Lycaena argus, Lycaena astrarche, Lycaena icarus, Lycaena bellargus, Lycaena corydon, Lycaena hylas, Lycaena argiolus, Lycaena minima, Lycaena semiargus, Lycaena arion. Illustrations include females and under-sides.

Plate from ‘British and European Butterflies and Moths’ by A.W. Kappel & W. Egmont Kirby. Coloured plates by H. Deuchert & S. Slocombe. Published 1895 by Ernest Nister (London) & E.P. Dutton Co. New York.

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Milionia basalis pyrozona

Milionia basalis (Geometridae) is a species of moth found in Japan, N.E. Himalaya, Burma and Sundaland, which occurs in a number of distinct races. The brilliant colored M. basalis pyrozona has been recorded in Peninsular Malaysia and Burma.

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Photo credit: ©Jerry Oldenettel (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) | Locality: Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi, Thailand (2013) | [Top] - [Bottom]