Leon Sandcastle earlier this week created some buzz by signing an endorsement contract albeit fake with Under Armour. This “fake” signing is an excellent idea by Under Armour to create some internet buzz for their products. Sandcastle (played by former NFL superstar Deion Sanders) debuted during this years Superbowl in a commercial for The NFL Network more specifically promoting the NFL Combine and Draft. After the commercial aired Sandcastle became an instant pop culture phenomenon, from fake Twitter accounts parodying Leon to people wanting a personalized Chiefs jersey with the name Sandcastle on the back. Under Armour has jumped on the Sandcastle bandwagon hoping to ride his wave of popularity to increase sales and have people talking about the UA brand. I personally like the move as the main fans of the commercial featuring Sandcastle are the target audience that Under Armour is going after. Most likely Sandcastle will make some promotional appearances for the brand and hopefully be featured in some future ads they produce. I certainly look forward to what Under Armour has in store with Leon Sandcastle and will keep an eye out.


Leon Sandcastlebelieved by many to be the top prospect attending this year’s NFL scouting combine, can now be on your team in Madden 13.

Sandcastle is rated 99 overall at CB, and can be yours the Chiefs grab him, or before some completely unlikely dirt is dug up on the young star and this all comes crashing down.