This Morning

Woke up. Remembered he cheated on me and remembered what I did after I realized he cheated on me. Barked some orders to my cat. Looked at a picture of “us” sitting on the nightstand. Wondered what you were doing. Took the Motrin. Drank the water. Closed my eyes willed the headache away. Welcomed the nausea. Recognized that the nausea was a result of finding out you cheated, not the Moscato. Wondered if anybody in the history of the world ever experienced a completely faithful relationship. Looked at the ring on my left hand. Laughed a little; cried a little. Stroked the cat. Listened to it purr. Fell asleep. Jumped when the phone rang. Answered it. Listened to some telemarketers recorded message. Sighed. Sat up in my bed. Beheld the mess I made last night. Placed my feet on the cold wooden floors. Remembered you were the reason we got the damn wood instead of carpet. Walked to the kitchen to see slightly burnt toast sitting on the the counter. Made myself chew it and swallow it. Waited a few minutes to see if it would come up. Repeated the process with two pieces of toast. Looked around and wondered what to do. Sighed, fumbled around looking for my glasses. Sat down at my desk. Opened my laptop and tried to write what I had been putting off. Ended up writing this.

Point of View- Exercise 2 pg. 21 from The 3 AM Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises That Transform Your Fiction by Brian Kitely

Hopefully I will write one of these everyday until there are no more…we’ll see…The hope is that one of these exercises will transform itself into a larger project