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The other day I was going around 5Ds websites and accidentally found one that kept including Divine in their arts like he was some kind of main character? Like, a couple that had him with Sly work with a headcanon of mine but the rest made my skin crawl.

Divine scares me.  Because yeah, on one hand, he’s a powerful psychic with no care for the wellbeing of others.  But mostly it’s because in personality he’s so possible.  People like him exist.  Sure, they’re not psychics, but they’re cruel, sadistic, manipulative and preys on people with low self esteem and high self-loathing because theyknow that they can poison that person’s mind easier.

People like Divine exist.  I’d even go so far to compare him to Christian Grey, which I think is a far better comparison than the dumb Kaiba/Grey comparison.  If you really want to compare a Yu-Gi-Oh character to Grey, it’s obviously Divine.  Divine is a rich, fairly attractive young man that knows how to get under the skin and convince people that he’s on their side and that whatever he does to them is justified.  He knows how to emotionally manipulate people and use them for his own personal gain and he’s honestly terrifying in that regard.

Compared to other villains in 5D’s, like Godwin or the three emperors of Yliaster or Z-ONNe, he’s realistic.  People like Godwin and his god complex or Z-ONE and his ridiculous thought processes about how to save the world don’t exist in our world, at least, not like that.

But people like Divine exist and I hate that there are people that choose not to see that.  Who romanticize or apologize for him.  Because that’s exactly what he would want.  He wants you to think that he’s okay, that he’s safe to trust, that he’s a good guy.  But he’s not.  He’s dangerous and he doesn’t care about anyone except himself.

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Handcuffed together. Jack and Carly. (I thought post-series but go with this where you will!)

oh my god HERE I GO.


There came a low grumble from his side, and there was a tremour of movement along his arm. Jack blinked his eyes open from light slumber, turning them to the woman sitting at his side, fiddling with the metal cuffs that bound them together. The look of pure frustration sat rampant on her expression as she wiggled a bobby pin about the tiny lock.

“You realise that won’t work,” he ground out, startling her into cessation. Dark grey eyes shot up to his, and she instantly pouted from her seat on the floor.

"It works in the movies,” came the instant retort, and she turned back to her task. Jack might be happy to sit around and wait for help, but she certainly wasn’t. There was no way she was going to die in some creepy old man’s basement, even if she was handcuffed to the one person who meant the world to her.

Jack watched for only a moment longer before he sighed quietly, gently placing his hand atop hers.

“No, I mean it won’t work without a second tool,” he added, bringing her gaze to his once more. The look of realisation passed through her eyes and she stared down at it sheepishly.

“Oh, um… I… have a second one?” she offered, slipping from his grasp and reaching into her hair. The smirk crossed his lips as she produced the little bobby pin.

“Very well, here’s what we’re going to do,” he told her, meeting dark grey eyes once more. “First, take the plastic tips off them so you can feel the pins inside the lock a little better.”

When all he got in response was a surprised stare, blond brows knit in a light frown. She realised she was gawking and blinked a little, bringing the pins to her lips to nibble the tips off as she was instructed.

“I’m just surprised, that’s all,” she commented idly, handing him one as they began to work together to free themselves. “How do you know about this?”

The smooth chuckle met her ears and she glanced up briefly to find violet eyes focused on their hands, the warm smile upon his lips, which was something she’d only caught sight of some scant times before. It was no wonder he kept the expression tucked away so often.

“You of all people should know I’m not from Neo Domino,” came the smooth reply.

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I needed to say that regardless what you think about it, I really appreciate the slow burn nature of your Maxie/May fics. I can see the pairing there, and all the groundwork is being laid out, and it isn't all happening suddenly or without backstory. I look forward to seeing whatever you do next with it - and the doodles. I love the doodles! They're so cute!

Aaaaah, thank you ;;; I really like slow burn in fanfiction. I always find it’s such a shame I can’t find more slow burn relationships, because they’re my favorite, specially when pairing two really polar opposite people. I find that I have the most fun with the … development of the relationship, the getting there. It has the most potential for really awkward, cute and funny ;0; and let’s face it, I’m an absolute sucker for all the above. Fluff is awesome.

So yeah, it’s just because I really like AWKWARD, and cute, and VERY TINY gestures or things, that often mean a lot. Like… a glance or a simple smile, or a very simple, innocent touch can often mean more to me through fiction than a kiss or a hug, and that’s what I’m attempting to go for. I come from a roleplaying background (I wrote fics…. oh-so-long-ago, back when fanfiction.net was young and I had only just discovered the internet and I had this stupid weeaboo name, fffff), and it’s just always been more fun to me to play out scenarios like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, outright romance is a lot of a fun too! But I’m a fan of the earlier stages because one can use it to draw out the cute and awkward with much more ease.

I’m really glad you guys are enjoying these, aaaah *hides behind hands* I’m really enjoying typing them up. It’s giving me an awesome outlet for my creativity. You guys have adorable prompt ideas, too. I’ve always been shy about contributing to any sort of ship so this is really helping me (you guys are all so nice, oh my god). I’m really having fun ;0; 

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How do you feel about ships? Or sea travel in general?

I’ve never seen a big ship in person, nothing bigger than a small row boat. Lorule has no oceans, you see.
I don’t know how to swim though, so I don’t think I’d be adventuring on any high seas even if it did.

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Redorb, 4!

Getting drunk together.

I’d say ORAS Maxie doesn’t love drinking in public because he loses his stoic nature. His color becomes pale but flushed in the cheeks. May is pretty normal when tipsy, but doesn’t take much to get her shitfaced and falling asleep in the middle of a conversation.

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Firebird for the domestic meme!

Yessssssss, I am very okay with this pairing ♥

who cooks normally? For as much as Crow would like to take the cake on this one haw, puns, Aki does almost an equal share of the cooking. She’s ridiculously creative and decorative with her meals, and she’s always willing to learn something new from Crow, who is more than happy to share with her.

how often do they fight? Not that often. While they still have their disagreements, usually caused from an overreaction from one or the other, both tend to keep a level head about things and not explode over something silly.

what do they do when they’re away from each other? Ahaha, they text each other a lot. Usually quick little messages, but it’s enough to remind each of them that there’s someone waiting for the on the other end of the line, wanting to give them a smile for now.

nicknames for each other? Aki calls Crow jaybird or little wing. Crow calls Aki dancer or love.

who is more likely to pay for dinner? Crow. Despite not having nearly as much money as Aki, he still feels the need to be gentlemanly about her when they go out. Aki, on the other hand, will usually just sigh in exasperation and intervene when he starts faltering about the actual cost of the bill if it’s somewhere just out of his budget.

who steals the covers at night? Aki, technically. Crow is used to sleeping with a wad of kids laying all over him from nightmares in the middle of the night, so he’s conditioned himself to sleep pretty still. Aki, on the other hand, usually winds up kicking the blankets off both herself and Crow.

what would they get each other for gifts? Crow would totally buy her flowers, because he’s actually a huge romantic dip under all that Crowness. That and cute, little things, like phone charms, or something he made with his kids. Aki would probably bake him little things to snack on when he’s out on his Blackbird Delivery runs, or buy him new earrings.

who remembers things? Aki. Crow would take the top spot here if he wasn’t such a dip about things sometimes. Aki seems to be the type to keep a running list of everything in her head, and recall details of dates in a flash.

who cusses more? Definitely Crow. He’s a Satellite boy and she was raised in both a high class society and the Arcadia Movement, which, despite all the bullshit they put her through, were actually very driven when it came to etiquette.

what would they do if the other one was hurt? Oh Aki would definitely use a giant plant to choke a bitch. Crow would likely just use his fists.

who kissed who first? Crow kissed Aki. Not that she wasn’t expecting it; just that she wasn’t expecting it as soon as it was.

who made the first move? Crow. He was the first one to suggest they head out for coffee after she finished a riding duel one day, and as surprised as she was, she never hesitated in saying no.

who started the relationship? Crow! He knew there was a mutual like there, and they actually went on several coffee dates and ice cream dates before he worked up the courage to ask her out for reals.

leonawriter replied to your post:i hope nobody thinks I ship Riizumo as a…

I didn’t ship them at first; all I had to go on was what others were saying, really. But once I knew what to look for, it was all there, and is much more obvious, with far more going for it, than either of my other potential Izumo ships.

I guess I’m just a fan of the atypical ship (with the typical being RinShie), but like…Rin giving her his shirt, and later when she was like ‘half-demons are normal there’s no reason to be scared of you’, even though she was in the forest that night, just


Izumo just didn’t give a crap

and I feel like she’s good for Rin. Keeps him grounded. She’d be the one to grab him by the collar and stop him from doing dumb shit if Yukio wasn’t around.

It took me forever but I did your sketch, leonawriter!! I hope you like it! ^-^  Sorry about the uality; my camera sucks and my scanner software is on the fritz T-T I just really wanted to post this.

Basically, this is sort of based on leonawriter’s “young mother Carly” AU, and Carly’s been acting weird, sick,  and moody lately, so Kiryu is trying to cheer her up, but Carly literally just found out that she’s pregnant with his kid and was worried about how to tell him.  (pssst, you should all read leonawriter’s AU stuff :D)

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I love all of your headcanons and things! And how there's differences between what he /says/ happened, and what /actually/ happened sometimes~ (I saw people complimenting you and thought I'd join in)

[ooc: I’m melting! So many compliments! /dissolves into a puddle. I’m glad you like my headcanons! I try to keep them as IC as I can, but considering there isn’t much canon info about Ravio, I still like the freedom to create my own back story. I see Ravio as very multidimensional, personality wise. I think he tries to throw up a facade in order to make people have a certain idea about him, when in actuality, he’s totally different (hence, differences between what he says and what really happens).  That facade especially comes out when he’s hidden behind his mask or pushing through a difficult subject with humor. He’s not dishonest, though, he just has a mistaken perception of bravery. IMO I think Ravio is incredibly brave, kind, and caring, but he certainly wouldn’t see himself in that way. When he thinks of someone courageous, he thinks of Link, a never wavering, somewhat impulsive, hero. But I think courage comes in all kinds of forms. Courage isn’t the absence of fear and the ability to dive head first into challenge without thought, but the ability to be afraid, know why you’re afraid, and do what needs to be done anyway. He was terrified to go to Hyrule, because he didn’t know what exactly to expect,if he could come back to Lorule, or what kind of person Link would be. But he did it anyway, because he had to be brave for Hilda, in order to prevent her from doing something incredibly foolish thanks to Yuga’s manipulation. If Ravio wasn’t courageous, he wouldn’t have gone to Hyrule in the first place, he would have simply stood on the sidelines and let Yuga destroy not only Hyrule, but Hilda’s soul. Link would have been turned into a painting on a wall without Ravio’s bracelet and it would have been Game Over real fast. IMO the real hero of the story is Ravio.]