leonore lemmon

Finished Hollywoodland.

That woman is just… omg. I mean, yes, it was totally awkward to see Leonore fuck George, but didn’t Robin play that part well? I certainly think she did.

I think it’s typical that that’s a scene that I remember the best from the whole movie. It’s the only sex scene in a span of two hours and I have to remember that one. It’s not even a minute long.

Anyway, Robin did amazing. It was refreshing to see her swear the entire time. She was a bitch, and I loved her for it. Leonore was so the opposite of Teresa Lisbon… Ugh, I’m starting to doubt whether Robin did well in choosing to be Lisbon. I mean, I like her more in crazy-ass roles, now that I see her in some.
I especially loved the line just before the sex scene, in which Leonore said ‘Superman wants to get laid’. Yeah, go Robin- uh, I mean, Leonore. 

But yeah, Hollywoodland was great. Sad, but great. Way too less Leonore/George scenes, btw, but that’s just my opinion. Or in other words, that’s just my Robin Tunney brainwashed mind talking there.

Oh, and btw, if you Google for Leonore Lemmon, you get pictures of Robin Tunney. Nice bonus, if I may say so.