leopard or go home

anyone near central texas know someone wanting to adopt this friend? they were abandoned at my work (austin, tx) over the weekend. they’re a Big Friend and seems fairly well taken care of!!

i’m gonna include you @dogpantry since you’re from this area?? maybe you know somebody idk

I wanted to check Leo’s temps and the dork started hunting the laser! I’d be too scared of him getting it in his eyes to do this normally so I’m not planning on messing with him on purpose again. But it was cute while it lasted!

If there is one thing that working at a pet store has taught me, it's that most people should not be allowed to have pets.

It astounds me how many people come in planning to buy an animal without knowing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING about how to care for it, just because their child desperately wants one.

So you want to buy that reptile and its enclosure on the same day? No, I think not. Yes, I do recommend setting up the habitat 24 hours before you buy that Leopard Gecko; it’s going to be cold getting him home, and then he’s going to be cold while he sits around waiting for you to set up his cage and then for the cage to heat up. Yes, that Red Ear Slider is going to need a 100+ gallon tank when it’s an adult, stop looking at me like I’m just trying to scam you. What the hell do you mean you “don’t care” that your pet turtle will definitely eat the tetras you’re buying to put in with it, just cause your kid wants some fishies to live with the turtle? Yes, plecos grow to be 2 feet long, so no, a 10 gallon tank isn’t going to cut it. You want a fish that doesn’t need filtration, aeration, heating, or basically any care at all? So you don’t want a fish then. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CASUALLY BROWSING THE STORE AFTER I GAVE YOU THAT GECKO IN A BOX? IT’S COLD IN HERE, GET HIM HOME! What do you mean you want to put a goldfish in with your Betta? So all your fishes are dying within days after putting them in even though you have a filter and heater and all that? What do you mean, “what’s acclimating?”? What do you mean you’re doing 100% water changes?!?

And the list goes on and on…

People, there’s an amazing thing called the Internet. And it has a lot of answers and useful information on animal husbandry on it. Sure, you’ll probably need to consult at least 5 different sources to sift out poor information and unusual personal opinions, but it’s still an invaluable resource.


At dawn, Aedion had burst in, demanding why they weren’t ready to leave - to go home. Lysandra had shifted into a ghost leopard and chased him out. Then she returned, lingering in her massive feline form, and again sprawled beside Aelin. They managed to get another thirty minutes of sleep before Aedion came back and chucked a bucket of water on them. He was lucky to escape alive.
—  Queen of Shadows - By Sarah J. Maas