leonardo da vinci cosplay


i was so happy i had another opportunity to wear my leonardo da vinci cosplay, this time at kamecon, where i actually won the best performance prize in the cosplay contest! i’ll be using the how-to books i won to help make my ezio cosplay this summer, and i’m so excited to get started!

a big shout-out to everyone who recognized my cosplay, or didn’t recognize it and still asked for pictures, and everyone who let me gush about how much i love assassin’s creed. grazie!

Alright so here is the story. It’s short, promise.

I cosplay Leonardo Da Vinci from Assassin’s Creed and have received a good amount of attention for it. With this attention I get a lot of confusion. Questions as to why I would cosplay a male, put on a beard, bind myself–common questions a female cosplayer receives when cosplaying a male role. Well, for the past month I have been receiving anonymous asks calling me a “lesbian” for putting on a beard and telling me…well let’s just say a various other rude comments.

So as a retort, dear anon, I am making this post especially for you! 

Because I have a beard I am a lesbian, eh? So if i took off the beard and  was still attracted to girls would that be different? Are lesbians stereotyped for getting beards? Oh, I was not aware! Thank you for clarifying. I now know that when becoming a lesbian the first step is to claim a beard manly enough to express your clear and obvious desire for the vagina.

Regardless of my sexuality, which I do not find it remotely important to relay onto you, you are ignorant to your ‘cause’ (if one could call it such). Your reaction of hate and hostility tells me one clear thing; you are afraid. Afraid of a world with people who are different from you. I like dressing up as a man, putting on a beard, and acting the part. How this is linked to sexuality? I am unsure, but that should not matter at all. Why you think it is right to judge someone based on appearance, or at all, also baffles me. 

I suppose you are getting what you want, a reaction, but take the time to soak in the reality of this situation. It’s okay to be wrong and it’s okay to be afraid of something. What is not okay is being aggressive and so full of spite you go out of your way to obsess over a stranger and her hobby.

Please reflect, and remember,

Don’t fear the beard!

Leo makeup test on Liz!

I am a fan of the slightly wavy-haired Leonardo from the concept art, so I picked a wig with a curl in it. When it got here though, it was a bit too curly, so i had to straighten it out a bit. I just did that with a straightener on the lowest possible heat setting.



Also the beret isn’t actually sewn together yet, it’s just pinned XD;

I am actually quite proud of how well the facial hair came out. It’s just a combination of brown eye shadow, mascara, and concealer powder (to make the mascara look a bit lighter for this blond).