tbh this is the cutest request ive ever gotten and thank u so much for it, im crying right now,

(they’re listening to a playlist that is a mix of crj, sayaka’s music, and abba (naegi’s suggestions) and the dead kennedys, the sex pistols, and 3oh!3 (leon’s suggestions))

Can we please talk about how one of the school mode dates with Leon has him offering to just go take a fucking NAP with Naegi sometime

Like YEAH MAN WE SHOULD GO TAKE A NAP TOGETHER SOMETIME!!! Like just imagine them sprawled out on Naegi’s bed (Leon’s is too messy) snoring and drooling like EYYYYYYY and maybe cuddling (no homo) and being like YEAH THIS IS AWESOME!!! BEST HANGOUTS EVER!!!

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As Leon discovered, trying to achieve your dream of being a rockstar wasn’t easy when you didn’t know how to play the guitar. Thankfully, a certain someone does…