leopoldina of brazil


Caio Castro & Letícia Colin como Dom Pedro e Dona  Leopoldina  em “Novo Mundo”. 

(Caio Castro & Leticia Colin as Don Pedro and Dona Leopoldina in “New World”).

Maria Leopoldina (1797-1826) was an Austrian Archduchess and wife of Pedro I, first Emperor of Brazil. She was a well-educated, bright young woman who was much beloved in her adopted homeland. She was a bright girl and a diligent student particularly fond of biology and other sciences. She learned French, Latin, piano and riding.

Pedro (1798 - 1834) was a handsome, energetic young man who preferred action and physical activity to studying and statecraft. He was an excellent horseman, and it was through riding that he first found common ground with the wife Leopoldina. However, He was a womanizer and had a long string of lovers even before and after Leopoldina arrived in Brazil.

Princess Maria Leopoldina of Austria (Letícia Colin) and Anna Millman (Isabelle Drummond) in “Novo Mundo”.

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Letícia Colin as Maria Leopoldina of Austria