First Impressions - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Old Vs New)

Hello, I’m Okashido. I remember it cause I wear a big hat. And welcome to our first addition of Old vs New.

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Even if you haven’t seen the show, it’s hard to have not heard of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like a new element, they came out of nowhere and made a huge bang. The ideas were weird, the jokes were funny, it ran from 1987 to 1990, and we’ve haven’t forgotten it since. Who could think about remaking such and american staple. Then the most surprising company produced the second animated series of the great show that would run from 2003 to 2009. Both shows were great, but which one holds up the strongest? Which one is the better series? Let’s not waste anymore time. This is Old vs New: TMNT vs….. Itself. That’s strangely psychological.

These are some of the memorable characters in cartoon history. Let’s go over the main characters.

For anyone whose actually seen both of the series, it’s a no brainer as to which ones are the better characters. But let’s go over what made each of them special. In the 1987 version, the turtles were much more…. similar. Granted the characters were likable. Very likable actually. They were funny, heroic, caring, and could impersonate each other without flaw. (voice acting had some voices messed up at times). In the end though they all pretty much had the same personality. In the 2003 version however, they were much different. Each turtle had their own unique personality. Leonardo was much more of the leader-type of person who could be harsh on himself for doing something wrong, Donatello was that character that loves all of that nerdy stuff that we never understood when we were kids, Raphael was the head first character who had anger as his main weakness, and as always, Michelangelo is the party dude. Personally, I found the 2003 characters to be better. When you have characters that each have their own flaws and personalities, you start liking them for different reasons. Which in turn makes you more interested in the series and the characters more developed. Point goes to the 2003 version.

Point system: 0-1

Now we come to one of the coolest parts of both shows, the villain. Both had a wide range of them with some that stuck out from the rest. These are the best villains!

Both shows kept their villains in and mostly the same when it comes to their personality. Shredder for instance was one of the most prominent childhood villains for our generation. He looked evil, He said evil things. Hell, he even has a ninja clan at his disposal! Both versions of Shredder have this part down. With that in mind, I have to say again that the new Shredder is better. Almost all of the villains are better in the new series for the following reasons. 1. They are depicted as much more “realistic” and have less plot holes surrounding them, 2. The animation in the 2003 version makes them all look more intimidating. 3. I know it’s Shredder when I hear the 1987 version, but when I hear the 2003 version I just think “OH SHIT!” He sounds more threatening in the newer version. I don’t want to have to but, point goes to the new


Now lets go onto the Minor Characters…… This is gonna be quick.

As far as the most common minor character in the series, I like the April in the new series. I know i’ve been saying a lot of good things about the 2003 version of the show but hear me out. April in the old version of the show was purely a damsel in distress. In the new version, she actually tries to get shit done and doesn’t just focus on getting a story. Instead, she was a scientists assistant and helps Donatello with any tech and computer hacking they may need. Compared to the news reporter that got captured all the time, The 2003 version has a much more useful edition of the character. Splinted went through some changes in the new version as well. Instead of being the master of a ninja school who turned part rat, he was actually a rat from the beginning. His past was that he was the pet rat of a Ninjutsu master. Being smarter then the rest of his species, he learned from his master by mimicking his movements. -silence- What? I’m sorry but if I had a pet rat that was suddenly just doing ninja backflips and sword swings, I would either sell him to a lab or put that little guy into a circus. Anyway, his owner is killed and he has to live in the sewers until he and the turtles are both transformed by radioactive waste into half human half animals. Granted, the science is weirder then the old but it has less plot holes to worry about. Even Casey has a much more important role in the 2003 version. He’s even given character development. Geeze this new series keeps racking up points. Point to the new.


Now lets go into something thats much more interesting then the run of the mill Old vs New. Lets take a look at how each show took their audience. Keeping this in mind, both of them had a view that was understandable. It really just depends on which one you prefer. The old version the show took its audience for what they were, kids. It was much more comical and had a much sillier animation style. The new one was much more like Batman: The Animated Series. It took its audience seriously and had nowhere near the amount of jokes. Instead it had more….. well, plot development. Really you have to focus on if you want a funny show for kids or a serious show for most ages. Trust me, I love both of the shows. I just prefer a show with more skin on its bones. The jokes can keep you entertained for a bit which is all you would care for when you’re a kid. The new show though makes you actually care for the characters and want to keep watching. Point for the new


For the final nail in the coffin, lets look at the plot. Both had a very interesting plot, but which one is better. This is the plot.

Most people don’t know that the plot for the 1987 version was actually a new take on it while the new version was the way it had been done in comics for years. I had mentioned both earlier so am not going to go over in as much detail. The old version was an interesting break away from the norm but had it’s flaws. Why did Splinter just live in the sewers? Why was his student willing to betray him? There are a lot on unanswered questions as well as plot holes that come up later in the series. The newer version had experience on its side. The story had been around long enough to get worked out and had, from what I could tell, very few plot holes. It made more sense and was much more interesting to be honest. The old may have had a fresh take on the story but the new had the better plot and with a resounding 5 to 0 score, the New version is the superior cartoon. I really didn’t want to give all of the points to the new. Both shows are good and defiantly deserve credit where credit is due. The old had some wicked fighting scenes for its time and some funny dialogue. However if you line the two up together, the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is without a doubt better. Now, after all of that is said. After we have all been told that the newer show is better. There is one big thing that almost nobody knows about this show that can make or break a deal. IT’S PRODUCED BY FUCKING 4KIDS!!! They can make good shows. They have the potential. WHY THEN, DID THEY RUIN ONE PIECE FOR AMERICA!!!!!

Thanks for reading this weeks review. I have zero expectations and these where my First Impressions. I’m Okashido, I remember it cause I wear a big hat.


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