Smerinthus cerisyi of Sphingidae.

When alarmed, resting adults exhibit a very striking defense mechanism: the body is hunched and the wings are flicked upwards to display a pair of glaring ‘eyes’, one on each side of the abdomen (which seems to resemble a beak at the presented angle). Following more disturbance a more dramatic scare tactic is used; this startling 'face’ is further enhanced by repeated lowering and raising of the forewings, causing a blinking effect to the 'eyes’.


I’m afraid of butterflies.

Generally speaking, this fear doesn’t really affect my day-to-day life, especially living in NYC, which is fairly inhospitable to life in general.

Today I had every intention of sitting on my roof and reading a book. Unfortunately, when I got on the roof, a large butterfly was patrolling the roof top, filling me with nauseating fear that it might get me. So I retreated indoors and gave up. 

In honor of this humiliating moment, I googled “world’s largest butterfly” and found this horrifying video. 

So, I couldn’t watch Spongebob this morning before school because it was the episode when that butterfly takes over Bikini Bottom… At first I want sure what episode it was, then when I realized it, I kept my thumb on the power button until just before the caterpillar formed it’s cocoon… I struggled so bad with the button, I hurried and turned my face and squealed, not know whether or not I succeeded in turning the thing off… I did.