A!U The Captain || Closed RP || cmoenterprise

James Tiberius Kirk or Jim for short was indeed a very wealthy man. He had founded his own insurance business Boldly Go Insurance and it was thriving. There wasn’t much more a still rather young man like himself could possibly want. It was easy for him to find women or even men that were interested in him and he had enough money to buy anything he could possibly want. Well, that’s what most people thought anyway.

Jim’s mother had Alzheimer’s and it was quickly taking it’s toll on her. She was starting to forget who he was. When he last went to visit, it hadn’t been pleasant. Yet, he continued to pay for all her treatment. The man had never really know his father and his mother never talked about him. So, he knew nothing about him.

Now, Jim was not just your everyday billionaire. He had taken various fighting classes when he was younger and was much stronger under his typical suit than he appeared. That, however, wasn’t what really made him different. What made him different was that while during the day he was a simple business man, during the night he was someone else entirely.

He was The Captain, a crime fighting man clad in black from his black combat boots to his black leather gloves and mask. With nothing but his agility, strength, and resourcefulness, he defeated the criminals that prowled the dark streets of his city. Tonight was another night for the Cap to do his duty.

It actually had been relatively easy to stop the two men from getting away with robbing the jewelry store. All he had to do was give the short one a whamp to the head and the big one wasn’t all that hard to tip off balance and have him fall back into the wall. Muscle mass was no help if you were just a giant brick.

Now, it was time for one of his favorite parts of this whole ordeal. Flirting with detective McCoy. The man was always the first one on the scene and the last to leave. Jim had even run into him at one point when he had stopped for coffee before a meeting. He had clumsily spilt coffee all over the other man and his skeleton shirt. From that point on, he always called him Bones. Granted, he only did so to himself to avoid McCoy realizing who he really was, the idea of calling him that to his face made his lips stretch into a smile under the mask he wore that only exposed his blue eyes.