leonel cristiano


Focus on the game. Focus on the game.” they repeated in their head.

But how they could do that in el clásico, where they have to see each other at least for 90 minutes in the pitch, fighting for their team to represent it as the best football club in the world and avoid the intense glances of their crush at the same time?

It’s hard. It’s hard for them to pretend that nothing is happening.

Don’t look at him, don’t look at him. Don’t…



“How was that?” Leo said with a shy look to his new boyfriend, who saw him sent to fly with a powerful kick a foreign invader mini robot that belongs to the aliens, fleeing the training hall from the Command Center with the Samsung Galaxy 11. Something more than being a smartphone is like a treasure trove of secrets and important information desired by them, the undesirable tourists who have come to challenge the human race to a football game, where freedom and life is the bet, the most precious thing to a living being.

“Excellent, as always” Cristiano answered tenderly, his boy never stop to impress him.

“Thanks, but you know that I could never make it without your help and without the guys”.

Cristiano approached to Leo to enjoy better his company, and who knows if this is the last one he will have. Leo is someone who has an aura that conveys calm, maybe it’s for his carefree personality, thought Cris. And that’s something he likes, because most of the time Cristiano gets in situations that cause him a lot of stress or feeling depressed.

“Thank you. I know we’re the best team in the world. The human race places their trust in us. ”

Leo nodded, totally agree with him.

“Are you nervous?” Cris said a little worried. Apparently the size of such responsibility is huge and that match must be taken seriously.


Cristiano raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Not even a little?”.

“No” certified Leo. “No reason to be nervous.”

Cristiano gave a little wry laugh.

“You’ve already said it, we are the best team in the world. There is nothing to fear. ”

It seems that until today Lionel Messi is the same argentinian guy who does not care about facing the aliens to a soccer game in which if they lost he could end up dead, but he starts to trembling with fear when he has to speak in public, although lately he has become a more sociable person with the help of Cristiano.

“You’re right, sorry.”

“And you? You are nervous? ”.

Cris looked straight into his tender eyes for a few silent seconds and finally he gave a big sigh.

“I don’t want to be nervous, Leo. I try not to think about it but it’s inevitably for me to worry so much”.

“You think we can’t make it?” Leo said.

“Of course we can make it” Cristiano answered. “I just… I don’t want anything bad happen to you, my hero.”

“Trust me, everything will be fine” Leo said with a smile. “Anyway, it’s my job. I need to protect my king.”

Cristiano blushed and tried to hide that beautiful smile that makes him look like a child. “Stop it, they will hear us”.

Omg this is so gay, i’m sorry