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The last great punk rock song before I unspike my hair and carry on, and I will wail about anarchy, drums will blare in rhythmic harmony - anti establishment just gets me no where fast and it’s the last great time I’ll try.

Oh man guys. I don’t think I shared with you that I got this really cheap leopard print and faux leather jacket, so that means some days I leave the house looking like this. Let me tell you, there is such freedom in willingly going into public looking like an idiot. I no longer know fear.

What I Wore Rewind | September 14

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Editor’s Note: I’m currently enjoying a maternity leave to bond with my new baby!  In the meantime, join me in a walk down memory lane as I highlight some of my favorite looks from this week last year (and earlier!) Want even more? Check out my FULL GALLERY from the past five years of outfit photos! Click any image to see the full post or see what’s up in real time via my instagram or facebook pages.

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By Seams for a Desire

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This is one of my favorite outfits lately! I love that even though it’s a very simple outfit composed by basic items, it’s transformed into a beautiful outfit thanks to the right accessories. Now that I’m pregnant, I feel that I’m giving a lot more use to each piece of my closet and the reason is that getting ready every day is more difficult… That’s why my closet is so basic right now and I look for accessories to give the final touch! I love the contrast between this long white dress and this militar jacket in black with some golden boho details… Just flawless! You know I love this kind of jackets because they are perfect&easy to add a layer without dying in the attempt and they are great piece not only in the first and last hours of the day, but they turn out to be a good tool to combat air conditioning! 

Lots of love and have a nice week!

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¡Este es uno de mis últimos looks favoritos! Me encanta que con lo sencillo que es, gracias a los complementos indicados se convierta en un super look. Creo que ahora embarazada estoy explotando cada prenda de mi armario más que nunca y es que cada vez se va complicando más la cosa… Es por eso que la mayoría de mis looks son a base de prendas muy básicas donde los complementos añaden el toque final! Adoro la unión entre este vestido largo blanco con la cazadora tipo militar en negro y unos complementos dorados muy boho. ¡Un contraste de 10! Y es que las cazadoras finitas como ésta vienen genial para añadir alguna capa a los looks sin morir de calor y es que no sólo las agradezco a primera y última hora, si no también para cuando voy a revisiones o tiendas donde el aire acondicionado está a mil!!

Muchos besitos y feliz comienzo de semana!

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