leopard gecko morph

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New sunglow bell het radar boy coming from the next Hamm show in March!
He was bred by Melissa Voltz, I’m delighted because my dream bell albino lines were always going to be from DC Geckos & Melissa Voltz, they both have gorgeous colour & reduced speckling. So he’ll be going to our sunfire het radar girl (still unnamed oops) this season :)
The second picture is actually his brother & mum, but it shows how well he should keep his colour with age 🌞


Can anyone PLEASE help me identify Draco’s morph? I’ve looked and asked around and haven’t come up with a good conclusion and I really want to look into his genetics. I’m going to tag some blogs that I think may be able to help but if you know, please feel free to reply or leave me a message! Thank you! followthebluebell lizardbeans snoots-and-boops william-snekspeare apricotlizard iaregecko hearts-of-fire Your help is greatly appreciated!