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What's shaman sickness? How do you know if you have it? Is it just a gut feeling you get?

Hi, Nonny. Thanks for writing to me. This is a topic I really ought to have written about sooner! The term “shaman sickness” and related concepts do pop up often in occult circles, and while I hinted at the issue before, I believe I ought to address it at length. I’ll try to do so here, but do realize that this is simply my own take on the issue.

Note: Throughout this, I’ll be using the word “shaman” in the anthropological sense, not referring to New Age “shamans,” nor the holy men of Tunguska tribes that use said title. It’s a general anthropological term and I’m at loss for a better one.

Historically “shaman sickness” referred to an illness or hardship of some sort that befell a person in a tribal (or similar) society and presaged a shamanic occupation. In other words, a person experienced the sickness, and soon after felt a calling to act as a shaman or similar figure. 

These illnesses could range from depression to long bouts of fever, and could even include things like recovering from a wild animal attack. This feature isn’t universal, but many societies did “choose” their shamans in this fashion.

Judika Illes writes of this:

Although some enlist, many more are drafted. Very frequently the individual has little choice in the matter. The spirits choose you, their call manifesting through dreams, visions (not necessarily your own), illness, bad luck, and/ or animal attack. Traditionally, in some places, surviving bear, snake, or jaguar attacks was interpreted as a shamanic call. 

Illes, Judika. Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World (Kindle Locations 604-611). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Nowadays, with the New Age movement having merged with a lot of anti-science/luddite folks, many people jump on this. They say that chronic illnesses (and, unfortunately), especially mental illnesses, are signs that a person must become a “shaman” or “healer.” 

Some go as far as to claim that simply becoming a shaman is a cure or treatment for the given illness. I’ve written about this here and why I find it infuriating

I don’t think ancient peoples really “cured” people of things like leopard attacks and psychosis through placing them in a shamanic role. Here’s what I think was actually happening.

In ancient tribal societies, there were no doctors, no a truly systemized way for people to get effective treatment for anything, be it a bout of fever or a jaguar attack. Most people were utterly unprepared to deal with such things, and had no idea what methods worked best. 

Except for those who’d been there and experienced it.

Basically, I think that, in ancient societies, those who’d suffered illness were considered healers because they, having survived, knew (at least some) methods for treating such things. This could mean knowing which plants and preparations healed a jaguar bite, or it could mean knowing techniques and copying mechanisms for lessening depression. 

In short, I think a sickness was only considered “shaman sickness” insofar as the person’s experience of it allowed them to help others. I’m not even sure the concept is useful in this day and age. 

It’s true that those who’ve successfully tangled with a nasty sickness might be able to help others through something similar, but the way the term is usually used in occult communities just causes problems. 

Often, it reeks of the “You’re such an inspiration!” nonsense. By that, I mean the half-baked idea that disabled, mentally ill and chronically ill people have an obligation to turn their life into some kind of glurge-tastic tale of triumph, when in reality? 

We just want to live our lives, and have no goddamn obligation to “inspire” anyone. It reminds me of those losers who want praise and adulation for going to prom with an autistic person or whatever. 

We don’t need condescending attitudes like that, and yes, the New Age “it’s actually a shamanic gift!” thing is condescending as hell. 

It’s even worse because half of these “you are an indigo rainbow shaman!” folks will try to dissuade people from doing things like entering therapy or taking medication. Those are things some (including myself) have actually found beneficial. Such things should not be stigmatized, especially by other magical practitioners. Magical folks really ought know better than that!

Is there a place for the concept of “shaman sickness” in the modern world? Perhaps if it is framed in the context of uncomfortable mystical/magical experiences (which can often be disturbing, but not pathological). 

Or, perhaps it could be understood first by understanding that the concept of “healer” has changed immensely over time. Those who do feel a calling to be such as a result of a traumatic illness or experience tend to approach it with this in mind. 

I think most of us who do deal with these things regularly understand the issue. Those who’ve never had such an experience (illness or trauma, etc.,) tend to be much more likely to assign supernatural causes to things like this. At least, I seem to have noticed that.

I hope this post wasn’t too controversial or anything. People are going to have differing views on such a volatile topic. I’ll admit I can be a bit touchy about it myself, mostly due to things that have happened to me in the past, but I hope I came across politely and that my perspective makes sense.

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I offer the smoke from the hundredth cigarette I swore would be my last, the hopeful feeling of the first warm day of spring, and a tongue weighed down by goodbyes left unsaid to people who didn't deserve to hear them. How do I know if what I'm doing is healing, or hiding from what I'm too scared to face?



“  When humans see chimpanzees and tigers, we just see chimpanzees and tigers. It’s hard for us to pick out a better looking chimpanzee or a better looking tiger. In my eyes… humans are the same. They are all the same. But amongst all the similar humans, she’s somewhat different. How is she different?

She is like a leopard I saw in a documentary once. The leopard had a broken leg and had run into a hyena. The leopard was hurt and it was clear there was no chance. The leopard attacked first. The leopard did not back down. She’s like that too. It’s not that she’s brave because she doesn’t know any better. She is brave despite knowing how scary it is. 

After seeing the leopard documentary I really cried a lot. I’m getting teary thinking about it. Anyway… I don’t feel good about it. It’s not my style to run and hide.  ”


In the late 1880’s, a small ship wrecks off the coast of Africa. The sole survivors are a young couple with their infant child. John (Lee Pace) and Alice Clayton (Amy Adams) soon decide to build a small tree house in the dangerous rainforest, hoping that the small home will be enough to protect them from the dangers. However, their hopes are crushed when a leopard attacks them, killing both John and Alice. Their son surprisingly survives and even more surprisingly, is adopted by a female gorilla who has recently lost her infant to the leopard.

This small baby grows up in the African rainforest with gorillas. He learns their ways and is even able to communicate with them. He lives what he believes to be a completely normal life, but he always feels like something is missing. He knows he isn’t a gorilla, but he doesn’t really know what he is.

When he is assumingly in his late twenties, a ship sails into the harbor of his home. A small group of explorers begin to venture into the unexplored rainforest, hoping to learn more about the animals living there. He becomes entranced by a beautiful young woman named Jane Porter (Jenna Louise Coleman) and isn’t sure how to approach her. After a few thoughts, he makes an appearance and she is completely shocked to discover this wild man in the forest. Her father, Professor Archimedes Porter (Jeff Goldblum) and their guide, Cecil Clayton (Michael Fassbender) both are wary of this strange man, but allow him into their camp. Jane begins to teach him the English language and he soon begins saying Tarzan (Eoin Macken), which is the name he has given himself.

After gaining their trust, Tarzan takes the Porters and Clayton to visit his family of gorillas. The Porters are completely enthralled by the animals and take notes on their habits. However, Clayton has worse intentions in mind. He kidnaps the Porters and Tarzan and shoves them into the ship while his men go and hunt the gorillas so they can earn riches for the beasts. It’s up to Tarzan to escape and save his family and his new friends.

so what we’re gonna do is we’ll take a maroon 5 song. and we’ll make a metalcore version. then some other dude will make a nightcore version. then we’ll play that over a compilation of leopard attacks

The 100 Preference #3

When you got hurt in battle/ an attack + what they like about you

A/N: Sooo I’ve decided to leave Finn out, because he, you know.. If you want me to make imagine for him or someone else, just let me know. Your interests are my number 1 priority. 


“Where is she?” He asked worriedly. Abby sighed and turned around to you. He quickly ran over to you and sat down on the bed. 

“Hi, Bell.” You spoke quietly.

“Oh, don’t you ‘Hi, Bell’ me.” Bellamy said as he eyed you cautiously. He grabbed your hand and sighed heavily. His brown eyes scanned you from head to toe. Your arms were all cut as you were bleeding from your legs. Abby had just managed to slow the bleeding down. 

 "I should have never let you fight.“ Bellamy said quietly, his voice filled with guilt. 

“It’s okay, Bellamy. A little bleeding ain’t hurt no one.” He huffed and glared at you playfully. You always manage to make joke at the most inappropriate times. You always know how to lighten up the mood. It’s one of the little thing he absolutely loves about you. You grinned widely and pulled him closer until your lips touched him making the others behind Bellamy smile.


“Clarke! Abby! Help!” Jasper shouted as he carried you back to Arkadia. You went hunting with him before a grown leopard attacked you. It tackled you to the ground and managed a good dig with its sharp nails into you hip. At the corner of your eyes you could see Clarke running towards you after her name was called. You were to weak to respond as Jasper quickly ran into the medical and dropped you onto a bed.

“Clarke, you’ve got to help her, please.” Jasper pleaded almost in tears. Luckily Clarke stopped the bleeding and gave you medicine. She said you would healed in a week. Jasper had asked of some private times with you and she gladly accept his request. He sat down facing you and stroked your hair.

“This is all my fault.” He spoke and swallowed a lump his throat.

“No, no, this is not your fault, Jas.” You took his hand and squeezed it. “This was an accident. No one wanted it to happen. I bet that jaguar was just as hungry as us.”

“Oh, can you stop defending everything?” Jasper rolled his eyes trying his best not to smile. You were the one that gave everyone and everything a second chance. You were the optimistic one in the group. Jasper fell in love with you becuase you let him redeem his mistakes when no one gave him the chance to.


Lincoln’s worried eyes searched through the room filled with injured soldiers and warriors. He was looking for only one person. A flush of relief ran through his body as his eyes lit up before running towards the far end of the room. You were sitting on a bed with Clarke bending your arm. You yelped in pain as she pulled your arm out slightly creating a cracking noise. 

“Oh, hi, Lincoln.” You said after you’ve noticed him. 

“What happened?” His eyes widened in horror. “Her arm got twisted. I have to put it back to shape. And the only way is..” Clarke explained before another cracking sound was heard as you yelp again. 

“Woah, easy there.” You looked down at your arm. 

“Sorry.” Clarke smiled sheepishly. Lincoln sat down next to you as Clarke got up to get you bandages.

“That looks painful, Y/N.” Lincoln spoke softly as he studied your arm. 

“I’m fine, Lincoln.” You turned to him. “If only Clarke hadn’t bend my arm backwards, literally.” You whispered the last part only for him to hear making him grinned and glance towards Clarke. He loves your sass. You could always sass about something in every situation. The first time you met him in the woods he’d gotten a sass comment by you. First he hated them but then they became his favorite thing about you. 


“Y/N!” Clarke called breathlessly as she ran towards you. Everyone who circled around you parted as they heard Clarke. She kneeled next to you and studied your thigh. You accidently got shot by a security guard near Arkadia.

“Who did this?” Her blue eyes looked up at you.

“Clarke, it’s just accident. It’s fine, really.” I put your hand on hers that was resting on your knee. 

“We’ll leave you alone.” Bellamy spoke before everyone left the medical tent. Clarke sighed and looked at your leg before looking for tools get the bullet out.

“Clarke, I’m not pressing charges, okay?” She turned around at you and just nodded. She began to pull the bullet out. Luckily it wasn’t in your thigh but only a third of it. You winced in pain and bit your lip. After about 15 minutes, she sighed in relief before announcing that she’s done. You smiled at her as she packed the things back into the first-aid kit. 

“Clarke?” You said her name making her look up at you. Before she could respond, you leaned and kissed her lips. She breathed out lightly and grinned into the kiss. You pulled away after a few seconds then pecked her lips again.

“Thanks.” Softly, you spoke. She grinned widely and kissed you again. The kisses are what she craves most about you. Clarke’s favorite thing in the whole world is the way your soft lips feel on her own. Never had she ever felt so alive before the moment your first kiss happened. 


"Heda.” Indra stopped her and she looked around. 

“Where is Y/N? Is she okay? Is she hurt?” Lexa asked worriedly before her second took her to you. Her eyes widened the moment they landed on you. Nyko was using a piece of cloth to clean the big wound on your leg. Lexa started walking over you. 

“Lexa.” You breathed out. 

“Heda.” Nyko bowed down slightly as he noticed her. She nodded before turning her attention to you. 

“How is she?” She asked the healer. 

“Large wound, but not to deep. It’s only about a few inches in. She will heal very soon.” Nyko replied before looking at his Commander. She nodded before sending both Indra and him out. Once no one was seen, Lexa wrapped her arms around you and breathed out in relief. 

“Thank God. I was so worried when I couldn’t find you.” She said and stroked your hair. 

“I’m okay.” A smile made its way across your face. The Commander couldn’t help but let a small smile be visible on her face. Your smile is the one thing that keeps her going everyday. After Costia’s death, Lexa thought her heart would never melt for anyone again. She’d sworn to herself never to let her heart get broken by letting her guards down ever again. She broke the promise that she made to herself the day she met you in one of her villages. Your captivating smile had attracted her towards you. For the first time in her entire life Lexa was glad she’d broken a promise.


“When humans look at chimpanzees or tigers, they’ll just say, "It’s just a chimpanzee” or “It’s just a tiger”. Among those, it’s hard to find a slightly prettier chimpanzee or a slightly more handsome tiger. In my eyes, humans are the same. They all look the same. But among the similar human beings, she’s quite different. If you ask me how different…she’s like a leopard that I saw from a documentary before. That leopard, that had hurt its legs, crossed paths with a pack of hyenas. It was obvious that it definitely wouldn’t win, even more so because it was injured, but that leopard attacked first, and did not back away. 
That girl was the same. It’s not that she wasn’t scared because she did not know better, but she was brave, despite knowing how scary it was.


Angry Birds, Big Cats & Golden Eggs!

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When humans see chimpanzees and tigers, we just see chimpanzees and tigers. It’s hard to pick out a better looking chimpanzee or a better looking tiger. In my eyes, humans are the same. They are all the same. But amongst all the similar humans, she’s somewhat different. How is she different? She’s like a leopard I saw in a documentary once. The leopard had a broken leg and had run into a hyena. The leopard was hurt. It was clear that there was no chance it could win the fight, but the leopard attacked first. The leopard didn’t back down. She’s like that. It’s not that she’s brave because she doesn’t know any better. She’s brave even though she knows how scared she is.

Lights, camera, action!

“Action!” The directed yelled and Dan strutted forwards, glaring into the camera. Yet another cologne advert and yet again, he had to look as hot as possible. But being a model, he was used to it, and let’s face it, the heat came naturally from Dan. He strode forwards towards the camera which was moving back slowly, capturing him from every angle, focusing on every inch of his face and body.

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The Cat Goes... Meow? - chapter 3

Title: The C(h)at Goes… Meow? - chapter 3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing(s): Marichat, Adrinette

Summary: He shakily looked down in growing horror expecting to see gloved hands only to find adorable cat paws?! (aka Chat accidentally gets turned into a real cat!)

notes: Unfurtunately, nothing goes according to plan. 

chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (complete)

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“Adrien! Wake up already!”

Adrien grumbled at the very unwanted wake-up call though it was increasingly difficult to ignore when he could feel Plagg tugging at his hair and batting him lightly at the head. He’d even been having a good dream of Ladybug and warmth and the smell of cinnamon. Just to further dissuade him, he gradually became aware of just how sore he was.

“Just five more minutes Plagg.” He grumbled sourly and nuzzled his face deeper into his pillow, wanting to bury himself. His arms wrapped around it tightly.

Wait a second.

His arms?

Adrien shot up like a bullet, missing the way he accidentally sent Plagg flying across the room. With wide eyes, Adrien pulled not paws but real human hands up to his face and wiggled his fingers to demonstrate to himself that yes, they were really there and he wasn’t dreaming. He slammed them against his face.

Ouch. But there was no fur, only smooth surface. He continued to feel out his face: nose, eyes, mouth, ears…

Adrien scrambled out of bed so fast that he landed on the floor with a garbled thump but he just picked himself up and flew into his bathroom. He almost jumped at the sight of himself in the mirror- it was him! Really him! Familiar green eyes were shining back at him with a mixture of shock, disbelief, and glee.

“Plagg!” He shouted. “I’m- I turned back!”

Glowering from being flung so unceremoniously across the room, his very disgruntled kwami floated over to him. “Yes I’ve already noticed that.” He grumbled bitterly.

“Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”

Plagg scoffed, “I’ve only been trying to for hours! You must’ve been really exhausted.”

Adrien finally noticed the sun shining high in the sky and his eyes darted to his bedside clock in alarm. “It’s already this late!? Plagg-”

Plagg crossed his arms and flopped onto a pillow dramatically. “Look, you were already changed back this morning when your alarm went off and I tried to wake you up then, but you were dead to the world. Someone even came to check on you, but when it was clear you weren’t going to budge they finally left. They even brought you that.” He gestured to a silver tray with what appeared to be a bowl of soup. “But while you’ve been snoozing the day away, I’m the one who’s been starving here and then when you finally wake up, you hit me across the room!”  

Adrien winced apologetically, but his mind was still whirling. “Sorry about that Plagg. Would some cheese help?”

The little black glutton who wasn’t even trying to be subtle about his pouting instantly perked, whizzing excitedly. “Yes!

After fetching a piece from the emergency stash he kept for him in his room, Adrien carried over a now-distracted Plagg back to his bed and plopped down.

“Ah, my precious camembert. I never thought I’d see you again!” Plagg cooed, stroking the cheese lovingly. Adrien rolled his eyes.

“Sometimes I wonder if nothing else goes on in that head of yours.” Adrien muttered but left Plagg to inspect the silver tray that had been brought. The soup was already cool to the touch, but he was more interested in the piece of paper left beside it. A brief note had been scribbled down, but the familiar elegant script was still legible.

“Your appointments for the day have been canceled. Your father would like you to focus on resting . The soup should help you regain strength -N.” Adrien read out loud, the surprise evident in his voice.

Perplexed, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been given a day off. Sure he had days with no appointments, but he definitely hadn’t had them canceled before with such little fuss. Nathalie must have thought he was really sick or had realized just how fatigued he’d been, especially if Plagg was right about them not being able to wake him up. If anything, he was touched and found himself wondering if his father had been the one to cancel his appointments. It was the little things, he thought with a tiny smile.

But as unexpected and uncharacteristically kind as this was, he couldn’t just lay in bed the rest of the day. To be honest, he was still tired and not to mention unbelievably sore which was something he hadn’t been in a long time. It must have been from all that climbing and moving around as a cat last night, he thought with a frown. His arms and legs ached in protest when he stood up.

“I guess the Leopard King’s attack ran out just after a couple of hours.” Adrien said. “Which takes care of one major problem, but we have to go to Marinette’s!”

“Huh?” Plagg asked around a mouthful of cheese. “That’s the girl behind you in class, right? Why do we have to go there?”

“Because she has the miraculous.” He began to move about, searching for new clothes, as he gave Plagg the short version of what had happened last night while intentionally leaving out all the embarrassing details. He wouldn’t put it past Plagg to tease him about it.

Plagg actually put his cheese down.

“Wait, so you woke up with her?” Plagg asked slowly. Adrien arched a brow at him. He didn’t know what to make of his kwami’s tone. To be frank, he couldn’t tell why he really even cared but he could see some kind of gears turning in his head. Then something must’ve clicked because Plagg started to snigger. “Oh. Oh.

“Yeah, that’s what I said. What?” Adrien asked suspiciously but the tiny creature just shook his head. He didn’t trust the wicked grin for a second.

“Nothing.” Plagg waved him away, picking up his cheese again. “So what do we do now?”

“Like I said, we have to go and get the miraculous.” Adrien said.

“And how exactly are we going to do that?”

“One thing at a time. Now, come on.” Adrien was already moving out the door, lifting open his shirt and gesturing for Plagg to follow who rolled his eyes and huffed. They did have to get the ring back as soon as possible though so he didn’t put up a fuss and flew straight into the little inside pocket.

Adrien tried to be quick, but just as he reached the front door he was stopped by a firm hand on his shoulder and he internally grimaced, turning to face his captor. Nathalie stared at him sternly, her eyes steely behind her glasses.

“Where do you think you’re going Adrien?” She removed her hand, but shifted her body so she was blocking the door a bit more. Suppressing his anxiety so it wouldn’t show, he plastered a well-practiced smile on his face.  

“Oh, hey Nathalie.” He said innocently. “Thanks for letting me sleep today. I didn’t realize I was that tired, but I’m good now. I was thinking that I should go see my classmate so I don’t fall behind on school work or anything, so I really need to go-”

“Absolutely not.” Nathalie shut him down, frowning with thinly pursed lips. “You’ve obviously overworked yourself. Mr. Agreste sends his regards and has instructed me to tend to you for the day and see to it that you get proper rest. Which includes not going anywhere.”

“But I feel much better!” Adrien tried acting springy and energetic but his face twitched at the deep ache in his muscles when he tried waving his hands in a demonstration of his recovery. One of Nathalie’s eyebrows slid up into a skeptical arch.

“If you’re truly that concerned about your work, I will have it sent for you. Now back to bed.” There was no waver in her voice. Her command was absolute.

Adrien grit his teeth behind closed lips. He fully understood that this was Nathalie and his father acting on his behalf because they were worried about him, but why did it have to be now?

He allowed Nathalie to steer him back to his room though he continued to protest most of the way. She just ignored him though and only until she saw to it that he was sitting back on his bed and had given him an awkward pat did she tell him that it was for his own good.

“That backfired pretty quickly.” Plagg muttered after she’d left. Adrien sighed in agreement. This was also another reason why he desperately needed his miraculous back. Otherwise he’d have to say goodbye to his freedom. He glanced longingly at the window where as Chat, he’d be able to get out and about within seconds.

“Alright, take two.” Adrien said determinedly. This time, he carefully arranged his pillows under his bed sheets in the hope that anyone who might come to check on him would see the lump and mistake it as him sleeping. Besides, getting the miraculous back was much more important over the risk of being caught. Or so he hoped.

Tapping into his inner Chat, he stealthily made his way back down again which proved to be a slow and tedious task, but when the front door clicked silently close behind him and he was officially out without being heard or seen, he let out a big sigh of relief. He bid Nathalie a silent apology because if he was caught, she would surely get in trouble which was all the more reason for him to hurry and get it and himself back.

Very thankful for his human legs, Adrien sped to Marinette’s family bakery. He paused outside, glancing towards the roof. He hadn’t thought this far, only knowing that he had to get here. What was he even going to say to her? Hey Marinette, I was wondering if I could go into your room because I think you have something that I lost yesterday which I feel like you might have? Yeah, okay Adrien.

He entered the bakery nervously, almost embarrassed. On top of not knowing what he was even going to say, it was mostly because he was going to have to face Marinette again after yesterday. Of course she didn’t know that it had been him, but he knew and it was enough for his face to flush.

He approached the counter where he could see a woman rummaging around in the back, calling out that she’d be with him in a moment. He nodded and bided his time by staring at all the pastries in the window.

“Of course she lives in a bakery. Is that cheese bread I smell?” Plagg poked his head out curiously and Adrien sucked in a loud breath of surprise, eyes shooting towards the woman who was just beginning to turn around. He tucked his shirt closer around him, pressing against Plagg.

“Shh!” He hissed at him just as the woman made it back to the register. She smiled kindly at him and he knew instantly that she must have been Marinette’s mother.

“Can I help you young man?” Sabine asked.

“Yes, hello, Mrs. Dupain-Cheng,” Adrien stumbled over his words, flustered from Plagg’s near slip up, but continued politely, “I’m sorry to bother you, but is Marinette home? I need to, uh, ask her about something. For school.” He finished choppily, slapping himself internally. He could feel Plagg just shaking his head against him.

Sabine blinked, lightly scrutinizing him. “What was your name dear?” She asked curiously, but not unkindly.

“Oh!” Adrien flushed. “I’m sorry, my name is Adrien Agreste. I’m Marinette’s classmate.” So much for being cool and collected. There was no reason for him to be nervous, but now he was worried that he’d already rubbed her the wrong way and was about to be asked to leave. However, that did not happen.

Sabine’s mouth rounded into a small O, and a flash of recognition crossed her face. Her eyes even lit up into a twinkle and she began to giggle at the obviously confused expression that had formed on his face.

“Ah, of course!” She said warmly and laughed behind a small hand. She easily steered him behind the counter. “Unfortunately I just sent Marinette out on an errand, but she should be back soon. In the mean time, why don’t you go on up sweetie? I’ll just be here if you need anything.” She had given him a gentle push, pointing to the trap door up the stairs.

“T-thank you!” He said quickly but she had already gone back down when the bell had chimed to signal the arrival of a customer.

What had that been about? She seemed to recognize him… maybe from some of his posters? Or maybe Marinette happened to mention him? He shrugged to himself. Regardless, this was actually perfect, he thought as he bee lined for the stairs. Maybe he could even get his ring and leave before she even came back.

Once he was inside, he didn’t waste time and ran straight for the box. It was right where it had been left the night before.

He tried to ignore the uneasy guilt gnawing at his insides. As Adrien and even Chat Noir, he was first and foremost a gentleman and to be in her room without her even there made him feel uncomfortable, though he had been here just the night before. But desperate times called for desperate measures.

“What, you didn’t even get me some cheese bread?” Plagg asked indignantly, flying out of Adrien’s pocket to get a better look at the box. Adrien picked it up, inspecting it from all sides.

“I’ll get you some later, after we’re out of this mess.” He promised. “Right now we just need to focus on getting this open.” He really didn’t want to have to break it, but as he grabbed the lid and tried to pry it open it just wouldn’t budge.

It was so close, but still so far. Why was fate so cruel?

“Plagg,” Adrien said suddenly, turning to his partner. “Can you fly into it and try to open it from the inside?”

“Hmm,” Plagg tapped his chin thoughtfully. “I guess I can do it. Only, I expect two cheese breads later then, thank you very much. No wait, three. ”


“Okay, I’m going!” He grumbled and phased into the box.

“Any luck?” Adrien asked after a few moments. He could feel Plagg shuffling around in the small box. He spared a moment to pop his head out to shoot Adrien a look.

“You’re asking me?” was all he said and went back down to try again.

“Good point.” Adrien muttered. He could hear Plagg whining in frustration and when it became increasingly apparent that he wasn’t going to be able to open it without force, Adrien sighed miserably. “Maybe it would be better to go out looking for Ladybug to help us out instead?”

Before Plagg could answer, Adrien had had a firm hold on the box until he jumped almost a foot in the air when there was something of a loud shriek from below. The moment Adrien whirled around, the box slipped from his hands and clattered loudly to the ground when he was engulfed in a very familiar cloud of smoke.

Oh no.

Oh no. Adrien chanted quietly over and over, until he realized he was meowing.

WHAT! Adrien clawed at the air in agony. I’m a cat AGAIN?! How the-

“Uh, Adrien-” Plagg was rubbing the back of his neck as he phased out of the box, but at the rapidly approaching sound of footsteps, Adrien pounced on his head, squashing him back down just as two bodies lurched through the open trapdoor.

Marinette was panting heavily as if she’d just run a marathon, looking panicked. Alya who was much more calm was right behind her and seemed more excited and curious than anything. Their heads swiveled wildly around but after a moment pure confusion flooded their faces.

Alya turned to Marinette with a shrug. “He probably just got tired of waiting. Your mom must have just missed him leaving?” She suggested.

Marinette’s face mirrored the color of her room as she garbled incoherently. Alya sighed, patting her friend’s back comfortingly with a humorous smile. “Words, Marinette. Use your words.”

“I can’t believe this.” Marinette finally choked out. “He was here Alya. What if he saw-”

“There there.” Alya said quickly. “Maybe he didn’t!” Adrien didn’t miss the twinge of doubt in her voice, but Marinette seemed too out of it to catch it.

“Well,” Marinette started nervously, but her eyes shone with concern. “I hope he was feeling okay enough to come all the way here. Nino said that he hadn’t heard from him all day but when he tried to visit, they said that he was recovering from exhaustion. I had no idea that he was working so hard.”

Alya grinned at her. “Maybe you should make him a get-well gift?”

“Yeah, maybe…” Marinette trailed off.

Adrien had stayed perfectly still, paws still on top of the box, hyperaware that Plagg was just beneath the surface. Not only was he reeling from the fact that he’d turned back into a cat, but now this was the cherry on top. As quietly as he could, he murmured to Plagg to not make a noise or move a muscle, which of course came out as meowing.

“Huh?” Marinette’s eyes darted to the soft sound and her eyes widened as they came to meet his.

“It’s you!” She gasped softly in surprise. There was still color in her face, but it began to settle as she calmed down.“How did you even get in here? Did I leave the window open?” She asked mostly to herself but Adrien was already spooked by the way Alya suddenly charged at him. He was swept up and crushed against her chest in one swift motion.

“How adorable! Since when did you get a cat?” Alya gushed excitedly.

Marinette shushed her as she closed the trap door behind them. “Not so loud! I don’t think my mom would be very happy if she knew we had a cat in here. He’s not actually mine though, I just found him outside in the rain yesterday and brought him home for the night.”  

Alya cuddled him tightly despite his protest and he wiggled around in her arms until he was able to launch himself away to the closest escape which was directly into Marinette’s arms. She caught him easily, though surprised, and held him gently which he found much more comfortable.

“Aww.” Alya cooed happily, not offended. “He already really likes you!”

Adrien flushed brightly and was about to jump out of Marinette’s arms too but then she shrugged, smiling, and started petting him. He couldn’t deny how nice it felt so he grudgingly stayed put. She glanced at the fallen box curiously and regarded him with a half-grin. “What is it with you and my box?”

Please don’t open it. Please don’t open it. Adrien watched with bated breath while sweating buckets as she bent to pick it up, but she merely set it back in its proper place on the desk. Plagg was safe for now, but he could only hope that he wouldn’t get too restless for however long he would have to stay in there.

“Alright, I guess we should crack down on some homework now?” Alya said, raising her bag. Marinette groaned, but reluctantly agreed.

Marinette went to sneak him some more snacks and he wrinkled his nose at the cheese once again, but what he found suspicious was the way she had come up with her hand behind her back. He eyed it warily while she merely smiled innocently at him.

So that was how he found himself stuck in her room again. Until they left, he wouldn’t be able to even get Plagg somewhere better, but it was no good. Marinette and Alya were camped out on the floor, papers and books strewn out as they began to work diligently for the most part. There was no way he would be able to lead Plagg anywhere.

He stubbornly stayed put when Alya beckoned him over at first and sent a glare in her direction, feeling only the tiniest twinge of guilt when a small frown marred her face. Eventually he did give in and reluctantly pattered over to let her coddle him. If he had felt helpless before, now he was just feeling trapped and even worse, Plagg must be dying by this point. He’d been stuck in the cramped box for what was becoming hours. He was going to kill him if he didn’t save him soon, or probably demand even more stinky cheese. He was already moping just thinking about it.

But all thoughts halted in his mind when he saw a quick flash, his eyes flicking sharply with it. It had been so fast he almost thought he imagined it, but then he saw it again and immediately whirled around. What was that? Where’d it go? And then he saw it flicker out of the corner of his eyes and he froze.

There a few feet away from him, a tiny red dot vibrated slightly. He remained still, scared that if he tried to move it might dart away again. No sudden movements. He raised a tentative paw and slowly inched it over. Nice and easy.

The dot scattered away and Adrien was on his feet scampering right after it. It slithered back and forth, up the wall, down the wall, and back up again; Adrien pounced against it repeatedly, trying his best to catch it in mid-air. It circled around him, but he was determined and spun in circles, yowling in frustration as it always seemed to be just out of his grasp.

He crouched low to the ground and eyed it sharply as it danced around, mocking him. He could hear sniggering in the background but he didn’t want to risk taking his eyes off of his new adversary. He watched it move slowly across the floor as if teasing him as it came closer, but he wasn’t going to fall for its simple tricks. Patience would win him this battle.

It was inches away now and he trembled with anticipation. Just a little bit closer… IT’S MINE.

Adrien tackled it, sliding across the ground but crying triumphantly. Ha! He’d caught the little red fiend without a doubt. His paws were flat on the floor, keeping it trapped, but eager to see his defeated foe he peeked under excitedly.

His face dropped, eyes bugging in confusion when there was nothing there, ears pressed close to his head.

Then there was the guffaw of laughter as both girls peeled over causing Adrien to jump in alarm. Alya was rolling while Marinette was clutching her side as she bent over and that’s when he saw it in her grip. In her fingers, she was holding a small cylindrical device which he recognized immediately. A laser pointer.

“I’m sorry kitty.” Marinette wiped a tear away, giggling quietly. “Don’t be mad. Come here.” She pat her lap invitingly but Adrien turned away and slumped on his side in defeat, wanting nothing more than to melt through the floor.

Just leave me to die. He meowed pathetically, knowing that they wouldn’t understand anyways. He yelped when he felt warm hands catch him around the middle and drag him backwards. Marinette laughed as she pulled him straight into her lap, moving her head over him. Adrien watched her with big green eyes, stunned. The soft smile she was sending him made his heart flip a little, her blue eyes twinkling mischievously but gently. He’d never noticed just how pretty his classmate was.

He had to get a grip! That’s what he told himself at least, as he started purring softly from her pets. If only she and Alya knew it was him… which was obviously never going to happen, which went without saying. It was going to be bad enough to deal when Ladybug found out. She was probably never going to let him hear the end of it.

But at least nothing disastrous had happened yet, he resigned. The akuma still hadn’t come back as far as he could tell and the pets weren’t so horrible either. Also, he got to learn a little more about Marinette. She was much more funny and goofy than he’d thought as he continued watching with interest as the girls chatted and bickered playfully. She didn’t seem shy at all. It only made him more determined than ever to try and get to know her after he was done with this whole mess. Which he didn’t really know why he was still in. He had changed back so shouldn’t this have all been over?

In hind sight, if he had changed a moment later they would have seen him turn into a cat and who knows what would have happened, but that still didn’t explain anything.

He glanced curiously out a window, noting that the sun had set a while ago. He’d changed around this time the day before too right? Maybe that’s what had triggered it, though he couldn’t be sure. He frowned. Did that mean he would keep changing back and forth until they got the Leopard King?

“Oh, it’s that time already?” Alya checked her phone. She leaned the ladybug charm dangling from her phone enticingly over him and smirked when he reached to swat at it. “I guess I should get going. I’m all schooled out for the day.”

“Yeah, me too.” Marinette agreed from the floor, scooping him up in her arms once again as she stood up. Alya rubbed his head and he granted her an appreciative purr.

“Do you think he’ll be back tomorrow? I can bring some toys for him.” Alya exclaimed cheerfully.

“You don’t have to do that Alya!” Marinette waved her hand. “He might not.”

“You’ve already fed him, so I think you’re stuck with him for good. He’ll just keep coming back for more.” She winked at him and started speaking as if she were talking to a baby. “I think this stray has already found his home, hasn’t he? Oh, you should give him a name!”

“A name?” Marinette tapped her chin softly in thought, unsure. “I don’t know. If I named him, then there’s no way I wouldn’t get attached.”

“Like you’re not already?” Alya laughed.

Marinette shrugged with a small smile. “He responds to kitty just fine, so I’ll probably just keep it at that for now.”

“If you insist, girl.” Alya hugged her friend softly so she wouldn’t crush him and scratched him affectionately between the ears one last time before gathering her things and heading out. “I’ll bring some stuff tomorrow just in case.”

Marinette just shook her head even as the trap door closed and Alya vanished. “Hear that? Looks like you’re about to get spoiled.”

She bopped his nose which he wiggled in protest. “Your eyes really are a pretty green.” She murmured thoughtfully. “Which reminds me.”

She dropped him off on the chaise and he twisted around to watch her curiously as she rummaged around through a small set of drawers on her desk. After a few moments she let out a small “Aha!”  and he heard a small jingle as she messed with something in her hands, holding it up once she had finished.

She returned to his side with a twinkle in her eye and eagerly held it up for him to see with both hands and a light laugh. She was holding a thin black ribbon where a bell had been threaded and knotted in the middle.  He didn’t put up a fuss as she drew it around his neck and tied it loosely so it wouldn’t hurt him. When he turned to look at her in surprise, the bell jingled lightly.

“Now you look just like Chat Noir!” She grinned. Adrien jolted as if he’d been shocked. This was like the universe laughing at him or something. Of all the people to think of-

“Hey Tikki, what do you think?”

A little red figure popped its head out of her purse and his eyes grew as big as saucers. Skeptical large eyes trained on him and in a flash she had darted up and out, quickly zooming behind Marinette’s shoulder. She peeked around it and grimaced down at him. “Marinette…”

Marinette just patted her little head. “Again, I promise he’s not going to eat you Tikki. Now come on out and say hello.” Tikki crossed her arms over her chest in a little pout, but she did float out, albeit hesitantly, a little closer but still well out of his reach. Marinette cupped her in her hands.

“Tikki meet Chat Noir!” Marinette giggled, clearly entertained.

“Ha ha.” Tikki huffed, not as amused, but she relaxed the longer it became apparent that he wasn’t going to attack her, the both of them unaware that said cat had gone slightly catatonic.

Tikki turned towards her charge. “Speaking of Chat Noir…”

Marinette straightened up, nodding, and her expression became serious. “Yes, I know. We should go now.” She then turned to Adrien and winked slyly, raising a finger to her lips. “Can you keep a secret, kitty?”

There was a stunning flash of red silvery light and Adrien could only stare, oblivious to how all feeling seemed to leave his body, as Ladybug suddenly stood in front of him and nimbly leapt towards the window above her bed without a second thought. Outside, she propped the window open and glanced down at him with a smile.

“I’ll leave the window open just in case you want to go out. Bye for now kitty, I’ll be back.” She said and then vanished a second later, swinging off into the night.

It could’ve been seconds or minutes or hours later, Adrien wouldn’t be able to say, but he was still staring at the same spot when Plagg finally phased out of the box, rubbing his eyes sleepily. He yawned and stretched as he floated over to his side.

“That was a good nap. How long have they been gone? Why didn’t you wake me up? Oh, cheese!” He chattered excitedly, rushing to pick up the cheese that Marinette had brought up earlier and took a hearty munch. He blinked at Adrien in confusion once he realized that his mouth was gaping open and closed.

“So… what did I miss?”

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His only regret was that he didn’t think of the one-liner ‘Human got your tongue?’ until the flight home.

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