To Being Neighbours by leprechauncupcakes (PT1)

It starts off something like this, with textbooks and a noisy apartment complex, but then there’s a kid involved and Harry isn’t quite sure where he went wrong. Or right. (Or the kid!fic no one asked for.)

To Being Friends by  leprechauncupcakes (PT2)

It continues something like this, with Chinese food and thoughts of a stolen kiss and there’s still a kid involved but Harry kind of likes it. (Or a sequel to the kid!fic no one asked for.)

The cutest two part fic from one amazing writer! More parts are coming soon so go follow the author (leprechauncupcakes) if you haven’t already and check out her other work too - I promise you will not be disappointed!!! Enjoy

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ohhh "I just really need to have you here right now." with narry?

Truth is, Niall’s never really liked going on those long breaks. 

He knows that the other boys are fed up by the middle of each tour because their ears are always ringing due to all the loud screaming, they complain about missing their families, they’re not fond of the food size portions in America, and how much they rant about wanting nothing more than to return to their relaxing lifestyles in London.

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The Ten Times They Said ‘I love you’ Challenge

So, I’ve been thinking about writer challenges a lot lately, and I decided to make one that I’ve never seen before. The concept is pretty simple.

Pick your 10 favorite ‘I love you’s that you’ve ever written. They can be from any story, in any order, and you can use multiple ones from the same story if you want. They can be platonic or romantic or sexual or familial, they can be comedic or dramatic, they can be short or long. Just pick your ten favorite times that you’ve written a character telling someone that they love them.

1. Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

“No.” Harry tells him. “Because that would be like apologizing for being in love with you, and I can’t do that.”

2. Can’t Go Back to Yesterday

“Because I’m still in love with you!” Harry yells. “How don’t you fucking get that by now?”

3. Living in Wonderland

“No you don’t.” Niall says adamantly, pulling Jimmy into a hug. “You are one of my favorite people in the entire world, and I love you more than you can even understand. My life has gotten better every day since you came into it, Jimmy. Every single day.”

4. Mark Me Up, Make Me Yours

“I love you too.” Niall murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to Harry’s cheek. “But I’m not ready, Harry. I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. I love you, but I can’t be with you right now. Not yet.”

5. Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

“It doesn’t change anything, Harry.” Niall says quietly. “Just because I’m in love with you doesn’t mean I’m good enough to be with you.”

6. Can’t Go Back to Yesterday

“Because I love you, even when you don’t love yourself.” Zayn says gently, folding the blanket over Niall. “And even when we’re mad at each other, we’ll always come back together. You’re my brother, Nialler.”

7. Happy Hour with Horan

“No, it isn’t.” Harry says quietly, kneeling down in front of Niall. “I just- I’m not sure what that kind of love really feels like, okay? We’ve been friends for so long, and for that whole time I’ve had this all-consuming adoration for you that I don’t feel for anyone else. But I’m not sure if that’s what love is supposed to be, because it’s just been there since the moment I met you. From when you walked up to me with that stupid twenty year old camera for our media class, and asked if I wanted to be your partner, I knew I’d follow you to the ends of the earth if you asked me to. There was nothing slow about it, no build up, just a free-fall off of a cliff. I just couldn’t let myself believe that I’d be that one in a billion person who’s lucky enough to fall in love at first sight.”

8. Stocking

“You have to remember, every single day, that just because you aren’t our son by blood, that doesn’t mean that we love you any less.” Niall says softly, placing his hands on Max’s shoulders. “You have to know that we love you every bit as much as Erin. Erin loves you every bit as much as she loves us. You are our family. Nothing will ever change that. We love you, and you have to remember that every day, no matter if we’re cross with you, or you’re cross with us, we will always love you, because you are our son. Think you can do that?”

9. Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

“Yeah, but like- I’m a pervert in a romantic way.” Harry grins. “I’ll eat your ass every day, because I love you.” 

10. Guiding Light

“I know, pet.” Niall murmurs. “But I have to say it anyways. Just in case. I can’t let myself risk not telling you just how much I love you. Because it’s a lot. It’s more than I ever thought that I could feel. I’ve loved you since we were ten years old, and you became my safe place. I was in a new country, with a father who was too drunk to tell his arse from his elbow half of the time, and barely bothered to feed me. But then I met you, and my whole life changed.

“I had a place that I could go to feel safe and cared for, because your family made me feel like one of their own better than my own family ever has. But, more than that, I had you. I had someone that made everything just a little bit brighter every time his stupid, beautiful, scowling face twitched up into a smile. I had someone who I adored with my whole heart, and, even if you’d have never said it then, returned that in full force.

“And you put me up on this pedestal back then, because I dragged you along with me and forced you to stop being so scared of everything. You were my hero, though. You saved me from the moment that we met, literally, and you kept doing it, like the hero I knew you were. You were my hero, because you actually became brave, and I only ever learned how to put on a brave face. I was always as scared as you ever were. I was too scared to tell you that I was in love with you, and that I think I have been since before I even knew what that meant.

“And I’ve made so many mistakes along the way, because I don’t ever think anything out. I’ve always been scared that I wouldn’t be brave enough to do anything if I really thought it through, so I rush into everything head first. I dove into dating Zayn, and I ran off in the middle of the night, and I showed up on your doorstep, without thinking about it before I did any of it. And I’ve rushed into this thing with you head first as well, but that’s not a mistake. It’s the best choice I’ve ever made, even though it’s scaring the both of us out of our minds.

“But I’ve done something without thinking it through again, and, in case that ends up going badly, I need you to know that I love- Fuck!”

And, now, because it’s 10 ‘I love you’s, I’m going to tag ten other people, but anyone can do it, even if I don’t tag you: @narrymusings @missing-headache @leprechauncupcakes @arie-172 @broken-drums @kareen2006 @castlenarry @niallspringsteen @asymmetricboys @arie-172

@ me if you do it. I want to see the ones you pick.

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ohhh like narry and campus coffee shops?

It’s become Harry’s ritual to go straight to the coffee shop in the middle of campus after his evening class has finished. Mainly because Sociology is turning out to be incredibly dry, and if he wants to stay awake to study after, he needs caffeine. It has absolutely nothing to do with the cute blond barista who works there.

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First Lines

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag people! I was tagged by @sweetniallofmine. 

[I’m doing a last-ish 20 stories version because I’m not counting the Christmas drabbles Ryan and I did this past year.]

1. When Everything Comes Crashing Down – Niall groans, kicks the sheets off of his legs before pushing himself to feet and stalking towards his bedroom window.

2. Of college parties and Eagles shirts“What the hell are you wearing?”

3. This Town – He knows, before he opens his eyes – before he’s even fully awake, at that – that he’s waking up alone.

4. A Shadowhunter Christmas – “What the bloody hell is that?”

5. Say Yule Be Mine (This Christmas Time) – He hates the heat.

6. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus – Usually, Button loves Christmas morning.

7. the only truth – He thinks about it – about him – all the time.

8.  I fucking hate love you – “What do you mean they don’t know about me?”

9. First Words – Niall is six years old when he really, truly – finally – comprehends the meaning behind the Tattoo scrawled neatly across his forearm.

10. Last First Kiss – Niall’s life is totally and completely perfect.

11. Real Puppy Love – Two minutes.

12. 200 Letters – Harry’s stomach lurches as he plants his feet against the worn and battered front stoop.

13. I come alive when I hear your voiceThe voices are but a murmur as he walks through the corridors; unspoken thoughts, whispered in the back of his mind.

14. I’ll keep your heart safe –  “You mean to tell me that Niall Horan attends The University of London?”

15. Underneath the MistletoeHarry’s in a daze when he gets on the tube, phone in his hand, gaze glued to a message on his phone.

16. For your eyes only“I love you.”

17. Boyfriend Tag – “Can you introduce us to Harry?”

18. Your hand fits in mine –  “Hi.”

19. A birthday thing –  Niall’s drunk, but he’s not quite drunk enough.

20. People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways –  ‘Follow him to Dublin,’ he said, Harry thinks bitterly.

I’ve just realized how BORING these opening lines are, my goodness. I’m sorry. Anyway- I’m gonna tag: @breoghan-around-with-lashlum @castlenarry @littlervoice @littlemissmeggie @leprechauncupcakes

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What is Nessie?

//warning, this post got WAY out of hand. It could be divided in:

1) who’s niall

2) who’s THE OTHER niall

3) people that know way better than i do


5) do NOTs

now onto the /fun/.



Let me explain you the WAYS of the best ship that there’s in this fandom when it comes to Niall.  (yes, I do love me other Niall/whatever ships - but Nessie. Nessie.)

GET THE RIGHT CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE READY. Click every single one of the posts - or don’t, but you’re missing out a) on some beautiful niall everything b) on some badass ladies.

First of all, the ship is made by Niall Horan/Niall Bresling, AKA Bressie for short.

BUT WATCH OUT. We ain’t talking Fandom Niall here. Not the “sorta fluffy/sorta FILLER/in every goddamn fic of this goddamn fandom”. NOPE.

we’re talking about: mature independent since very little, admires the fuck out of his father, And Irish For All The Right Reasons kind of niall here.

BTW, did you knew that he’s educating himself about his own phobias?

And that he kicks asses 1000% while being the saviour of his bandmates all the time?

No? THAT’S THE NIALL HORAN WE’RE TALKING IN NESSIE. That’s Niall Horan, period. That’s as much as we’ll get to know about Niall, without all the mischaracterised bullshit.  

“Ok, i get it” i hear you say, “Niall ‘s niall.”

AH! AH AH AH AH AH NOPE! BECAUSE WE HAVE TWO, lemme repeat myself, TWO NIALL IN THIS SHIP. Bless our lord and saviour for so many goodies, really.


Niall Breslin (born 22 October 1980), known as Bressie, is an Irish musician and former Westmeath Gaelic footballer. Breslin found success as the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with pop band The Blizzards, as a co-writer and producer with XIX Entertainment and as a solo artist. He was the winning coach on the first season of The Voice of Ireland. (from wiki)

You still there? Did you survive the onslaught? No? Let0s recap things real quick then.

6’7” (hyperventilates because that would be a 1.95cm in imperial measurements and FUCK he’s taller than a door)



WEARS A SUIT LIKE NOT EVEN LIAM CAN (and i’m sobbing because /liam/ but come on, have you see dat chest)

International background (dublin/israel/MULLINGAR) & A SASS TO RIVAL LOUIS’.

(answering to this)




If you want to talk with the Kickasses Nessie Ladies in the fandom, you might want to stalk have a nice chat with: psycholinguistic  criminiallar idctbqh bressiesquad and i’ve read squeals from dazy-laze and sashayed.

(since i’ve tagged ‘em all, i hope not to bother)



Waring: the fics may contain an onslaught of /feels/, realistic depictions of humans beings acting human, ya know, spanking, hurt/comfort, KINKS (ages, sizes), Real Problems, mental health issues (Niall is claustrophobic for starters, Bressie has anxiety issues), feminization in cases, rough sex and sweet sex and, did i already said a shitload of feelings? No? Well.

  • This Lift is Out of Servicecheckthemargins - kinda cute, even though it’s a main gryles and omg this is the fic that got me hooked on lilo, ok, even though it’s a side pairing - and nessie is briefly mentioned but well. they are fucking adorables. 
  • One of These Nights series OMG. OMG OK. OH DEAR: Be still my fucking heart. this literally starts slowly then it’s a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and even though my cheeks burned so many times the smut is so. fucking. well. written. because sizes matters and these two got me all hot and bothered.
  • Put Some Manners On Ye, hostagesfic. I just. Feminization, kinky, everything you can think of, i couldn’t finish it. (SO GOOD though)
  • I Can Make You a Believerbohemeyourself. In the words of the author:“Inspired by lo and her tags on this post. NIALL IS SO AWFUL AND BRESSIE IS JUST HUGE AND I LOVE THEM, OKAY? /…warning for semi-public sex?”
  • Some Stay Longerbalefully ”Prompt: niall x bressie, riding, niall on top because he’s so little”.
  • Also, leprechauncupcakes uses to write short nessie fictlets when she’s up to it

and i’d suggest you to literally scour AO3 for more nessies - you never know when you’ll find more gold. (btw, the authors i suggested you are FLAWLESS with every ship, so, go forth and feedback ‘em ffs)

So. Before going and drown my lil self in a puddle of goddamn FEELS because NESSIE, a few fair warnings for the *hopefully, i sure as fuck tried* new acolytes of this ship:

  1. n e v e r ship nessie in the bressie tag - keep your feels for them in their tags, bressie fans should not be subject to the antics of the 1d shipping wars - if you want to tag it bressie in your blog, you’ll have to fill the first five tags with stupid ramblings (#one #two #three #four #five is ok too) and in the sixth you can put #bressie and no one will see it in Bressie’s tumblr search field.
  2. Nessie is as drama free as at it gets in this fandom - keep it this way
  3. do THINGS in their name, come on, i know you can write and do art and even lil snippets are ok, come on, you artistic soul
  4. boost Bressie if you like his stuff - he’s a talented singer, his songs are woah and he’s hard worker and everything else with a cherry on top. 





*goes into hiding again*

*i’m sure this will be riddled with misspellings and mistakes because italian here*

“You’re going to lose a toe, Harry jesus.”

Wishing all the Narries and everyone out there a Merry, Merry Christmas (or should I say, a Narry, Narry Christmas jk omg im kidding) and a wonderful Happy New Year! 

Based off of @leprechauncupcakes​ lovely, lovely Christmas drabble, Scarves and Snowflakes

i’m sorry it’s late and if it sucks, this is all my clumsy left hand and free editor could do. lmao.

its been way too long since i made a follow forever (i still have last years edit for a follow forever i never made rip) so here it is! 

first of all i just wanna thank all my followers for deciding to follow me lmao. shout out to those who stuck with me through my 4 inactive months last year when i had no wifi rip. thank you for staying with me through 2016, especially those last three weeks of december in which i basically turned into a skam blog with a 1d url oops. but also thanks to all the new followers i got last year!

love you all! 

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anonymous asked:

Your writing it the only Narry I can read but I was wondering if you could rec me a handful of solid Narry fics on the longish side that you consider must reads and have as good writing and plot as yours. I would be forever grateful. Thank you in advance darling

Alright, um- I’ve been slowly working on a fic-recs page for ages, but I fear that it’s never going to get done because I’m very exact about it. Therefore, this will act as my official fic-rec page until I get my shit together.

Before I recommend any specific, I’m just going to recommend right away that you go and check out @narrymusings, @missing-headache, @butterflytattoohaz, @arie-172, @broken-drums, @leprechauncupcakes@castlestylan, and @little-cather

They are my inspirations. Kayla, Jessica, Amanda, Jean, Shannon, Kaylee, and Hope (I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know little-cather’s name, but also her) are all absolutely brilliant writers who focus primarily, or at least heavily, on Narry, and this fandom is blessed to have them. They’re all geniuses and artists who do a far better job than I do at crafting beautiful stories. This doesn’t mean that they’re the only authors that I admire in this fandom, but they stand out to me in particular.

Alright, let’s get to the specific fics. You asked for long-ish fics, which is pretty relative, so I’ll include the word count next to each one. I’m also only going to rec completed fics in this post that focus on Narry as the main pairing, even though I’ve read some absolutely brilliant fics that have it as the side pairing instead. Let me warn you though, I tend towards the side of angst, so quite a few of these will be angsty as shit. I’m also only going to officially rec one fic per author, or else this is going to get really super long.


Good Enough to Eat (~43k words) - I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this. Words can’t describe how much I love this fic. It’s absolutely brilliant. You should definitely check out Shannon’s other fics, especially ‘My Remedy for Yesterday’ * Warning, you will cry at MRfY

These Four Walls and Me (~57k words) - This is my favorite Narry fic of all time. That’s a really rough competition, but this fic is that good. It’s really startling, since I can’t stand genderswap or Tomlinshaw, and this fic has both (the gender swap is Zayn and not either member of Narry or I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance tbh). I have literally never made it through this fic without crying my eyes out. I didn’t put @1didntaskforthis on my list because Justine branches out really widely as far as pairings, and has only written a few Narry fics, but she’s a phenomenal writer and you should check her other stuff out if you like other pairings.

Heat (I think she said that it’s over 150k words) - I already made a post gushing about Heat -here- but let me just reiterate that this is one of the best crafted stories that I have ever read, and I cannot thank Amanda enough for writing it. It is a wattpad fic, so you’ll need an account and you’ll want to follow her so that you can read the smut, but if any story has ever been worth signing up for wattpad, this is it. 

Of Demons and Angels (~41k words) - Kayla took a world that I already adored from the Mortal Instruments series, and made it ten times better with her own interpretation. This is Kayla’s longest fic, but everything she writes is brilliant. There’s a reason that she was the only person I thought of when I needed a beta, and that’s because her writing is superb. 1232182143/10, I would recommend reading all of her stuff.

A Slide Into First (~93k words) - This was the first long fic I read for Narry, and it’s still one of my favorites. This is on the lighter side compared to the other fics here so far, but it still has a good amount of angst. It also has a really great sequel.

The Wedding Crasher (~26k words) - Holy jesus, now this is angst at its finest. It’s not incredibly long, but you won’t feel like you’ve read anything short of a complete fic. Nothing feels rushed or like it wasn’t given proper time to blossom organically. written by @narrywillbethedeathofme

Hear this Heartbeat Breaking Through (~30k words) - Do you like to cry? I like to cry. This fic will make you cry. Hope is a singularly talented author who manages to do what most of us writers only dream of, she gets markedly and exponentially better with every single fic she writes. Considering that she started out quite brilliant, that’s saying something.

Limits Don’t Exist (~16k words) - I know that this one is a bit short to make it onto this list, but trust me, it’s one of the best, and has definitely earned a place on any Narry fic rec. Jean is one of the greatest short-story writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across, and literally all of her fics manage to leave me feeling completely satisfied. She has a tendency to be far to hard on herself, even though she’s a beautiful person and writer. 

Sometimes It Comes With a Shove (When You Fall In Love) (~19k words) - Jessica, Jessica, Jessica- Holy cow, you would not believe how hard this girl is on herself. She is quite possibly the most gifted young writer that I’ve ever come across, but she can’t even see it. Every word of every sentence of every paragraph of every story that she writes is sheer genius, even if she doesn’t believe it. Her humility is only matched by her talent. Read this fic and you’ll understand what I mean.

I forget where we were (~70k words) - Another fic that makes me cry like a newborn. Holy God in heaven, does it make me cry. It is a masterpiece, and any author, professional or not, can learn a thing or two about their craft from @little-cather. Read all of her stuff.

Let Me Ruin You (~14k words) - This story is just smut for the most part, but Kaylee has an amazing ability to take just smut and turn it on its head so that you live and breathe through the character, and it feels like so much more. She can put you in any story within the first paragraph, and make you never want to leave that world.

Emotional Knapsack (~63k words) - Part one of the ‘Way, No Way’ series, and a must-read for any Narry fan. The birth of Stylan, and probably the single most important fic ever written for Narries. It is the only fic I have ever read that had het smut in it that I didn’t immediately close, and I’m so glad that I didn’t. @irishmizzy and @miss-bennie made themselves into legends with this fic.

Baby, I (~23k words) - I know that it sounds weird from the description, but this is hands down the funniest thing that I’ve ever read. Take a chonce.

That’s all for now. There are so many more good long-fics that should have made it onto this list, but I wanted to keep it a decent length.

P.S. I’ve tried to include the tumblrs for all of the authors that I could remember either up at the top or with the fic descriptions, but I don’t know all of them. If anyone knows any of the ones that I haven’t listed in here, please let me know.


Okay, let’s do it.

  1. First of all, you should folllow @harlouquins (she’s a larrie but I know that many larries follows me so go follow her right now because she’s the most amazing person I had the opportunity to met on tumblr and in my life and she’s just… I love her and I’ll never find words to describe her. Maybe perfeição fits!)
  2. Second of all, if you’re still not following @missing-headache or @narryssh I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Follow both because they are not only two sweethearts, but they are so, so creative and brilliant.
  3. And third, go follow @jadelirious just because she’s my best friend since we were little angels. She posts a lot about Little Mix and girl power so.

Now, I hate doing this, but I’ll put my fav blogs/friends in italic/bold, but I’d like to remember that I follow just a few blogs so if your blog is in this list is because I like it very, very much.

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hii guys, the year is almost over and i feel like i need to thank you guys for putting up with me for so long!! i’ve had this blog for over a year and i feel like i made some great friends :-) even if you’re not here just know that your blog is amazing and you are loved. merry christmas!!

first i just wanna say thank you so much for making me smile and even if we don’t talk that much, you’re very special to me and i love you a lot!! i just hope we get to talk more in 2015 ♥

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I made it guys! I couldn’t have done any of it without your support. Thank you for being the best when times got rough in the 1D fandom. We’ve seen 1D in their highs and lows and stuck with them all the same. Together we are united and proud fans!!! I wish I could thank you all personally for the love you’ve sent my way. I’ve barely skimmed the surface of my lovely followers and the ones I follow, so if I’ve missed you I’m so very sorry!

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So, the other day I realized that we were halfway done with the year and I needed to do another follow forever. I want to try to do two a year, so maybe a summer and winter one. Anyway, I’m guessing you guys know the deal now, so let’s just get right to it. (I’m sorry if I left anyone out. It may be because your url has changed and I either forgot or didn’t know)


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Pick Me Up (Narry)

Summary: Harry likes using pickup lines and Niall is not impressed.

A/N: Based off of a prompt from Irishbumcraic. It’s short but thanks to Kaylee (leprechauncupcakes) for talking to me and encouraging me while I wrote this


There’s a test scheduled tomorrow covering command, Traditional, and Market economies and an essay due midnight the following day over voting patterns in an office election, but here Niall is leaning against the wall next to a potted plant at a party. He feels awkward and out of place to say the least.

It’s not like he wanted to show but Zayn made a bet with him -if he got a higher mark on his contemporary piece than Niall did on his critical thinking thesis then Niall would show and Zayn managed to do it, by one fucking percent.

Zayn disappeared within the throng of people a quarter after they arrived leaving Niall alone in the middle of the kitchen and okay, he’s not socially inept but he doesn’t really like interacting with others, especially idiots in his age group (not including Zayn -except for right now when he left him- so fuck Zayn).

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Hi :) So I turned 21 today and even though my birthday is almost over, I remembered that I made a follow forever last year on my birthday so I thought I should carry on the tradition and make one again this year. So here it is! Also I’ve been meaning to make one for a while as a thank you for the 1.1K followers I now have, so thank you to all my lovely followers!! I love you all <3 

Italized means that I love seeing you on my dash and I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other a bit and I hope we can continue getting acquainted and bolded means that I think you’re too cool and if I wasn’t such a shy baby I’d try to talk to you but alas, I am a shy baby haha

P.S. Ignore the crappy edit, I was running out of time haha

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