Lepidolite is the hypotetical representation of the waterbear corrupted gem in ‘’Love Letters’’. She is very funny and toughest, thought she has a small body she likes to having fights and training a lot to be the better than she is! Hope you like her guys! Idea by @moonstoneandthegalaxy

Topaz Loves you!


Hello! Recently I’ve been struggling with my bpd, and thought I’d turn to some crystals that may help me cope with it a little easier. Of course these are not the only crystals that can help, but these are just the ones I own.


Has a calming effect. Promotes self-love, trust, and honesty; helps relieve depression, anger and anxiety, as well as other mental illnesses!

Do not soak in water!


Brings peace, serenity, has a calming effect. Can help bring openness in a relationship. Also can help with infections and headaches!

Do not soak in water!


Clears negative energy, calms mind, alleviates stress, enhances personal growth. It is a very very very purifying stone! Can improve relationships and help maintain a balance. (I think it would help with a relationship with your FP if you have one!)

Do not soak in water!


Positive transformation, in this case I think of helping overcome bpd. Promotes faithfulness in partners. When you have feelings of “well this person must want me dead because ____ ____ ____”, it can help you remember that no! They don’t want you dead, they love you and want you around! Can also help counter self-destructive tendencies in a romantic relationship.

Do not soak in water!


Healing energy. Helps control stress and anxiety. Helps control anger and calm fears.

Do not soak in water!

*I recommend cleansing these crystals by burying them, setting in moonlight, or using another crystal, such as selenite. These are all water soluble and can be potentially harmful if soaked!*

So these are my few stones! If you have any more info to add or other crystals you think can help with bpd, feel free to! 

Crystal Lot Auction~ ✨

I’m auctioning off a lot of crystals from my personal collection! This includes: clear quartz, labradorite, agate, smoky quartz, lepidolite, aventurine, obsidian, astrophyllite, tiger’s eye, fluorite, heulandite, lapis lazuli, aura quartz, optical calcite, black tourmaline, and peacock ore.

comment below to place your bid 😊 auction ends tonight at 12am PST

Starting bid is $150 including shipping!


I picked some wildflowers for my bedroom, put my dried mint into a jar 🍃🌸 then I started reorganizing my herbs, seashells and crystals 🔮🐚✨