At home: Meh, I don’t care what I look like! I don’t have to be super-skinny! I love me just the way I am!

At dance: Oh my gosh why can’t I ever work out look at me I look like a pig why do I eat so much look at this leotard and tights why does everyone else have a six-pack??

blueskyes asked:

for the ballet anon, capezio sells a leotard/nudie that compresses really well, so you can wear it for class and performance! capezio(.)com/women/dancewear/leotards/camisole-leotard-with-adjustable-straps i also try to look for leotards with more high neck/tight styles to minimize the appearance of my chest. if you feel comfortable enough w your teachers, ask if you could switch to a men's dress code or u can buy men's biketards <3


Tessa Berring - Three Poems

The Things

Do not call me ‘careless oaf’
when I come home with mandarins,
no smile across my face.
I’m focussed on the other things
folded in my wide white satchel;
things just like this polished fossil
or bigger, better, this wild giraffe.


In the Market Place

She is staring at the eels,
skewered in ringlets
on sticks amongst the lobsters.
She wants to lick one
anti-clockwise up its spine -
that single curly movement
of her long pink tongue,
to prove it isn’t true
she’s not much fun.


Blue Leotard

Is tight, so tight
it scores her thighs
in blood electric rings;
neither cornflower
nor forget-me-not
she walks across the floor;
stiff as a basin
collecting rain


Tessa Berring’s work explores the world of objects as metaphors for the creative process in all its fragility, distinctiveness and unpredictability. Her poetry appears in a number of journals.

I particularly like short poems as they are often urgently produced objects of experience - things made or caught on the wing in the nick of time, before they are missed or completely disappear.

today I put on a leotard and tights like I used to wear when I did dancing and danced around my room to ‘modern love’ for half an hour on repeat.
then i sat on the kitchen floor and ate frozen banana and strawberries until the sun began to set and my family got home

I’m starting ballet classes in 10 days after not doing any since I was eight. I’m really nervous about wearing only a freaking leotard and tights and not being able to cover up anything ;-;

Not to mention I’m being put straight into level 6 and I’ll be the worst dancer there.

#Irving Penn @pacemacgillgallery The Bath: Dancers’ Workshop of San Francisco, 1967
Penn’s interest might easily have been restricted to classical ballet, by far the most spectacular form of dance, but this was by no means the case. As we know, he also followed the activities of young American companies whose work was considered very shocking at the time. There was no voyeurism involved in the way he took these pictures: he simply concentrated on capturing the way the bodies moved, observing the melancholy grace of young, naked couples, recording their tender gestures and shy glances as they bathed together. We are reminded of Isadora and her wish for return to barefoot dancing. Like her (though with different means and without her frenetic vitality and joie de vivre), young choreographers in 1967 shocked the defenders of classicism by attempting to liberate the dancer’s body, ridding dance of its ceremonial straightjacket and throwing off the fetters of leotards and tight slippers.
- Edmonde Charles-Roux
Do not miss this at #PaceMacGill gallery NY!

Meet the Teen Who Wants to Become the First Hijabi Ballerina

Leotard, tights, and a tutu. One 14-year-old wants to add a hijab to her ballerina uniform and simultaneously encourage Muslim girls to pursue their dream jobs without compromising their religious beliefs.

Australian Stephanie Kurlow is training to become the first professional ballerina to wear a hijab, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Kurlow and her family converted to Islam in 2010, and the teen initially stopped training as her hopes of ever making it to the big leagues were smashed due to her dress code requirements. But after seeing Misty Copeland become the first black ballerina to earn a spot as a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theater and Noor Tagouri deliver the news as the first anchor to wear a hijab on American TV, the teen decided she too could break down barriers.

“[The hijab] is a part of who I am, and represents the beautiful religion that I love,” Kurlow told the New York Daily News. “I believe [it] covers my body, but not my mind, heart, and talent.”

A majority Christian country, just 2 percent of Australians identify as Muslim. As Australia’s 40-year-old Racial Discrimination Act does not protect its citizens on the basis of religion, Muslims have increasingly become the targets of both verbal and physical assaults, according to a November report by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Women are particularly vulnerable, as wearing a hijab makes their religion visible.

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Kurlow told the Sydney Morning Herald that she’s faced criticism on both fronts, from Australians who believe that her hijab will prevent her from being taken seriously and from Muslims who believe that dancing is forbidden in Islam (religious scholars have different interpretations on this point).

Despite the naysayers, Kurlow wants to take her dancing to the next level and has started a crowdfunding campaign to afford full-time training at a professional ballet academy.

“I want to encourage everyone to join together no matter what faith, race or color,” Kurlow wrote on the crowdfunding page. “I believe I am here to inspire and motivate youth who feel isolated or disengaged due to labels and restrictions, to pursue their dreams no matter what.” At publishing time, Kurlow had raised more than $2,000AUS of her $10,000 goal, which she says will pay for a year’s worth of tuition, supplies, and competition fees.

Kurlow’s goal is ultimately to open a performing arts academy for kids like her, with specialty programs that take religious beliefs into consideration.

“I will provide for our future generations a chance to express and heal themselves and others through the magnificent art of performing and creativity,” Kurlow wrote.

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sophomore review goals

to be able to wear just a spaghetti-straps leotard and tan tights to the dance call and looked toned and fit as fuck

to sing an ingenue song and look like i’m supposed to be singing it