I dream you, and you come to me
intact, in focus, indiscreet, mouthing
the sweetest lies as if we cared.

As if, in fact, we might begin again
with needle-tracks and scratches down your arms
that might have told in drunken hieroglyphs

how heavy-shouldered I pick my way
through a night of empty forecourts,
back to the etceteras of passion:

the obligatory pathos of discarded shoes,
the glass of water juddering by the bed,
the face my heavenly eyes avoid.

Tim Kendall, “Hieroglyphs”
Photography Credit Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov


Leonid Tishkov ‘Private Moon’ project is a series of stylized and sentimental photographs of himself with a large illuminated crescent moon taken at various locations around the world.


Private Moon

Traveling the world under the dark sky, Moscow-born physician turned artist Leonid Tishkov has been sharing his idea of unity, privacy and loneliness with the rest of the world. This artificially illuminated crescent moon art installation is a metaphor for the power of a single thing to unite people all over the world. Nations and cultures share the same inspiration that brings poetic moments in everyone’s life.