“You Have My Attention” (In ever increasing stages)

But my memory isn’t what it used to be, so you can’t have that.

My daughter loved these beauties, and so did I.

In every stage of their development they were delightful. Their foliage was texturally great, the flowers were soft and inviting to the touch, the colors were soft and ever so splendid, and the teasels were awesome.

I just can’t remember what the marker there told us what these were. All I can remember was that there was “Sneezeing Grass” planted nearby…Getting old is no damn fun. I should carry a journal.

Price means nothing to me.

When a novice or beginning photographer tells me they love my photos and ask, “What cameras do you use?”. it tells me they think it takes a pricey camera to make great photos. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and inability to afford those ‘high-end’ or 'professional’ cameras and gear might scare off the next Ansel Adams if they aren’t straightened out about what it takes.

Whatever camera you have, or can afford, just use it, period. Learn all it’s settings and capabilities by experimenting as much as you can. Couple this with a little research on 'The Rule Of Thirds", and framing your pictures, and you have all you need to make pictures even better than mine. Maybe even better than the greatest ever born. From there, it’s all about exploring yourself, and learning to express your own, unique vision, and not trying to imitate someone else.

OK, all you aspiring photographic dreamers, you now have the magic formula, go out and capture some sunshine! No excuses! There’s even camera phones at Wallmart that can do the job, and they’re only about $20.00. There’s disposables in film or digital, there’s even the cam in your laptop, mini, or tablet that can be used. The crafted image is all that matters.

Now, if you want more advice, ask the right questions. Questions like, where and how do I edit my photos? Where can I find out about…?

Those are the kind of questions that will help you improve, and we all need to keep improving. No matter how far you get in photography, never stop asking for advice, or quit seeking to learn new things. Arrogance can kill creativity faster than anything else, and inexperience is sometimes the fertilizer that makes it flower.

I would love to see more and more photographers in the world, and know this, as soon as you press a shutter down for the first time, you are a photographer!

“Wee bit of my ancestry”

Photo of a  small derelict grave yard in County Cork, Ireland with a collection of crosses. This old graveyard is where many of my ancestors on my mother’s side of the family may have been buried. The image was taken by my oldest sister when she took mom there to see her father’s homeland about two years before she passed away.

Been working on some of the raws in my archives, processing them in B&W. I’ve been getting enough requests from friends and family for the monochromes so I thought I should set up a file of the best in this format.

It seems odd that the ones requesting black and whites now are the same ones that begged me to do more color back in my analogue days.