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Watch online here: http://www.justanimedubbed.tv/watch/gravity-falls/ 
Download here: http://www.pinoyanime.tv/cartoon-list/gravity-falls/

Thank you! :D

greenpolarbear said: DET CAN I REC ANIME PLS

YES OF COURSE GO AHEAD BBY I currently have School Rumble and Cromartie High on my list right now :D

littleprincefinn said: For AT, this is a great place to download:thecrazybunny56.wordpre… For other shows I just go to piratebay.

Oh thanks bby! I almost forgot about this site XD I only downlaod in HD tho, haha OC lang :))

route1984 said: do you torrent because thepiratebay is fairly easy to use and where i get my toons c: thepiratebay.sx also idk if you’d like dude that’s my ghost?? it kind of grew on me after a few eps U u U

I go to Piratebay sometimes, but most of the time I go to a specific site that uploads both RS and AT at HD. But they announced they’ll stop posting so now i’m at lost huuuu ;A;

I see Dude that’s My Ghost on my dash a lot recently! But it has like, mixed reviews. But I guess I’ll try one episode? Haha!

all-the-heals answered to your post:“Can someone help me quick? I need to substitute pastry flour with all…”

For ratios, if you’re swapping from the item that’s 1 to 3, you multiply by three. The other way around, you divide.

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Do you need more all purpose than pastry? If so, 7.5 Tbsp. If it’s the other way around, it’s between 4/5 tbsp amd 9/10 tbsp.

Alright, thanks, I got it now! The cookie came out delicious. ^^

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What leaked image?

I can’t reveal what it is, but it’s a huge huge spoiler regarding the end of the season and it got leaked and Alex had gotten sooo mad about it but he didn’t want to make it a big deal.