leopoldo lopez

Venezuela- Leader of Opposition Leopoldo Lopez saying goodbye to his wife before surrendering himself to the government’s officials. The crowd lifts her up by her feet, in a gesture of love and appreciation for the opposition leader.

Also known as “Damn I fucking love people sometimes”

Right here is the picture of the day. This man sacrificed himself, leaving his wife and children, saying “If my imprisonment will awaken the people, then it will be worth”. For those who don’t know, this is the man who finally spoke out loud and gave strength and support to this country to raise its voice, Leopoldo Lopez, ex Presidential Candidate. As he said to the people to go out and protest for your rights, which is totally legal in Venezuela, the government’s response was to look for him and arrest him because he had “encouraged violence”, calling him a "murderer”. Leopoldo walked through the people, said goodbye to his wife and handed himself to the authorities because he had nothing to fear. He defended us. We call him today’s hero.

That’s the difference between both sides of this war; we may all be looking for peace, but at least we do something rational that might lead us to it. 

I’m a Dominican, and I care. It really pains me to see such a beautiful country go through so much heart ache. People going out to the streets to peacefully protest for a more secure country, for their future, to speak out against a corrupt government and what happens? They get targeted, shot and killed? What ever happened to freedom of speech?! Venezuela you are in my prayers. Hope nobody else gets hurt during these protests and that president Maduro comes to his senses, and sees that his citizens are protesting for a reason! 🙏

No tiene porque SÓLO verse como una declaración política, es un buen mensaje. Porque sirve si estás corriendo un maratón y te sientes cansado. O si estás guindado de la cornisa de un edificio a varios pisos de altura. Es bastante amplia. Pero si…si te cansas de estar en la calle peleando contra los verdaderos fascistas, pierdes ¿ok?


Venezuela Is In Conflict!!! // companion art by Marc Lee, pictures by various News Agencies (2014)

I’m very sorry to get political on you guys. I haven’t been around too much here because Venezuela, the country where I live is currently under a heavy turmoil and we have very few ways to let the world know what is happening. I could share this information in my personal blog, but I got 15000 souls following me here and I beg to any single one of you out there to spread this information to let the world know what is happening here.

As the year started the regime of President Nicolas Maduro took some heavy economic measures to manage the already terribly bad economic situation. In a short period of time our currency (the bolivar) was devalued almost 120% against the american dollar and all american currency the country gets from selling oil is managed only by the state. Those measures coped with a lot of new laws regulating economic activities and the inability of national entrepreneurs to produce new products because of the heavy debt the government has with most of them have created a vacuum of basic products, from toilet paper to food. These products can’t reach any store with ease because they don’t have the means to produce them and supply the heavy demand. There’s no conspiracy here, that’s just facts.

Since then, most of Venezuela’s political opposition has been trying to reach to the regime to ask them to acknowledge the problem and change their policies. The answer they get is to be labeled by the government as “fascists” and “conspirators” to depose the so-called “regime of the people” that Hugo Chavez used to lead. 

Since the begging of February a Student movement started to rally against the government peacefully and each time they have been repelled using heavy force by Policemen and National guards, using tear gas, and bullets. No negotiations, no questions asked. On the past February 12 a rally was called by one of the leaders of the opposition, a man called Leopoldo Lopez asked the people to go with the Student movement to ask The Public Ministry to do their jobs regarding the increasing corruption in the regime. The rally went smooth until it reached their destination (The Public Ministry) and when most protesters where ready to leave they where ambushed by the SEBIN which is the policemen of the state. Two students and a community leader were killed.

The government put those deaths and the riots of that day on Leopoldo Lopez and released an executive order to arrest him. He turned himself in rather than flee the country or stay underground, because as he well says: he’s not guilty of anything and he can prove it. On February 18 he asked every follower he had to join him as he turned himself to a viced and corrupt justice (the Venezuelan government handles the justice system as they see fit). Venezuela replied in kind in every single state. Now he’s being held in a military facility and is being processed there in a closed audience where the government can make up charges as they wish.

Since then the student movement is still out there every day asking the regime to change their policies, to fix the country’s problems or to make way to new leaderships to handle what appears to be gotten out of their hands to no avail as more repression and extreme force has been used. More students have fallen under an array of bullets and the inside media of the country is in total news blackout under government orders (we only have CNN to back us up. but they can only do so much). The student movement only have their sings, their words, their irreverence to fight back. The state has weapons. When don’t know when or how is this going to end. And before we lose a basic right like internet connection we need the world to know that there’s hell breaking loose here and we appreciate all the help and prayers you can spare for our country.

Thanks for reading.



Leopoldo Lopez, un hombre que esta luchando por ayudar a mejorar la situación de un país, mi país. Por eso recibe mi apoyo por querer un futuro mejor para todo lo que he visto al crecer a través de mi existencia.

Por eso si quieres ayudar a Venezuela, muestra tu apoyo a este líder que hoy se ha entregado a la Guardia Nacional Venezolana, a pesar de ser inocente, para demostrar al país que no hay que temer de reclamar tus derechos.

Muestra tu apoyo al país a través de Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube o cualquier medio que se te haga posible.

SOS Venezuela.

- Diego Valencia


Venezuelan people are standing up for their rights

Help us to spread the word! 

“Venezuela has a huge exile community. Myself included. The only way for us to give you support is by bringing the massacre in Venezuela to the attention of international organizations. Not so they can come in and take over but so that they can apply sanctions and severe diplomatic measures”



Dios Bendiga a Leopoldo, El no hizo nada y por eso no tiene miedo, el esta en el lado correcto de la justicia y de la verdad. TODA VENEZUELA CON EL.