leopard lined

did i ever tell you guys leopardstar is my queen bcs she is 


How about a compare and contrast for color line breeding for two males with the same morph genetics- tremper het eclipse?  

Cygni is a pure JMG line hyper xanthic.  Which is a fancy way of saying a line bred for deep yellows and high contrast markings.  

Mars is a pure line Extreme Emerine.  Also fancy for a line bred for tangerine and an attempt to make ‘green’ markings which seem entirely lost with the addition of tremper.   Also an emphasis for little to no markings.  

Prestige Cap (Mpu)
Date: 19th century
Geography: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Cabinda, Angola; Republic of the Congo
Culture: Kongo peoples
Medium: Raffia or pineapple fiber, leopard claws, bone
Credit Line: Museu Nacional de Etnologia, Lisbon
This artwork is part of Kongo: Power and Majesty, The Met