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Be More Chill Demigod AU

-Michael and Jeremy were saved by a flock of Striges back when they were twelve years old by Charles Beckendorf who took the two to Camp Half-Blood
-as soon as Michael stepped through the entrance a grape vine appeared above his head causing Beckendorf to groan
-“Well kid you get to meet your dad today.”
-Michael is surprised when a man with a five o'clock shadow, wearing an ugly leopard print t-shirt comes up and hugs him
-the two are then told that they are demi-gods, meaning that one of their parents are a god and Michael’s just happens to be Mr.D or Dionysus
-the two are separated with Jeremy escorted over to the crowded Hermes cabin where all the unclaimed children are bunking
-Jeremy is confused, he thought that both his parents were well…his parents
-the two meet up again later at dinner where Michael excitedly tells him about his twin half brothers Castor and Pollux and that yeah his dad is kind of a disappointment but now he has two older brothers
-Jeremy tries to be excited but he can’t because he’s just been told that there’s a good chance he could never find out who his godly parent is
-when shown the weapon shed the two get really excited
-Jeremy can’t wield a sword for shit and most of the other weapons are too heavy for him so he ends up being trained on the bow and arrow
-Michael gets a shield that can also be tossed like a discus
-“Look at me, I’m Captain America!” He tosses the shield, narrowly missing a camper’s head
-the two are shown around camp when Jeremy see’s her, Christine
-Christine Canigula is a daughter of Apollo and really likes plays
-Jeremy can barely get a word out and finds himself a stuttering mess whenever he tries to approach her
-another person they run into that day is the ass-midget known as Rich Goranski who thought it was funny to mess Jeremy up every time he went to take a shot
-he’s unclaimed as well but likes to tell everyone he’s probably the son of Ares or someone awesome like that
-his best friends is Jake Dillinger, son of Hebe who is forced to stay in the Hermes cabin since there’s not enough of her children to warrant their own cabin(he believes that is a load of bullshit since the Dionysus kids have their own cabin but whatever)
-It’s a few weeks in when the two are playing capture the flag when they’re cornered by the opposite team when with Michael’s help but only does Jeremy escape but they also manage to capture the flag while everyone is distracted
-as Jeremy’s holding the flag in front of everyone an owl appears over his head

Otayuri Hogwarts au!! Established relationship btw

Yuri Plisetsky strode out to the Quidditch pitch, broom in one hand and bat in the other. It was the first game of the season for the young Slytherin and he couldn’t be more excited. He had been a first string Beater since his second year and now it was his fifth year. He had four years of Quidditch under his belt yet every he walked out onto the pitch he felt as excited and pumped as he did his first time. He smirked with confidence as he looked at the other team that they were facing today.Gryffindor. He knew they were a good team but he thought that his team could beat them. They train hard everyday and their captain and other beater, Mila Babicheva, was always keeping on top of them to make sure that they were in the best shape.

He scanned the crowds in search for his boyfriend and Hufflepuffs Seeker , Otabek Altlin, who had promised that he would be at the game. Sure enough his eyes landed on him in the stands next to other Hufflepuffs, giving him a thumbs up. The blond returned it and got ready to mount his broom when he saw the referee/defense against the dark arts teacher/head of Slytherin,Professor Nikiforov, bring the whistle to his lips to his lips to signal the start of the game. The snitch and bludgers were released and soon the quaffle was in the air and the game had begun!


”Yuri Plisetsky, The fairy of Slytherin,smashes a bludger into Katherine Adams and she drops the quaffle, which is picked up by Sandra Canning of Slytherin!” Professor Chulanont said through the speakers. Yuri gritted his teeth at the ridiculous nickname he had been given. Sure he was smaller than the average beater and he didn’t have the most masculine of looks but he hated it being brought up. He zoomed over to the closest bludger and whacked it straight at the announcer’s booth. Professor Chulanont ducked just in time to not get his face smashed in. “Amazing accuracy from the fai-ahem. From Yuri Plisetsky of Slytherin” Yuri snickered as he went back to focusing on the game. They were up 50 to 30 but they needed the snitch to win.Georgi was doing a good job of keeping the goal, searching the crowd for Anya after every save he made.An hour in he saw his own Seeker and Gryffindor’s Seeker speeding towards the same direction, the snitch. The Gryffindor Seeker was clearly ahead so Yuri quickly smacked a bludger in their direction, throwing the Gryffindor Seeker off their course and allowed his own Seeker to catch the snitch. The final score was 230 to 50. Yuri whooped in celebration and did a victory lap around the pitch. When he finally landed, Mila scooped him up and raised him above her head. He struggled as she carried him off.

When they finally got to the changing rooms she put him down and he huffed as he changed out of his Quidditch robes and into a set of muggle clothes since it was Saturday. He put on a pair of black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and a leopard print hoodie. The blond wasn’t feeling like going to the party the house was holding in celebration of their win. It was too noisy, the music always sucked and someone always brought fire whiskey and dealing with drunk assholes was not his idea of a fun night. He decided to walk around the grounds for a while. He walked down by the lake and sat next to a tree by the shore and scanned the water, his mind wandering to all sorts of things like quidditch, school work he should be doing and what his cat, Alina, was doing. Lost in thought he didn’t notice the three sixth year Gryffindors that were creeping up on him till one blocked his view.
“What the fuck do you want, assholes” he said as he looked up with a sneer. The three of them were all taller than him. One had dirty blonde hair that was a complete mess like he had never heard of a comb in his life. Another one had longish black hair and had it in a ponytail. The last one also had black hair but it was cut short and was slicked back by way too much gel. The gel obsessed one was clearly the leader of this bullshit gang because he stepped forward and was the one to speak.
“You pulled a bitch move out there, ‘Fairy of Slytherin’, hitting our Seeker like that.” The greasy haired leader said, using air quotes around Fairy of Slytherin. Yuri rolled his eyes as he stood up and crossed his arms.
“Listen here, fuckstain, if you had actually watched the game you would have seen that I never hit her and if you fucking knew anything about quidditch you would also know that the Beaters job is to fucking hit people.” He huffed glared at the leader.
“Did you guys hear that? The little kitten here is trying to be tough to us.” The other two snickered behind him. “He’s trying to roar at us lions. Keep to being a cheating snake, would you?” He grabbed the front of Yuri’s shirt and reared back his fist. Yuri had his wand halfway out before he heard a familiar voice shout. He turned his head towards the voice and saw Otabek jogging over to them with a very pissed off look on his face. The idiot squad must have noticed it too because the leader let go of the Slytherin’s shirt and all three of them backed away.
“What’s going on here?” Otabek questioned with his arms crossed.
“Oh um nothing! We were just having a friendly talk right guys? We’re just gonna uh go.” All three speed walked back to the castle and Yuri huffed.
“Beka you didn’t need to save me I was going to handle it.” Yuri smoothed out his shirt and put away his wand.
Otabek snorted a that. “I know that but you would have handled it by royally fucking them up with hexes and gotten yourself expelled. You’re welcome.” He ruffled the blond’s hair and kissed his cheek. Yuri blushed a bit at the sudden display of affection.
“Yeah yeah thanks or whatever.” Yuri grabbed his boyfriend’s hand as the two of them started making their way back to the castle. “Hey what would you have done if your muscles and scary eyebrows didn’t scare them off?”
The Hufflepuff rolled his eyes. “I would have threatened to give them detention. I am a prefect after all.”
Yuri bumped the seventh year with his shoulder. “You’re no fun,” he joked.
Otabek placed a hand that was previously in the Slytherin’s grip on his chest in mock offense. “And here I was going to suggest we did a mock duel when we got back to the castle but I guess if I’m no fun…” he trailed off and started to move away.
Yuri jumped on his back to keep him from walking away. “There is no way in hell you are going to tempt me with a mock duel then just walk away, jerk face.” Otabek laughed nearly causing him to drop Yuri.
“Yura holy shit calm down. It was a joke.” Yuri simply huffed in reply and kissed Otabek’s temple.
“You’re lucky your cute” he said before resting his chin on Otabek’s shoulder as the other carried him to the castle
Professor Katsuki was startled away from the papers he was grading by a loud knock on his office door. “Oh uh yes come in,” he said as he straightened his papers. Yuri and Otabek walked into the transfiguration teacher and head of Gryffindor’s office with Yuri leading.
“Hey Professor Katsudon could you be the supervisor for the duel that me and Beka want to have?” he said gesturing to the Hufflepuff.
“Why would you two want to duel? You have been such good friends for a while now and you seem to have a wonderful relationship! Are you sure there isn’t another way to settle your dispute, whatever that might be?” Professor Katsuki said quickly, looking nervously at the two students. Yuri scoffed and was about to reply with a snarky remark before Otabek cut him off.
“Thank you for your concern, sir, but we simply want to have a practice duel. Think it would be beneficial to both of us a learning experience since there is never much practice of it” Otabek said in his best prefect voice.
“That actually sounds like a valid reason. But why didn’t the two of you ask your own heads of house?” Professor Katsuki questioned.
Yuri crossed his arms and replied before Otabek could stop him. “Nikiforov is an over excited idiot who has the attention span of a goldfish and Giacometti is ridiculous. You’re nice-ish and our last option.”
“Um thank you, Yurio. That was nice? I’ll supervise your duel. Let’s go then!” Professor Katsuki said as he stood up and smoothed out his robes. He lead the duo down to the duel room and let them in. Yuri smirked as the two of them got on the dueling platform and took out their wands. The pair bowed and turned to take their steps with their wands held up. Professor Katsuki announced the duels start and they both turned around with lightning speed.
“Expeliarmis!” Yuri shouted before Otabek could get a word in. With the Hufflepuffs wand now gone, Yuri did a quick body binding spell, winning the duel.
“Woo! Haha I finally won! 15 lost duels and I finally kicked your ass!” The Slytherin pumped his fist and Otabek, who was still under the effects of the spell could only foundly roll his eyes. Professor Katsuki quickly did the reversal spell on the seventh year and Otabek got up with a groan.
“Yeah yeah good job, Yura.” He gave Yuri a thumbs up and Yuri mirrored it. It was basically their signature handshake at this point. A signal of trust and love. Yuri let out one of his rare bright smiles.
“I know!” He said walking out to the great hall for dinner, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend’s waist. Otabek put his arm around Yuri’s shoulders and pulled him in closer, his thumb lightly rubbing the other’s shoulder.
Professor Katsuki smiled and shook his head slightly at the blossoming of young love before him.

@altisetsky finished the editing! I’m thinking of starting a full fic based off this starting from Yura’s first year. What do you guys think?

today @sonatine​ and i were talking about mcu/yuri on ice crossovers, as one does, and she mentioned bucky running into otabek and yuri while undercover on a mission somewhere

and so this, as always, is entirely her fault

Bucky has witnessed a lot of shit in his life. Way too much shit. So, when he sees the fight start in a grubby back alley in St. Petersburg, he knows he really shouldn’t risk blowing his cover to intervene.

Seriously, though. The kid about to get his ass handed to him is tiny and blond, half the size of the four—no, five, oh God, six—thugs closing in on him; and whatever else Bucky is, he’s a creature of memory and instinct and deeply rooted Pavlovian reflexes before anything else. Besides, the kid is wearing a leopard print hoodie and a black t-shirt with an actual tiger head on the front, all glittering sequins, and no one with a fashion sense like that deserves to get beat up in an alley.

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Style Crush Sunday: Lucy Hale

After the much anticipated return of Pretty Little Liars, how could I not have on of the cast as my style crush? For this week I’ve chosen Lucy Hale, known mostly for playing Aria Montgomery, as my inspiration. The petite actress has developed a style which I’m extremely envious of. Check out my favourite looks of Lucy’s below.

Here lucy opted for black pointed toe corset lace up stilettos with a cropped black top and crochet leather shorts. Lucy went for a mixed approach with her jewelry, wearing diamond encrusted bands, numerous unique earrings, as well as a ring to wrist studded bracelet.

Here Lucy created a simple summer look wearing an Urban Outfitters tee, with Silence + Noise Flowy Drawstring Shorts, Freda Salvador oxfords and a Saint Laurent bag. 

Lucy chose this crop top and trouser set from Vatanika’s Resort 2016 collection for her interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She paired it with Miu Miu sunglasses, Casadei black pumps and a Chanel bag.

Lucy pair a simple grey t-shirt dress, Jimmy Choo leopard print suede biker boots, an Urban Outfitters totes, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a leather jacket. 

Lucy wrapped up for the cold weather with ripped jeans, Miu Miu leather biker boots, a fur coat and oversized stripped scarf.

Here Lucy gave us seriously summer envy pairing khaki shorts, a Truly Deeply Madly tank top, Céline sunglasses and a Givenchy bag.

What’s your favourite outfit Lucy has worn? Do you see her as a fashion inspiration? Let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please like or reblog.

Leopard Layers

The animal print gets a sophisticated spin

We’re seeing spots and it’s not from staring at our screens for too long. Ever since leopard print made a splash on the fall runways, contributing to classy outfits and ‘60s-inspired collections in a modern, non-clichéd way, we have had a newfound appreciation for the pattern. Leopard-covered pieces like turtleneck sweaters at Vanessa Bruno and slit skirts at Carven give the animal print a new reputation - one that screams elegant, cool and even slightly French. Style a leopard piece with pared-down basics or make it the focal point of your outfit, like Glamour’s Jane Keltner de Valle. Whatever your printed look preference, shop our selection of leopard clothes and accessories below.

Vanessa Bruno Fall 2014

Jane Keltner de Valle at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

Leopard Shop

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 street style

Nasty Gal Cat Skills Coat

ASOS Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat With Contrast Collar

Whistles Kumiko Faux Fur Coat In Leopard Print

Leopard Sweat

Isadora knitted jumper

Leopard-Print Shrunken Jogger Top

Cooperative Fuzzy Leopard Cropped Sweater

ASOS Scuba T-Shirt In Leopard Print

Leopard Print Crumpled Dress

Blogger Mel of Melrod Style

Whistles Faux Fur Scarf

Leopard Print Miniskirt

ASOS Oversized Scarf In Leopard

Foldover Clutch

Monki Pepita Bag in Green Leopard Print

Baggu Leopard Print Classic Backpack

Sophie Leopard Loafer

Platform Smoking Slipper

ANNETTE Suede Leopard Boots