From Injury To Recovery, A Ballerina Fought To Retire On Her Own Terms

In 2013, acclaimed ballerina Wendy Whelan underwent reconstructive surgery that left her hobbled, both physically and emotionally. For Whelan, it wasn’t just her career with the New York City Ballet that was at stake; it was also her artistic voice.

“It was terrifying to lose that mode of expression that I was so in touch with, that I so loved, that I so cultivated for my whole entire life,” she says.

Whelan, who was 46 at the time, feared that she would never dance again. But after months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, she returned briefly to the company she had danced with for more than three decades.

Whelan took her final bow with the New York City Ballet in October 2014 — an experience she likens to shedding skin. “Everything I experienced as an adult happened as a member of New York City Ballet,” she says. “To leave it as an adult [after] going into it as basically a child was scary, really scary.”

Now, nearly three years after leaving ballet, Whelan continues to perform contemporary dance. She says she feels liberated in her new life: “I’ve been strapped in — physically strapped in to pointe shoes, strapped into a leotard and tights, my hair’s been strapped up — for my whole entire life. … I was terrified to be unconstricted, and now I don’t know another way I’d rather be.”

The documentary Restless Creature chronicles Whelan’s injury, recovery and final performance with her company.

Things you find in the Batfamily closets


  • That suit (We all know the one)
  • Old clothes that barely fit him
  • The old dad sweat shirt (It’s covered in coffee stains and smells like fall)
  • Hockey jerseys, just so many hockey jerseys; one from each town that he’s ever visited that has a hockey team
  • A pair of white tennis shoes from ten years ago
  • Tons and tons of ties that everyone gets him for his birthday


  • Every horrible shirt he wore (polka-dots, everything)
  • Gymnast leotards
  • Awful green tights
  • Baseball caps with terrible one liners printed on them
  • Khaki pants and shorts
  • Collector edition shoes from when he was little that he doesn’t even realize are special
  • His costume


  • A purple track suit Steph got her
  • A trench coat from her dad
  • A black t-shirt that says “In a hacker voice” on the front and “I’m in” on the back
  • Tons of nice blouses and cardigans (her and Kate the only grown adult in the batfamily that dresses like it)
  • Old clothes from her youth that she’s embarrassed about (”It’s like staring at every neon sign in Vegas in a box”) 


  • A variety of custom motorcycle riding gloves 
  • Old Red Hood Helmets 
  • Worn out, beaten up denim jeans that make him think about retiring to the countryside after he kills the Joker
  • (He also keeps fashion magazines hidden in it)


  • Every single bit of Tony Hawk brand clothing he could get his hands on
  • Converse sneakers
  • The rich kid sweater album
  • Too many polo shirts 
  • A terrible purple suit Steph got him
  • Stale meme shirts he wears ironically

Jean Paul

  • Hot pink socks
  • Crocs
  • Old sweaters he gets at thrift shops
  • A pimp hat, but he doesn’t even realize it’s a pimp hat (he also got this a thrift shop)
  • Band t-shirts for the most obscure shit ever
  • Hand sewed capes and cloaks he makes for the batfamily for their D&D nights
  • His costume


  • Leg warmers she stole from Barbara
  • One of Jason’s favorite leather jackets (Which she stole)
  • A pair of Tim’s sneakers
  • Jean Paul’s cape that he made for her
  • Five of Bruce’s ties
  • One of Harper’s flannel button ups
  • One of Jason’s motorcycle helmets
  • Her black dress



  • A nice variety of formal wear that isn’t just one suit/dress or just one color
  • A good variety of shoes that aren’t old or something she obsessively collects
  • Comfortable robes and pajamas
  • Her wigs
  • (Other women’s lingerie)


  • The most amount of suits in the Batfamily
  • Uniforms from every private school he’s been kicked out of
  • Alfred the Cat’s cat bed
  • The swords that Bruce won’t allow him to keep out in the open
  • A safe with a duffel bag that has the supplies he needs if he has to go on the run


  • Signed band/singer/rapper t-shirts that he would never wear
  • A Batman hoodie (He says if he ever becomes Batman that’s what his costume is going to be)
  • His costume(s; he keeps his Robin one for nostalgia sakes)
  • Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and anime cosplays he’s made and wore
  • Cool sunglasses (He stole some of them from other heroes and villains)


  • Ripped up jeans
  • Very nice leather jackets (Jason asks her where she gets them from every time they meet)
  • Bisexual pride shirts
  • Flannel button ups
  • Tons of boots
  • A gross ass jumpsuit that she wears for when she has to do electric work in the sewers


  • Some very nice suits, which are the only nice clothes he has
  • Jorts
  • Tank tops
  • Basketball jerseys
  • Lab coats
  • Sandals that he wears with socks
Here’s why you need to watch Stick It (2006) right now immediately

If anyone’s looking for a fantastic movie to watch then Stick It is the movie for you

It’s funny

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It’s emotional

It’s badass

It’s not about getting the guy, or becoming pretty, or being the best or winning. It’s about girls being themselves. It’s about girls being stubborn, and messy, and broken, and strong, and young, and finding their way and being who they want to be and not letting anyone tell them otherwise. It’s about girls standing up for each other and changing a system rigged to tear them down from the start and those are the reasons it’s my favourite movie (definitely one of).

So if you need a movie with amazing stunts, a beautiful message, that’s going to make you feel good about yourself, that doesn’t show it’s women as ‘sexy’ despite the fact that they’re always wearing skin tight leotards, and in which at no point is a man the main character in a scene then watch it right now immediately! 

Ropa en Español / Clothes in Spanish (Spanish-English vocabulary)

Ropa - Clothes, Clothing

Sombrero (m) - Hat

Sombrero de copa (m) - Top hat

Gorra (f) - Cap

Gorro de lana (m) - Wool hat

Gorro de natación (m) - Swimming cap

Gorro de ducha (m) - Shower cap

Casco (m) - Helmet

Gafas (f) - Glasses

Gafas de sol (f) - Sunglasses

Corbata (f) - Tie, Necktie, Cravat

Pajarita (f) - Bow tie

Bufanda (f) - Scarf

Pañuelo (m) - Kerchief

Guantes (m) - Gloves

Camiseta (f) - T-shirt

Camisa (f) - Shirt

Jersey (m) - Jumper, jersey

Chándal (m) - tracksuit

Suéter (m) - Sweater

Blusa (f) - Blouse

Sudadera (f) - Sweatshirt

Chaqueta (f) - Jacket

Abrigo (m)- Coat, Overcoat

Sujetador (m) - Bra

Ropa interior (f) - Underwear

Bikini (m) - Bikini

Capa (f) - Cape

Gabardina (f) - Gabardine

Chubasquero (m) - Raincoat

Uniforme (m) - Uniform

Vestido (m) - Dress

Pijama (m) - Pyjamas

Delantal (m) - Apron

Vaqueros (m) - Jeans

Pantalones (m) - Trousers

Falda (f) - Skirt

Pantalones cortos (m) - Shorts

Leotardos (m), Mallas (f) - Leotards, tights, leggins

Zapatos (m) - Shoes

Tacones (m) - Heels

Calcetines (m) - Socks

Botas (f) - Boots

Zapatillas (f) - Slippers

Sandalias (f) - Sandals

Zuecos (m) - Clogs, Wooden shoes

Calzado deportivo (m), Deportivas (f) - Sports shoes, sneakers

Botas de agua (f) - Wellingtons, rain boots

For @mylastvow who made my day with her comment, hope you like it!

Part 1 | Part 2

When Rosie turned four Sherlock decided to sign her up for ballet classes. They made a big to do over it and went shopping for several different leotards, tights, and tutus and one special pair of little ballet shoes. Come Monday morning, she was nervous but she hid it well as her papa got her ready for class. Her hair wasn’t quite long enough for a bun, but Sherlock put it in a high ponytail with loose curly tendrils hanging down here and there.  Once she was ready, he couldn’t contain himself. 

“We must take a picture and send it to your daddy at work.”  Rosie beamed.  She stood in first position just like her papa had shown her and left him snap a few pictures.  Sherlock sent them all to John who sent back comments such as ‘look at our little girl she’s growing up to fast’ and ‘beautiful’ as well as ‘have fun at class and behave yourself’. (The behave yourself was for Sherlock.)

Sherlock texted back and informed John he would be the model parent and honestly, John couldn’t disagree with that because when it came to parenting Rosie, he took it very seriously.

It was in the cab on the way to class that Rosie began to get nervous.  “Papa, what if everyone laughs at me or what if everyone is better than me?”

Sherlock hushed her, “Rosie, you will be just fine, all the little boys and girls coming to your class today have the same fears, but you will all start at the same pace and learn together.  There is nothing to be afraid of, and if you make a mistake, you practise it again until you get it right.  Besides, you also have a bit of an advantage, your papa can help you practise at home remember?  Papa took ballet when he was young like you.”

She giggle, her eyes going big, “I can’t imagine that.”

“Well if you like, I will give you a demonstration someday and don’t forget who showed you how to do the first position.”

“I thought you just looked that up online to make me feel better.”

Sherlock feigned surprise and then kissed her on her forehead. “And look, here we are dance class.”

Sherlock paid the cabbie and they got out of the cab and headed into the building.  Upon entering the class, they found all the parents chatting in a small group with their toddlers clinging to their legs afraid to let go.  There was only one little boy and he looked terrified.  Rosie marched over to him and said “Hi I’m Rosie, what’s your name?”

He bashfully replied, ”Evan.”

“Well Evan, you can sit next to me because I’ll tell you a secret, my papa used to practise ballet when he was our age and he says we will all learn together and have fun.”

Evan smiled brightly and Rosie giggled and Evan’s mom mouthed thank you to Sherlock and he just nodded and took a seat in the back of the room as the teacher called the class to order.

The teacher was a bright young girl who quickly took control of her class and had them stand in a circle holding hands and then sat down.  The children raptly paid attention and did as instructed as she took them through moves that had them stretch properly.

They started by sitting with their toes out in front of them and flexing their feet front and back while saying hello and goodbye to their toes which drew giggles, but it was effective. In not time they had the move down.

The next move, their feet stayed in front of them, but this time they used their arms to stretch.  She had them stretch their arms tall like they were reaching for stars and then once they had an armful she would tel them to bring them back to their chests only then to throw them up in the air again.

They moved on to to concentrating on their legs, where they put their feet together and knees out to the side and then she had them bend forward towards their feet to stretch.  After they sat back up, she had them flap their knees up and down and wave their arms and took turns asking them what color butterfly they were, Evan said blue and Rosie said purple and there were a lot of yellows and pinks and oranges from the other girls. So they had a whole rainbow.

The next stretch required them to lie on their stomachs and up with their arms while their legs and hips remained on the ground. After a couple of ups and down, they did the second part of the exercise where they were to take their right arm back and try to grab their right foot and then switch and do the left. Some children got this and some did not but the teacher assured them by practising here and at home, they would surely get it in no time.

Now they were ready for the last stretch.  They sat on their knees and curled into a small ball.  Then they stretched their body upward becoming very tall, all the way up and then back down again into a small ball.  They did this several times.

By the time she got them standing from this exercise, the kids had her complete attention and half the class had was over. She began to take them through the positions.  She ended up making it through all five with the kids mimicking her and some did well and others would need a lot more practice and then at the end of the class she finished with a few cool down stretches and released the children to their parents who had been quiet the entire instruction time watching.

Rosie grabbed Evan’s hand and ran over to Sherlock, “Papa, did you see us? How did we do?”

“The two of you did wonderful as did all of the other girls in the class.” Sherlock said loud enough so they could all hear.  He remembered back from his days of class some children didn’t get any praise because their parents didn’t care or pay attention or even stay for the lesson.

“So can we come back for more lessons?” She asked as this had been a free lesson designed to get the children interested in dance, he crouched down in front of her, “this is a commitment and you have to come to all the classes and practise the assignments the teacher gives you, this isn’t something to take lightly.”

“I know papa, I will.  I’ll come to all the classes and practise at home and you can help me when I get stuck,” and then Rosie turned to Evan. “Evan, will you be coming back?”

Evan looked up at his mum and asked if he could, “If that’s what you want honey, we can even come on the same days as your new friend here so you know someone.”

So between Sherlock and Evan’s mum, they decided Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 worked best and signed them up.

Rosie was delighted as she was putting her coat on and telling Sherlock she couldn’t wait for her daddy to get home from work so she could tell him all about ballet class and show him some of what she learned.  Sherlock smiled at her and they walked down to catch a cab.

When they got home, Sherlock made her lunch while Rosie practised the new things she had learned in class today.

John was in for an earful when he would arrive home from work tonight.

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Go Bag

You and Reid had been keeping your relationship secret from the team for about eight months now. You didn’t care who knew, but Spencer had this irrational fear that the minute he involved you with his job, something terrible would happen. You understood why it had to be this way, but that didn’t stop you from wishing it wasn’t.

While your boyfriend was an FBI agent, your career couldn’t be any more different. You danced for the Washington Ballet Company, and that kept you about as busy as Spencer’s job did. You spent your days performing and rehearsing, dancing long hours and coming home to Reid. Every day you’d come home and if he wasn’t on a case, he’d help you wrap up your calloused and sometimes bloody feet, and you’d help him relax after the mental stress his job caused.

One morning, Spencer got called in to a case in Los Angeles. You’d both woken up late, and while you still had some time before morning rehearsal, Spencer barely had time to put his shoes on.

He stopped briefly before running out the door. “(Y/N)!” He called, one leg already across the threshold. You rushed over, expecting an emergency. Spencer held out his arms, motioning for you to come closer.

He pulled you in, kissing you briefly but passionately. You moved your hand towards his shoulder, but as soon as the kiss started, it stopped.

“I’ll call you tonight.” He reassured you, hand running down your arm.

“Ok. Be safe, I love you.” You bit your lip. Watching him leave knowing what could happen was never easy. He smiled at you, and rushed out the door.

“I love you too!” He shouted down the hallway. You sighed and closed the door. You ambled into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

Fifteen minutes later, you walked out of your room in your warmup clothes, which consisted of a black, long sleeved leotard, flesh colored tights, and a short flowing skirt. You slipped your boots on and went to grab your gear bag. You gasped when you spotted Spencer’s go bag next to yours.


You grabbed both of your bags and your keys and sprinted out the door. You practically flew down the stairs to the garage, and threw your bags in the back seat. Ten minutes later you arrived at Quantico, hoping you weren’t too late.

You flashed your visitor ID badge at the door, rushed through security and flew up the stairs. With your dancer’s legs, you were much faster than any elevator. It was a good warmup for practice anyways.

You burst through the doors into the bullpen, almost running into a tall, muscular man you recognized as Derek Morgan.

“Woah, woah, woah little lady. Slow down. What are you doing up here?” He rested a hand on your shoulder, and you noticed how fast they were rising and falling with your breath.

“Spencer forgot his go bag.” You managed to breathe out as your boyfriend came into view. He twitched his nose nervously. The rest of the team stood there silently, making the connection as you walked over and handed it to him. You felt the eyes of the entire BAU on you, and your face turned red.

You turned to leave when a dark haired woman you assumed was Emily Prentiss spoke up.

“Well come on Reid, aren’t you gonna kiss your girlfriend goodbye?”

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Dance majors have a hard time staying protected during rehearsal and performance. The iron nails in their pointe shoes help, and it's easy to stitch packets of salt between layers of tulle in a tutu, but when you're dancing barefoot in a leotard and tights there isn't much to be done. There used to be a policy of no jewelry on stage, but ever since the incident earrings and necklaces are not only allowed but incorporated into costumes wherever possible.

For Ms. Gotham’s We Live For Love (bc we honestly want more of it):

“Pat and Neil met exactly the same way as Jamie and Claire did - and ended up touring the world together, marrying in 1982 and raising two daughters”

Wee Frasers on tour perhaps, with their parents?

We Live For Love 

“Can you help me with the countdown?”

Five-year-old Faith Fraser – a spitting image of her mother, from her tight brown curls to her purple leotard, bright blue tights, and mini red Converse high-tops – almost bounced with excitement.

“One – two – three – four!” she exclaimed.

Jamie – perched on a stool right beside Claire in the dressing room – strummed the opening chords. Claire held a sleepy two-year-old Brianna close, gently swaying, counting the bars until she came in:

Many times I tried to tell you // Many times I cried alone…

It had been a lot harder than they had expected – returning to touring after almost six years away. From the moment Claire’s belly had started to show with Faith, they had stayed in the studio, focusing on Jamie’s songwriting and giving Claire the space she needed to focus on being a mom.

For they had secretly lost two other babies – which Jamie was convinced was due to their grueling schedule. So with this one, with Faith – everything had changed. Not that Jamie or Claire minded – four years on the road was a long time to be away from home. And even though they had their sanctuary in each other, had toured the world and had so many amazing experiences together – it was time for a break.

Always I’m surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone…

The record label hadn’t been happy, of course. The suits had had a hard enough time knowing that Claire – their female star, who they (unsuccessfully) tried time and time again to market as a wanton sexpot – was (very happily) married, and once she and Jamie told them of the pregnancy they were afraid of losing all the respect they’d worked so hard to gain.

But they had held firm – and Jamie had gripped her hand, a strong, silent support during that terrible meeting where all parties decided to take a break from each other.

Except the Frasers, of course.

Fortunately Jamie had already built their home studio – so that is where they worked.

Don’t want to leave you really // I’ve invested too much time to give you up that easy…

Faith had arrived a month early – surprising everyone. If Claire relished her role as a mother, then Jamie absolutely delighted in his role as a father, bringing Faith with him into the studio, watching her sleep safely snuggled in her basket as he recorded song after song that he had written for her.

Between Jamie and Claire and their small circle of trusted friends – Ian Murray, Jamie’s ex-roommate and their drummer; Murtagh FitzGibbons, the club owner who had introduced them; Fergus St. Germain, a French-Canadian bassist Jamie had met one night in Montreal and who quickly became one of their closest confidants; and Marsali MacKimmie, Fergus’ bubbly American wife who also happened to be very talented on the autoharp – their lives were full. And they recorded and recorded and recorded, away from the judgment and prying eyes of record executives.

And when Brianna had arrived three years later, they had even contemplated retiring from touring altogether.

To the doubts that complicate your mind…

But then one night, Jamie invited someone over to the house for dinner. Joe Abernathy – the A&R guy at Chrysalis who had helped them so much with “Outlander,” the album that put them on the map and sold over fifteen million copies around the world.

Joe had parted ways with Chrysalis right after “Outlander”’s release – creative differences, naturally. And now he was starting up his own label – and he was looking for big talent.

He didn’t make his offer until Jamie had gone upstairs to put the girls to bed. But he was very blunt.

“You’re a star, Claire. Your records are still selling, even though you haven’t put anything out in five years. People love you.”

Claire sipped her whisky soda, pursing her lips. Thinking.

“But I’d have to tour. And I can’t leave the girls, Joe. *We* can’t leave them.”

“You won’t have to, Claire.” Joe settled back in his chair, admiring the bright night spring sky. “You’ll do it all on your terms. I’ll let you do whatever you want – however many dates you’re up to. You’re in the driver’s seat.”

She settled back in her chair, watching the light go out in the girls’ room. “You’d do that?”

“I would.”

Claire waited for Jamie to come back outside and take his seat right beside her.

“Joe wants me to sign with him,” she said softly, turning to face her husband – her muse – her rock. “He says we can tour, with the girls. On our terms.”

“As long as you have something I can sell,” Joe interjected. “Rumor has it you’ve never stopped writing or recording. Play something for me, and you have a deal.”

Jamie smirked. Claire knew – relished – that look. For he – and she – knew they would have a deal. A very, very good deal.

“Let’s go to the studio, Joe. I may have a thing or two to share.”

That night, Jamie played Joe a demo of the song that would become Claire Fraser’s comeback straight-to-number-one hit. The song they used to close out all their shows on this tour. The song he had written for his wife and daughters. The song she had started – and for which his rough voice now joined in:

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder

We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better

Brianna slept against Claire’s shoulder. Faith clapped her hands and swayed, so delighted that not only did her costume match Mommy’s tonight, but that Marsali – who along with Fergus, was a mainstay of their touring crew – had helped paint her nails with sparkles, to show that she was a star.

Claire continued her warm-up for the concert, heart bursting.

Jamie looked at her with hearts in his eyes – and switched to harmony as the chorus ended –

We belong – we belong – we belong together…


Pat Benatar - We Belong

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo - We Belong (live, 2014)

Dick Grayson/ Nightwing and Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- It’s Worse Than You Think

Okay, I got this idea from @axa-vega and I couldn’t wait to post it.  I will post the photo that inspired this after this is up!


You were out with Jason on a date, and that meant Dick had his apartment all to himself.  You were a little hesitant to leave him alone in the apartment since the kitchen accident from last month, but Dick promised to you that he would stick to cereal when you were gone.  He could tell you were a little hesitant, but he was your older brother and a grown man who could handle being alone for a few hours.  You swore that he acted like an overexcited golden retriever puppy sometimes.  

“You guys go have some fun without worrying about me all the time,” Dick said and directed you to the door.

“Okay, but call me if you-”

“I’m going to be fine, (Y/N)!” Dick interrupted, “GO!”

You were pushed out of the apartment and landed in Jason’s arms while the door was slammed shut.  Jason quickly pulled you up and glared at the door.

“I swear if he’s going to do that again-”

“I will replace his cereal with oats,” you interrupted and smiled maliciously.

Jason smiled and wrapped his arm around your waist, directing you to the elevator, “This is why I love you.”


Dick slammed the door shut and grinned. He finally got rid of you and now he could do what he wanted without you interrupting or laughing at him.  He smiled and ran into his room and pulled out the outfit he was planning on wearing for a long time.  He had bought the outfit as a dare a few months ago, but he had never gotten the chance to wear it.  You had been living in Dick’s apartment since yours was being knocked down.  Jason had recently offered for you to live in his apartment, so you were still moving all of your belongings.  Once the outfit was on, he ran into the living room and pulled out one of the many workout videos that he had stored by the television.  He grinned once the menu appeared on the screen, pressed play and threw the remote onto the moved couch.

“Hey guys and gals, welcome to Workout Mayhem! My name is Fernando and today we will be melting away all of those fat cells and feel great!”


“I’m telling you, (Y/N), that lady spit in my meal,” Jason swore.

“Why would she spit in your meal?” you questioned him and rolled your eyes.

“I don’t know!”

You laughed lightly and pulled out your keys to the apartment, “So tomorrow are we finally going to get the last of my junk from here?”

“Sure, but we can’t use my motorcycle obviously,” Jason said and plucked the keys out of your hand.

“Hey!” you shouted and tried to grab your keys, “ There’s a reason why I have a Blazer, Jason.  It’s badass and has plenty of space.”

“That piece of-” Jason said, but cut himself of, “-wonderful machinery?”

“Nice save, Jay,” you laughed.

He smiled and opened the door, but froze when he saw your brother in the living room.  He was wearing a leotard and skin tight shorts with leg warmers.  You were stuck behind Jason and didn’t see the ridiculous attire Dick was wearing.  Jason quickly backed up and shut the door.

“I need to bleach my eyes after that,” he deadpanned.

“Why?” you asked and realized what he was talking about, “What did he do?”

Jason pushed you away from the door and said, “It’s worse than you think, (Y/N).  Let’s just go see a movie and hope that you won’t have to see the monstrosity I just saw with my own two eyes.”

Fine, Jay, but I swear if the apartment was in flames….” you huffed.

“Like I said, (Y/N), it’’s worse than you think.”

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Hello dear! I saw your witchy outfits post and adored it! If it's not too much trouble, would you do another but for faeries? Thank you so much! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous❤️

i absolutely adore this idea!! here is what i came up with; i do hope you like it! 🙊 (+ thank you endlessly, little flower ♡ :,) 🌸)

✨🌿 faerie outfit ideas: 🌿✨

- forest queen: a floor-length skirt (or dress) in a light shade, a white peasant top, rings with gemstones, tiny earrings in the shape of insects or flowers, ballet flats

- meadow nymph: a soft summer dress (perhaps with a floral print), a flower crown in your hair, sun-kissed skin, no shoes

- little princess: a tulle skirt with a matching crop top or bralette, silver highlighter, shiny charm bracelets, color coordinated kitten heels or flats + ruffle ankle-socks

- shadow dancer: a lace leotard with glittery tights underneath, hair up in a bun, little sticker-jewels on your face, wing-shaped earrings, closed-toe lace-up sandals

- creekside spirit: a long and white cotton dress, soft shimmer on your eyelids, a leaf crown in your hair, long necklaces made from hemp

Tiny Feet [Jason x Daughter]


I kept this as open as possible because I didn’t know if the request was for single-father Jason or married etc. 

Jason never loved nor hated kids. To him, they were just small people who had too many emotions that made them act out but he occasionally babysat for the twins in his apartment complex after one morning when he found out their mom was desperate for a babysitter because she had a job interview to get to. He quickly locked away his weapons and hid his red helmet and making sure his place was decently kid-proofed for the four-year-olds. 

Jason knew he was slightly intimidating to look at with the scars and his big build so he tried to soften up his features and look less brooding when the kids got dropped off. Right off the bat, the twins fell in love with him and asked him to do all sorts of things like drawing and play pretend. After the morning, Jason would offer to babysit more often because he really liked having the kids around wanted to help out his neighbor. 

With his little experience from the twins, Jason didn’t mind kids too much, in fact, he felt quite confident with them. That was until he got his first daughter. 

A mess.

Jason Peter Todd was a mess. 

When he found out he was going to be a father he went out of his way to clean everything in his apartment and baby-proof the entirety of it from floor to ceiling. Of course, when he was asked, he denied being scared and that he was “hella ready for this thing” but of course that was a lie. 

After the baby was born he thought about all the possibilities of his child’s future every chance he got. 

Would they want to get into taekwondo? How much money would he need to save up to send them off to the best schools Gotham had to offer? What if they want to do gymnastics or swimming? Kids had to be active everyday right? Tutoring? What if they needed tutoring???? 

Not a day went by when Jason was not fretting over the child’s safety. She was, after all, his responsibility and his small bean and if anything happened to his child… Well, he would be a mess. He just loved his child and wanted to protect her 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Everything went fine throughout her baby days and although everyone reassured him that he did not have to watch over her like a hawk 24/7, he waved them off and continued his ways. He really wanted to make sure she was safe but at the same time, he was to pick out some of her possible interests for hobbies when she’s older but his list got too long. His daughter would sing and draw, so he thought about art classes at the community centre or singing lessons when she was older, but just as he was ready to sign her up for something, she would show signs of cooking or reading (she got that from him obviously) and now he was looking into parent and tot cooking classes or reading club at the library. 

When his baby girl was around five, she came home and started dancing in her room every chance she got. Jason thought nothing of it, as she probably picked it up from another student in her kindergarten class and it might not develop like everything else. He had completely forgotten about her dancing when one quiet evening, she stood in front of Jason in the living room with a tiny pink tutu and her dad’s phone in hand. 

“What is this, little bean?” He asked as he put down the book he had been reading. 

“I would like to show you my dance.” She announced timidly as she pushed play on her dad’s phone. A song that Jason played often when he was cooking breakfast in the morning came on, and she started to dance to it. Jason saw stars as he watched her prance around in her tutu. She wasn’t the most graceful but in his eyes, he saw nothing less. He definitely wasn’t crying. 

His daughter had always been the quiet type and she was always shy about her work. So it was almost heartwarming to see her dance in front of him. Jason played it cool telling his baby girl that her dance was beautiful and she was always welcomed to show her more of her “sick moves”. She smiled bashfully and twirled her foot around on the hardwood floor with her hands clasped behind her back, a sign she wanted to ask him something. 

Judging from how she looked and piecing it with her dance, “You want to join a ballet class, don’t you?” Her head snapped up as she stared at her dad with her tiny blue eyes as she nodded. “Well, why don’t we look on the internet and see where we can put you and your tutu.”

For the rest of the night, Jason had his daughter perched on his lap as they both scoured the internet for the best dance studio in Gotham. He tried suggesting contemporary dance to start out so she could test out the waters but surprisingly, she was adamant about ballet. 

Before you even knew it, Jason found himself sitting on a bench between 15 other mothers in a small dance studio watching his daughter go through the passé en relevé at the barre with the other students. Adorned in her pale pink leotard and matching tights, she stood up straight in her ballet slippers and mirrored the teacher as her tiny feet tried to hold up her weight.

His daughter ran up to him at the end of the class, “Papa! Did you see me stand on my tippy toes all by myself?” Jason chuckled as he nodded, helping her out of her ballet slippers, because yes, he learned exactly how to tie those things.

“Of course I did, little bean.” 

“Without the barre!” She was quick to add on which made Jason smile even harder if that was even possible. 

“Yes, I saw that too. I was watching you the entire time and you did fantastically!” Jason praised the little girl who blushed as she helped him pack up her stuff. 

He could hear the faint ‘aw’s’ and ‘isn’t he just perfect?’ from the mothers around him as they bored their eyes into him but he paid no mind as he picked up his daughter’s duffle bag and helped her up from the floor. He wasn’t interested in what these middle-aged mother’s had to say, he was here for his daughter and strictly that. 

As the months flew by, Jason often spent his free time practicing with his daughter and helped her out with her form in the living room, because he paid close attention to all the critiques that Miss Mable had given out to students during class. The studio held parents and child ballet nights once a month and Jason was always stoked to go to them. Most of them were moms but once in a while a father or two will go, but Jason grew accustomed to being the only father at those events. Most parents were on their phones during rehearsals but not Jason, he left that thing at home just so he can gawk with love at his baby girl during her finest. 

Recitals happened at the end of every season and Jason went to all. He was always early so he could help his daughter get ready and wish her a big good luck before he settled in his seat (front row of course). Even if he had promised Roy a patrol night that night, he knew his priorities as much as he loved Roy because he would NEVER EVER EVER miss his daughter’s important nights. He even begged Roy to come one time with Lian and that may or may not be how Lian and his daughter ended up in the same dance class. 

Jason would also not hesitate to massage his daughter’s sore feet and treat her bruises and blisters after they got home from practice, but after recitals, they always went to a diner for celebratory milkshakes. 

Okay, I’m ended this here because I AM GETTING WAY TOO INTO THIS! I don’t this needs a bonus because I’ve sqooshed every last drop of ballet-dad Jason in this. Holy.


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Ethan and the Figure Skater

You’d been working your ass off for well over a year for this competition and you weren’t gonna let some asshole take away your victory. You sat on the sidelines, fuming in your too tight leotard as your skates dug into your ankles. You knew Ethan was in the stands watching, waiting to see his partner win the prize. He was a flash of blue every time you had turned around or spun. Ethan being in the stands also meant that he was watching Amelia Jake absolutely steal the show. Her turns were flawless, her arcs were perfect, and if she was any prettier you’d seriously question your sexuality. You slump over onto your friend Jada with a pout.
“She’s gonna win.”
“She’s not gonna win”
“She’s gonna win and she’s gonna take Ethan away from me.”
“She’s not gonna take Ethan away from you Y/N. Calm down. Besides, she’s not even done yet. She still has time to make an error.”
“There are twenty-three seconds left on the clock Jada. What could she possibly do-OH MY GOD!” You stood up so quickly you slid on the ground, almost toppling over. Amelia was preparing herself for a backflip which everyone in figure skating knew was one hundred and ten percent illegal.
“She is so not doing what I think she’s doing.”
“She SO is! Oh my god!” You press your hands to the plexiglass in front of you, separating the rink from the stands, watching intently. With ten seconds left on the clock, Amelia Jake leaps into a backflip, executed perfectly, and sticks the landing right as the buzzer sounds to end her round. The crowd doesn’t cheer. It’s eerily silent for a moment before a voice comes over the loud speaker.

“Although she executed an otherwise flawless show, Amelia Jake has been disqualified due to an illegal move. Please stand by while the judges re-evaluate the scores.”

Jada looks at you and smirks.
“Don’t do it.”
“I told you so.”
“What did I just say Jada?” She just laughs and shakes her head. A quiet chatter starts up amongst the audience as you wait impatiently, breath held.

“Attention please. Your 2017 National Champion is….” You bite your cheek so hard you taste blood. Come on, just say it!

“Y/N Y/L/N!” The crowd roars in applause and you hear Ethan’s voice over the noise.

“I’M DATING THAT PERSON! THAT’S MY PARTNER!” You flush red as you skate back onto the ice to receive your trophy.


After the crowd disperses, you emerge from the changing room to a shock of blue attacking you from behind.

“Y/N!” Ethan screams, twirling you around happily.

“Ethan! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry baby. I just couldn’t wait to see you. You did amazing!” You blush furiously and then hug your boyfriend tightly.

“I was afraid Amelia was gonna steal you away from me to be honest.” Ethan laughs and his voice vibrates in his chest.

“Never in a million years.” You smile and kiss his lips chastely.

“That’s what I like to hear.”


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