the lovely Jenn wanted Blaine asking to be collared/Kurt buying the collar/Blaine actually being collared, so here it is!

Blaine’s body is still trembling and hitching as he lies down on the bed, Kurt’s head pillowed on his chest. He strokes trembling fingers through Kurt’s thick hair, closes his eyes and tips his head up towards the ceiling. He exhales, slowly, and revels in the last few electric moments of orgasm. “Wow.”

Kurt chuckles, his breath fanning hotly over Blaine’s chest. He strokes his hand down Blaine’s side, over the cooling saltiness of sweat. “‘Wow’ is right. I didn’t…” He trails slowly off, letting his words hang in the sex-thick air, and Blaine can feel his cheeks heating. He’s pretty sure he knows what Kurt was going to say, and as hot as it’d been in the moment it’s a little embarrassing now that the surging hot tide of arousal has ebbed.

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