back from vacation!

New York was SUPER FUN and hanging out with people was absolutely the best. You know you’re all allowed to drop by if you’re in the District, yes? I think I’ll go into more detail later, when I’ve managed to settle my brain. Right now I’m quite sleep deprived so I’ve sort of got to… rediscover words. Yes.

Anyway, I probably can’t go back four days on my dash, so let me know if there’s anything I missed?

Well, I broke 500 followers while I was sleeping

welcome, everyone! I just want to tell you all how lovely it is to have you following me and how grateful I am for your kindness and feedback on the Professors!AU; it really means a whole lot to me. My ask box (anon included) is always open to visitors, and my submission box is always open to requests for anything you’d like to see in the AU. So please, don’t be shy; come say hello!