fond of the food size portions in America, and how much they rant about wanting nothing more than to return to their relaxing lifestyles in London.

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for leprechauncupcakes bc she asked for second part/happy ending and bc she’s wonderful and i don’t deserve her kindness<3


“No, you know what,” Niall says to himself, sitting up straighter and letting his fingers fly over the keys.

Niall Horan: listen, would u be up for hanging out one day this week ?

He waits in baited breath for Harry’s response, knowing that it was a huge risk just to even ask. Harry’s the type of guy that you go for in the long run, he’s not a one night stand or a bit of fun for a couple months. He’s meet-the-parents-and-probably-have-five-kids-with material.

That both terrifies him and excites him. Because he’s pretty sure Harry could feel the same way about him, or is at least attracted to him, if the occasional stares he gets from the curly-haired lad are anything to go by.

Harry Styles: Are you sure?

Niall laughs, even though he’s very confused.

Niall Horan: what d ya mean, of course i’m sure ! haha i wouldn’t have asked ya if i didn’t want to

Harry takes a moment to respond, but when he does, Niall’s cheeks hurt from smiling so wide.

Harry Styles: Yeah, sure. Just say when :)

He tells him to meet him at the diner on Main the next evening, after his last class at 4. Harry agrees and says he’ll see him then. Niall goes to sleep feeliing more happy than he has in ages.

He goes through the day in a daze, barely registering anything in his classes, too busy thinking about meeting up with Harry. 

When 4 o'clock finally rolls around, his nerves are shot and he’s wondering if he’s made a mistake because he can’t do this. What if he makes a fool of himself? Or what if Harry doesn’t even show? That would kill Niall. But he squares his shoulders, sucks it up, and heads for the diner before he can change his mind.

Harry’s already there, sitting at the very same booth that Niall loves to sit at, nervously tearing at a napkin on the table, eyes flitting around the room. When he sees Niall, his face breaks into the biggest smile and Niall can’t feel his toes. He manages to smile back and make his way over without tripping over his own feet.

“Hey,” he breathes when he reaches the booth. He sits down across from Harry and takes in the view.

Harry’s wearing his old, ratty Kiss tshirt and a beanie, even though it’s like 80 degrees outside. He’s sure there are skinny jeans painted on those long legs of his and some ridiculous boots. He loves it all.

“Hi,” Harry replies quietly, smiling and ducking his head.

Niall sighs. “Can I ask you something?” The words shock even himself, because he didn’t know they were going to come out of his mouth, but there they are. Might as well make them worth it.

Harry furrows his eyebrows. “Sure,” he says slowly.

Niall takes a deep breath, making sure to look Harry straight in the eye. “Is this a date? No, wait. This is a date,” he says, trying for firm, but he’s pretty sure it still came out as a question.

Harry blushes, blinks. “Um,” he starts, swallowing. “I–I mean, if that’s… Do you want that?”

“Yes,” Niall says quickly, probably too quick. “Like, if you’re cool with that,” he tries to add on cooly, shrugging jerkily and licking his lips nervously and definitely does not miss Harry’s eyes following the movement.


Harry nods absently. “Yeah,” he says faintly. His eyes snap back up to Niall’s, like he’s realizing he was staring at his lips, and blushes harder. “Sorry, I mean, yeah. But, just–why?”

The question throws Niall. “What do you mean why?”

“I didn’t think you really like, paid attention to me? Like, I thought I was like those bugs that splat just out of reach of the wipers and–” he stops, shutting his mouth and dropping his hands from demonstrating. 

Niall laughs. “Believe me, I’ve noticed you.”

“You have?” Harry asks, sounding somewhat awed.

“Of course,” Niall says honestly. “I’ve… Well, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, to be honest.”

“Really?” Harry squeaks, then clears his throat. “I–me too.”

Niall bites his lip. “Yeah?”

Harry nods earnestly, leaning forward, his knees knocking into Niall’s. Niall is the one to duck his head this time, the smile hurting his cheeks again. He looks up through his lashes at Harry and sees Harry smiling down at his hands, but looks up as well when he feels eyes on him.

They both break into slightly hysterical giggles at the same time. Niall reaches across the table and hesitantly grabs Harry’s hand, giving him time to pull away if wants to. He doesn’t.

They get kicked out later by their waitress, saying they were getting complaints about the other patrons not being able to eat with the disgusting display of pupply love.

Surprisingly enough, or unsurprising, it doesn’t bother them. They just leave and go back to Niall’s room and make out on his couch with Anchorman playing in the background.

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ohhh like narry and campus coffee shops?

It’s become Harry’s ritual to go straight to the coffee shop in the middle of campus after his evening class has finished. Mainly because Sociology is turning out to be incredibly dry, and if he wants to stay awake to study after, he needs caffeine. It has absolutely nothing to do with the cute blond barista who works there.

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ooooooh, how about travel?

Niall’s been asleep on Harry’s shoulder for the past hour or so, and Harry has only himself to blame for his current situation. It wouldn’t have been impossible for him to, say, ask Niall to lean the other way as soon as the blond had started dozing, but Harry had been too busy throwing a party in his head over Niall picking his shoulder over Zayn’s.

Now, though – now, he sort of really has to pee. He made the mistake of trying to move somewhere around the forty-five minute mark, to which he’d been answered with a series of snuffly, whiny sounds.

The flight is five hours long, Niall is showing no signs of waking up any time soon (Harry saw the bags underneath of his eyes this morning), and Niall is very, very lucky that Harry loves him.

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Hello.! :) you're a Narry/1D blog, right.? Well, duh, lol and I really love your blog. I was wondering if you knew any other really good Narry blogs to follow.? Thanks.! ❤️

Aw thanks dear! I have way too many but here’s a few of my fave narry blogs xx
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Ziall and 15 :)

Thank you Love! I love your writing oh my god

Niall’s got one elbow propped up against his locker, the other hand moving wildly as he talks to Liam. Liam smiles when Zayn comes up behind the blonde and just admires him for a moment.

Zayn’s honey eyes are molten, wide and melting at the sight of Niall’s happy chatter, pleased that his boy is enjoying himself. He wraps his arms around the slighter boy and Niall stops his sentence for a moment to sinks back into Zayn before continuing. 

The bell rings and Liam nods at the boys before heading to his class across campus, smiling softly at the thought of his friends.

Zayn turns to Niall, carefully backing him into the lockers, placing his hand on the back of Niall’s head before it can hit the lockers. He smiles happily before bringing their lips together and speaking softly, “What if we skip next hour, yeah? We could go sit under the tree you like.”

Niall hums, nods shortly before reaching up to tangling his fingers in the short hairs on the back of the older boy’s neck, carefully pulling him closer, bringing their lips together again.

Zayn runs his tongue along Niall’s bottom lip and uses the gasp that the smaller boy lets out to slip his tongue inside, pulling oh Niall’s hips to bring them even closer together. Their lips meet over and over again, bringing them that much closer.

They part when the final bell rings, leaving the hallways empty and them officially alone. Zayn takes Niall’s hand and twines their fingers together, tugging Niall towards the exit and out the doors.

Together, they stumble down the back steps and fall under the tree, Niall on Zayn’s lap. They laugh together, sneaking kisses and smiling softly at each other.

Niall digs his nose into Zayn’s collar, sighing at the familiarity of it. Zayn kisses his temple before speaking, “We’re only kids in high school, but I think I love you, Niall Horan." 

Niall giggles before answering, "We’re stupid and maybe that’s enough because I know I love you, Zayn Malik.”

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The way Niall blinks his eyes thickly makes James hug him a little tighter, press up a little closer, roll his body forward into Niall’s as he sinks his teeth into his own bottom lip.

“So we’ve got all this time and an empty house.” James smirks and starts backing Niall down the hallway toward their bedroom, holding Niall’s eyes in a sultry stare as he drops the volume of his voice to a low rumble. “What on earth are we going to do?” 

Niall tips his finger into the neck of James’ sweater, pulling on it lightly before he taps his finger under James’ chin and he curls his fingers to hold James steady as he grins. “I’ve got a few ideas.”