leonardo sketch

Hey there!

A bit “shy” to share this but I want to thank you for the support and interest you showed in my last drawings

So some of you may be familiar already with my character Crystal (also nicnamed Skye, up to you)… Let’s say it’s how she is in the TMNT-verse!

First of all, let me quickly explain that, being a fan of TMNT since 1989, I pretty much saw every series and movies… (my knowledge has limits on the comc side since in France womics weren’t a big thing, especially in the 90’s. I do read the IDW comics tho). Anyway what I want to say is “my” TMNT-universe is a patchwork of everything somehow. I pick up elements from every verse to form my own, but we can say the biggest influence is the 2007 movie. So calm down, 2012 Apritello fans  In my universe, April is much older than the Hamato brothers, with Casey (and if you remember, they have a daughter, Shadow - yes I know she’s officially not their blood daughter but in my verse, she is)

Crys meets the Hamato clan shortly after the 2007 movie events, when they are (and she is) 19. Being at a point in her life where she’s pretty lost, she goes to New York to try to figure things out. Long story short, she finds herself in the middle of a fight between Purple Dragons and the Hamato brothers. At first they think she’s one of the member of th Dragons, but quickly understand she’s not. They befriend, and she stays at the Lair for a while.
She has some basics (but messy) fighting skills, and Splinter decides it’s time for Leo to have his first student, and asks him to train Crys. (being dorks, while she calls him “Leo-sensei”, he calls her “my padawan”. He’s a tough teacher, tho, but a good one.) Leo’s training will help Crystal regaining control over her mind and life, channeling her temper, and developping her ki. He trains her with double swords at first, but in the end the hanbo is really her fit. (sketch with Leo is 3 years old already, as is the one with Donnie, sorry.)

She has quite a temper, is impatient and can’t deal very well with injustice, being super-empathic. She just went through some hard times in her life and has some difficulties to define herself. She tends to bottle up a LOT her emotions in general, but quickly Donatello manage to reach her and the two develop a bond.

She goes along pretty well with Mikey (cats lovers unite!), while Raph is a bit more difficult, being more wary, afraid she could be a threat to his family or at least, his clever brother.

Aaaaand that’s pretty much it because I don’t really have a specific story/saga/anything in mind, I just like to imagine some adventures and all, all the time ahah ^^
If you have any question, tell me