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“The Deadlock is a body-crushing hug that almost borders on a fear of letting go. In this hug, both people intertwine themselves as tightly as they possibly can, squeezing out every last drop of air separating them. This position is about deep commitment and not wanting to be apart. By wrapping each other up in this way, you fear that letting the other person out of your embrace will somehow mean they will leave.”

I get to know myself again with you. At first, I couldn’t accept I was falling in love with the impossible. However, now, every time I see you, I experience feelings impossible to describe. I love a country I didn’t know at all, I speak a language I didn’t know. The more I learn about the country, the better I understand you. I know the source of your passion, and that passion is what I love about you. I liken the white of your skin to the white part of my flag, the blue of your eyes to the blue part. I, on the other hand, like the star on your flag, believe in the infinity, ascribe to the life you don’t hesitate to sacrifice to the red color of your flag, and I lose myself in that color. Then you turn into the flags of every country, into all the nations. When I think of you, the borders, the color of the people, their flags disappear. When I think of you, I disappear. I’m in the middle of a very deep sleep. If I wake up, when I open my eyes, I want to see your eyes that make every impossibility disappear. Any other way, if I have to wake up from a sleep that won’t end with seeing your eyes, I wish to sleep forever.
—  Leon

Snatch TV (2017)

“They’re all trying to escape something. Particularly with their home life, especially Charlie. They all have quite complicated home foundations. Charlie has these bohemian hippie parents that have these weird sex parties and grow weed so he’s always trying to escape that. We’ll see where it goes. We get completely out of our depth. We’re just small time scammers and suddenly we find ourselves deep, deep trouble with lethal consequences. Its’ interesting how each of our characters deal with it in different ways.”  - Rupert Grint.  

A drabble with Cor and Drautos with his galah, Leonidas, from Wings aka that Nyx’s bird fam au that now has a title

More Wings stuff: 1/2

It’s during their lunch break at the falconry where Cor and Drautos are able to relax for a bit. 

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zenxenophilia answered your question “musicals to listen too?”

I’m a huge fan of Little Shop of Horrors :) Also Phantom of the Opera, or anything by Rogers and Hammerstein

Ooooooh, I’ve heard good things about little ship of horrors!! 

I’ll have to check it out sometime!! :0