leopard on leopard


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If you want to keep reptiles or really any animal please read this.

This leopard gecko was kept by someone I know who, despite loving him very much, did not spend time researching his care. Therefore they did not know that he needed calcium and d3, they also did not know how much heat he needed. 

Because his owner didn’t know to provide these things for him he developed MBD (metabolic bone disease) and a respiratory infection along with a huge amount of shed collecting on his feet.

He has seen a vet and is on antibiotics and vitamin supplements, while he will probably survive he will never walk well again and has already suffered far more than any creature should.

This could all have been avoided if his owner had done research and provided for him everything he would need to stay healthy and happy. There is no excuse for not researching the care of a pet you are going to be responsible for. Just a simple google search would have prevented this little guys suffering.

Please take the time to learn about any animal you are going to be responsible for, they cannot get themselves what they need to stay healthy that is up to YOU. Love is not a substitute for proper care.

Edit: this was posted with the owners consent