Assuming you haven’t already filled up on tasty slices of colorful Watermelon Bread, here’s an equally awesome creative loaf to satisfy your craving for unconventional carbs. This is Leopard Milk Bread and it’s the creation of French baker and food blogger Patricia Nascimento, who made it using a clever combination of vanilla and cocoa-flavored dough.

The chocolate dough is formed into long cylinders and wrapped in a layer of vanilla dough. The cylinders are arranged together in a loaf pan and baked. The sweet sliced bread has a wonderful leopard skin pattern and, according to Nascimento, tastes even more delicious when slathered with Nutella, which is a mouthwateringly awesome suggestion.

Click here for the complete recipe and instructions (you may have to use your browser’s translate function).

Photos by cocoebaunilha and nasilemaklover

[via Bored Panda and Neatorama]