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Yuri P. with a s/o who despises animal prints?

Since you didn’t specify what you wanted, I decided to do headcanons because I couldn’t think of a full idea for a scenario. I hope that’s alright :) I really love this idea, though; Yurio would probably have the funniest reaction. Thank you for the request~ <3

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • have mercy on this poor boy bc he will not take it very well
  • You’re on a typical shopping date with your boyfriend when the drama starts
  • Nothing is out of the ordinary as far as either of you can tell, but that changes when Yuri decides to quick look in a high-end clothing store
  • of course he drags you in there with him lmao what did you expect
  • “Yuri, you know I can’t afford any of this stuff jfc wut r u doin
  • “(Y/N), please, let’s just look and stfu we’re gonna be rich one day so just go with it
  • Yuri goes off on his own to look at some things, and you just browse the racks a bit
  • You come across an article of clothing you like, and head to the dressing room to try it on just for fun; there’s no way you can afford the hefty price tag attached to it
  • You’re admiring yourself in the dressing room mirror when there’s a knock on the door, and you open it to reveal Yuri
  • He’s holding a huge, hideous fur leopard print coat that looks incredibly expensive
  • oh shit fam this is where it goes down r u ready
  • “Here, try this on, (Y/N). I think I can buy this for you if I save up a bit also you look smoking hot in that outfit holy shit
  • You stare at the coat in disgust and shake your head; you wouldn’t wear that piece of garbage if it was the last piece of clothing on the planet
  • “Yuri, no. I hate animal prints. Try finding something a little less horrendous, maybe?”
  • Your boyfriend’s face contorts with shock and he almost drops the coat on the floor
  • cue the famous “huh?!”
  • From that moment on, he sees you in a totally different light; he can’t believe that you’ve been secretly judging him on his fashion choices for all this time
  • He won’t change his style for you or tone down the animal prints, and he’ll actually begin to wear more of those patterns
  • Yuri thinks he can change your mind if he forces it on you, but to no avail
  • honestly Yuri just let it go lmao stop fighting it
  • It’s a minor inconvenience, but you’re able to compromise and move on with your relationship, even with this small difference between the two of you
  • but that won’t stop him from trying to purchase animal prints for you lmao just bear with him <3