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Secretly putting sharpie tattoos on yourself. One day, the boys find out and surprisingly, Raph is uncharacteristically enthusiastic to get one from you.

Only two minutes into you drawing on him and you have had to tell him 5 times to settle down. Unbeknownst to you, he couldn’t stop fidgeting because it was you, and you were so close and putting your hands on him. He could smell that shampoo and lotion you liked to use. The softness of your hands, and how cool you look in a muscle tank with sharpie tats on your arms.
You yourself couldn’t believe he trusted you enough to draw on him with permanent marker.

The cute moments of course always ended with Mikey getting a good nock on the noggin for trying to draw dicks on Leo.

The reason why your so good is because April let you draw on her, and now she proudly sports your ink drawings on her arms.


You speaking another language fluently and it is so attractive to them.

Spanish or Russian. Spanish is so fast and snappy and hot, plus with that Spanish dirty talk 😍.
Russian is more throaty and deep, your voice naturally deepens when you speak Russian and its so smooth too, it always sends pleasant tingles through his body.

Japanese or French. His heritage is incredibly important to him, so when he finds out you speak Japanese fluently, he is super excited. He’ll ask you to speak to him in Japanese and the two of you will often have conversations together in the language. French is a such smooth and warm language, he would be delighted to know you speak it. It’s also such a lilting language, you have no problem hitting on him in French.

Gaelic or Arabic. Honestly, he would find it cool if you could speak anything that wasn’t english, but Gaelic is such a intricated and interesting language, and it’s hella fun to just listen to it.
Arabic is fun and lovely to hear you speak in, but to hear you sing in Arabic is even BETTER. He'lloften ask you to sing for him and just stare at you lovesickly while you sing 😶.

German or Japanese. He would love to talk with you in Japanese! Show him how much you know, and he’ll teach you what you don’t. With Donnie, there is so much more to learn.
German is such a cute language to him. When he finds out you speak it, he’s gonna come up to you and ask you about it and tell you facts about the language. I.e: “did you know gineau pig in German is small hairy cow in english?”
Hes so cute, oh my God??

French or Italian.
French is honestly such an attractive language to her, she could and does sit for hours just listening to you talk on the phone in French, or sing in French when cooking.
Italian is a bed language for April, it’s an absolute turn-on when you mumble a goodmorning or goodnight in Italian to her. Like hell its ‘goodnight’, your gonna be up for a good few hours 😃.


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How they are around you, their crush, drunk.

Very clingy. Leo keeps a lot emotion contained so when he gets drunk, [and boy does it take a lot I’d like to see the person who gets our honor boy drunk lmao] he is very clingy to his crush. [And if tou aint there than its Splinter or Mikey bc he has so many emotions to vent in his haze] he’ll hang over you and ask what your doing over and over. He’s gonna show you each and every one of his weapons, like a little kid he gently shows you every little detail as the two of you sit on his bed. He also speaks super softly, and this is just so you’ll lean closer to him to hear what he’s saying.
Sometimes, he’ll just drag you to the couch and weep softly over how soft your hair is.

Actually despite what you might think, Raph is a very quiet, affectionate drunkard.
Like Leo he is a heavy weight and doesn’t get drunk easily, but when he does he just wanders around, usually looking for you. When he finds you, he’ll just sit really really close to you, [like chest-meeting-back-of-your-head close] and watch you do whatever you’re doing. If you’re not doing anything, he’ll dangle his arms around you loosely and if the two of you aren’t sitting, you’ll sway until ecentually he loses balance and you both go down. He also quietly sings. [Ha'kuna matataaaa]

LOUD AND EMOTIONAL DRUNK. He is so hyper when he’s drunk and our orange baby is a light weight so it’s easy to get him this way.
He’s gonna sing. And he’s gonna sing LOUD. He’s gonna want to play lots of games like hide and seek and if he wins, he WILL steal cheek kisses. Speaking of affection Mikey is a flirt when not drunk, but he’s an even bigger flirt when drunk. These pickup lines are ridiculous, ranging from cheesy to sexual in two seconds flat.

Like Mikey, Donnie is a light weight. When drunk he cusses like a sailor and is over confident. He comes completely out of his shell, [pun may or may not be intended] and will undoubtedly hit on you. He’s gonna give you piggyback rides and will probably partake in a good game of hide-n-seek.
Somehow he always finds you first and likes to corner you or gently pin you to a wall.
Its all in good fun though, because poor baby gets temporary short term memory loss when drunk and will forget what he’s doing. You often have to comfort him, too. [You’re not complaining, though].

AANGRY DRUNK. She WILL fight anyone and everyone and gets super protective of you. She’ll get up on tables and places you didn’t even know she could reach and start yelling incoherently until you coax her down because you are apparently the only one who can talk her out of swan diving onto the couch from her perch. Sometimes she’ll aggressively cuddle you or just starting kissing you everytime she feels like your gonna be taken away from you. Of course she has no idea you don’t know she likes you and is fully convinced yall two are together.
Which, don’t kid yourself, there are no complaints coming from you.

After April first met the guys, Raph was the one who took the longest to warm up to her. He kind of lurked off when she came around. (didn’t really know how to act around her) To get his attention, April kinda just randomly started flopping on him. The first time took him off guard and embarrassed him majorly, but now it’s a usual thing, normally taking place after she gets out of training with Splinter.