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The behind stories of making characters by Isayama, from snk guide book

Translate by me, captured by me. I only translated Reiner, Bertolt and Annie’s part.

Reiner Braun

I gathered the image of the former soccer player David Beckham’s eyes and the eyebrows, Matt Damon in <Saving Private Ryan>, my close friend’s characteristic to make Reiner. His appearance seems bit wild, and maybe scary. But he is a very good sportsman, gentle and kind, and has perfect personality. He is the character that you can sense high potential.

Bertolt Hoover

First of all, I made Colossal titan. And then I thought “What if colossal titan is a human who has weak-hearted and calm eyes, then what kind of character would it be?”. So I made Bertolt. Bertolt is the only character that the design of the titan came first, and then the human form.

Annie Leonhart

She is a small, but highly decorated character. Her hairstyle is based on photos of Avril Lavigne taken by paparazzi. Her name is a joke, like “She is a girl, but her name is ‘Bro’(※In Japanese, ‘Annie’ and ‘Bro’ have the same pronunciation)” And it can be another reason that I liked the nickname “Annie” of the character who appeared in the drama <Kisarazu Cat’s Eye木更津キャッツアイ>.  And I combined “LeonHart” to show her inner strength. I thought the name is edgy, so it’s cool.